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10 Best Elementor Addons in Mid 2024 (Selected by Experienced Users)

If you are getting started with Elementor, then it’s a smart move. In 2024, Elementor nearly has 5 Million+ active users globally and 7% of all WordPress websites. 

Compared to competitors like Divi, Brizy, Oxygen, Visual Composer, or Beave builder, Elementor is doing great by offering the best customization tools and an ever-growing community of users. 

Moreover, many Elementor addons and plugins will make your website building easy and remove the unnecessary hassle of writing codes.

If you are totally new to Elementor, then continue reading this article. 

Below, you will learn about Elementor addon basics, how are they helpful, a comparison between plugins and addons, and most importantly, some best Elementor addons for your website. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started. 

What are Elementor Addons? 

What are Elementor Addons? 

Any WordPress website has few primary functionalities after finishing. But, these functionalities are always changeable or adjustable in many ways, and this is where addons come in. 

Generally, addons are prebuilt elements or functionality that can be edited in a supported web platform. These addons add extra features to a program and fill the needs of any missing functionalities. 

Elementor addons are specially made programs for the website building platform Elementor. These programs offer many widgets, features, templates, and other customizable features in addition to pre-added features with the platform. 

You don’t need addons to build a website and can only use the website builder to create one. But, the problem is that the website builder offers a few primary features we can’t take as accountable. And these days, website business has become quite competitive, so building a unique one that will stand out is crucial for a startup. 

Also, building a website from scratch without any professional coding knowledge will take a lot of time and will not be worth the effort. 

A good Elementor addon should have these qualities, 

  • Has many features and is constantly developing more. 
  • Up-to-date with any core Elementor updates. 
  • Bugs and error-free. 
  • Used by a general audience pole. 
  • Positive reviews and ratings in WordPress. 
  • Guarantees customer service. 

How Can Elementor Addons Boost Your Website’s Performance? 

We said earlier that you can create a website without additional 3rd party services. However, a website without any added plugin will not have the dynamics that you can add via plugins and other functionalities. 

There are other benefits of using addons. 

Efficient Time Management 

With all the essential tools, skills, and hired professionals, building and deploying a website may take up to 6 months. From a business perspective, 6 months is a lot of time, and you can almost establish your own business within this period. Plus, we have to remember that time = money. 

However, plugins can efficiently decrease this development time and help save a lot of cash. In WordPress, free plugins and demos can be used in the creation process. WordPress offers more than 50,000+ plugins, and developers can have access to virtually any plugin they need. 

Premium memberships in plugins can cost fewer than building a fully code-based plugin in an extensive period. Plugins can make sure that your website stays visually consistent throughout the months. 

Help Remains Flexible 

Building a website is tough, and the customization process of a website makes it more difficult. Developers have to be flexible throughout the development process to execute every task.

Addons can help you remain flexible throughout the development process through perfect codeless customizations. Most plugins will have the necessary settings, options, styles, and fonts that are changeable or adjustable. You can even increase the size and sort of your fonts.  

Any plugin uninstalling process is also super straightforward. For all these options, plugins can be pretty helpful to remain flexible. 

Reliability of WordPress

Reliability of WordPress

Almost 90% of WordPress addons are checked by official authorities and are valid for general use. An addon can have several reasons to be red-flagged by WordPress authorities like, 

  • The plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress versions. 
  • The plugin is no longer maintained by any developers or organizations. 
  • The plugin is not updated in a particular time period (Usually 3/4 months) 

Instead of removing these plugins, WordPress places them on the last pages and puts a warning message for the viewers. This message can help you spot bad plugins and not mistakenly download them. Any bad plugins will also have negative ratings, reviews, and almost no support tickets. 

The green-flagged plugins are pretty reliable and offer crucial functionalities to the user. They also fix any notable bugs, errors, and support ticket replies. With the free version, you can unlock any standard level of elements, and with the premium version, advanced features maybe even cost less than $100.  

Fast Configuration

Every website is different and needs various elements for perfect customization. Addon can hugely benefit by providing many tools according to the project. 

Moreover, different addons structures can assist you by removing parts of any code related to many functionalities. By excluding coding, addons can keep your website platform clean and error-free. You don’t have to worry about many settings either. 

The only setting you need to know about is the WordPress and the installed addons. 


One of the most crucial parts of any website is SEO, and making SEO friendly can take a lot of time. Backlinking is a primary SEO step to make it visible in the search engine. Moreover, it also helps to direct massive traffic to a website. You need several backlinks to make your website popular in no time. 

Some WordPress addons like Linkio, WP Sitespy, and Consoles can help you create backlinks from already popular sites. These plugins have many functionalities to track other websites’ backlinks and have dashboards to manage many backlinks. This way, you can effectively boost your exposure on the web for your website. 

Strong Security

Cyber security has become a concerning thing in 2024. Many large companies spend millions of dollars on securing their sites from cyber attacks. 

According to an article from Techjury, the number of websites hacked daily is 30,000. Another statistic shows that nearly 20 million breach-related cyber attacks happened in 2021. 

Addons can secure your websites by checking for criminal activities like stealing sensitive information accessing, and infecting one’s site with malicious elements. Plugins like WordFence, jetpack, Siteground, and Sucuri in WordPress are designed to prevent cyber-attacks and phishing attempts. 

Security is no longer an option but a must for your website’s future growth. 

Search Engine Compatibility 

Search Engine Compatibility 

Any WordPress website is compatible with different search engines, especially Google. The built-in WordPress clever SEO elements have made any website’s contents pretty visible to search engines. 

With WordPress plugins, you can add more SEO-friendly elements to your website’s design. Nowadays, nearly all parts of a website, such as titles, definitions, headlines, and meta-descriptions, may contain keywords. Even picture subtitles may have keyword-related elements. 

Addons Fill in Any Requirements

Any business-related website needs to have many little details and elements to perfectly present in front of the audience. One advantage is that WordPress developers don’t have to worry about these elements because there is a plugin for everything. 

WordPress plugins can have almost any use for anything, 

  • Pricing table. 
  • Forms. 
  • Dynamic elements. 
  • Automatic email marketing. 
  • Live chat. 
  • Website backups. 
  •  SEO. 
  • And other essential functionalities. 

WordPress plugins offer everything that a developer needs to build a fully integrated website in days. 

Are Elementor Addons and Plugins Different? 

Actually, addons and plugins are 2 different terms that refer to the same functionalities. The general idea of deference comes from the term itself. Addons and plugins are simple extensions that expand the options of an existing program. 

Another reason for this confusion is that many companies intentionally name their products with a single name. There are some mention-worthy differences we can add here, 

Addons Plugins
Addons can only work with one program. Plugins are 3rd tools that can work for more than 1 program. 
Sometimes addons can refer to a broad set of tools. The term plugin is used as a single tool. 
Addons work as a single feature, not a complete program. Plugins on the other hand can be a complete program. 
Example: Memory card, modem capability.Example: Unity web player. 
Mozilla Firefox supports addons. Mozilla Firefox doesn’t support plugins. 
Source of information – (, Wikipedia) 

Other than the above differences, addons and plugins are used for the same purpose. 

Top 10 Best Elementor Addons for Perfect Website Customization 

We thank our expert user and development team. This list was possible on their shared experiences of using different types of addons for website building. We gathered the best ones and expect you to find yours too. 

1. The Plus Addons (POSIMYTH) 

The Plus Addons

The Plus addons have one of the extended customizable element lists, among other addons. 

They offer 100+ extensions and widgets, 300 block elements, and 18+ pre-made landing page templates in the newest 5.0.9 version. You can build almost any website genre like an e-commerce business, landing pages, blog, portfolio, and newspaper/magazine. 

Another great advantage of Plus is that the addon minimizes your website’s loading speed. Your website will not have to face any network delays while visiting. 

Professional developers made this addon with care to meet every exception for casual, business, and corporate uses. Plus can perfectly integrate and make your website smooth. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Extra blog builder. 
  • Widget scanner
  • Compatible with 100+ WordPress themes. 
  • Many customizable cursors
  • Can track Facebook and Google events.
  • 30+ free widgets. 
  • Ultra-light module architecture. 
  • Custom Elementor sign-up form. 


The plus addon offers reasonable pricing for everyone. For starters, you can purchase their $35 a year. 

But, if you need it for professional business or corporate usage, consider purchasing their business plan for $85 a year or a professional for $118 a year. 

2. WooLentor (HasThemes) 


WooCommerce websites need to have many functionalities to stand out from general websites. WooLenter can give you those analytical and clever functionalities to beat any competitor. 

WooLenter is a WooCommerce-based website plugin with many small elements like order notification, slider, recently sold product widget, product sell counter, variation module, and comparison tables. But, these are just some features that WooLenter offers. 

With WooLenter’s copy page functionality, you can easily copy a page in Elementor and use it multiple times. 

Other than usual features, WooLenter offers some other customizable widgets and extensions. Take WooLenter as an all-in-one platform for WooCommerce Website building. 

Highlighted Features 

  • 1000+ font and color variations. 
  • Built-in page and template builder. 
  • Search widget for Ajax. 
  • Size chart. 
  • Different types of product grids. 
  • Image accordion. 
  • Top sale counts down. 
  • Template library. 


Like Plus Addons, WooLenter also charges yearly for their product. You can choose from 4 different plans, 

  • WooLenter Plus ($78).  
  • Elite ($158).
  • Growth ($165). 
  • Agency ($249). 

But, You can always grab their mega 40-60% off in flash sales. 

3. EazyGrid (EazyPlugins) 


Many plugins in the market offer many features but are hard to grasp for their complex UI system and functionalities. But, just like the name, EazyGrid has many features and options but has an easily understandable UI. 

With EazyGrid, you can build different types of post and photo grids with one click. There is a video grid option that you can use to make beautiful video grids. EazyGrid’s advanced unique system makes every grid smooth and doesn’t impact your website. 

EazyGrid is one of the lightest, best post grid Elementor plugins, and installing it will not impact your website. Your website will remain responsive on every type of device and internet connection.  

Highlighted Features 

  • E-commerce website support. 
  • Blog lightbox option. 
  • Compatible with different plugins and themes. 
  • Native Elementor support. 
  • Less-bulked UI. 
  • 6+ types of grid options (more in development).
  • Numerous grid customization categories. 
  • 24/7 reliable customer support. 
  • Video grid. 


EazyGrid is now in the development process and offers a full free version of the complete plugin. 

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4. ElementsKit (WPmet) 


Elementskit is a multipurpose Elementor plugin with every type of extension, widget, and functionalities. You can add almost anything to your website with ElementsKit. 

For its multipurposeness, you only have to add Elementskit and forget about downloading other plugins for individual purposes. Moreover, the pro version of this plugin offers some other exceptional plugins like header-footer, mega menu, and sticky content builder. 

However, one of the core disadvantages of ElementsKit is that it makes the website too dynamic, resulting in a significant loss in refresh rate at all sorts of networks. 

Highlighted Features

  • 200+ ready-to-use blocks. 
  • CDCP (Cross Domain Copy Paste) 
  • Team recognition widget. 
  • Cross-platform compatible. 
  • Multiple scroll options. 
  • Layoutkit library. 
  • Different styled countdown timer. 
  • Client logo widget. 


ElementsKit offers a 5-in-1 yearly for $949 and a lifetime subscription 5-in-1 for $2376. However, it’s best to wait for their mega value sale of up to 50%-70% off in every deal. 

5. Unlimited Elements (UE) 

Unlimited Elements

Most addons prioritize basic no-dynamic widgets and extensions for website customization. But, Unlimited Elements does the exact opposite. This addon has a perfect inventory called “loop builder.” 

With loop builder, you can add multiple attractive elements like smooth transition grids, content carousel, and sidebar custom skin. Your website customization possibilities are pretty much boundless with Unlimited addons.

The dynamic loop builder reduces the delay time and speeds up your work process. You might get addicted. 

Unlimited addons also have a custom layout builder and matching features for perfect website structure customization.  

Highlighted Features 

  • Custom widget creator. 
  • Twig scripting engine. 
  • 100+ free widgets. 
  • 100% clutter-free. 
  • Elementor widget library. 
  • Dynamic loop builder. 
  • Supports Javascript, HTML, and CSS. 
  • 7 different types of blog integrations. 


Unlimited Elements offers annual and lifetime options with 3 different sections. Their annual pricing offers are 

  • Starter ($39).
  • Professional ($99).
  • Business ($149).

The lifetime deals include

  • Starter ($199).
  • Professional ($249).
  • Business ($499). 

6. Master Addons (Jewel Themes) 

Master Addons

The Master addon combines uncomplicated, impactful, and efficient features to build any website type. One of the uniqueness of Master addons is that you will get all the necessary features divided into multiple sections. 

With multiple sections, you can easily enable and disable different widgets.  

Moreover, if you enable a widget, the system will automatically load the identical script of each independent Elementor widget. This functionality minimizes the refresh time of your website and makes it faster. 

Master addons can turn any ordinary site into a beautiful, visually stunning, and visitor-friendly site. 

Highlighted Features

  • 12 free extensions. 
  • 33 free elements. 
  • Domain tracker. 
  • Content restriction option. 
  • 20+ Image and video hover effects. 
  • Dual heading option. 
  • 15 button effects and color customization options. 
  • Built-in MA duplicator. 


Like Unlimited addons, Master addons come in annual and lifetime options with 3 different sections. The yearly plans are a bit cheaper, personal ($39), business ($49), and agency ($199). 

And the lifetime plans are personal ($149), business ($199), and agency ($599). 

7. Elementor Addon (WPVibes) 

Elementor Addon

After launch, Elementor addons rapidly reached 100,000 users from its 0.0.1 version. The Elementor addons offer 24+ free widgets and extensions for an Elementor-based website. 

This addon also has a simple-looking interface that makes its features more understandable and effortless in the development process. 

Elementor addons have a built-in widget manager that you can use to enable and disable any widgets anytime. Most Elementor addons widgets have great customization options for creating a prospect-appealing website. 

Moreover, Elementor addon’s developers constantly add new features and improve the existing ones, making it always compatible with the latest core updates of Elementor and WordPress. 

Highlighted Features

  • Page timeline.
  • Responsive thumbnail slider. 
  • Price table feature. 
  • 3 different decorative background options.  
  • Warper link.
  • Button pop-up animation. 
  • Dynamic animation text. 
  • Lightweight addon. 


For the development process, Elementor addons are partially free to download. 

8. PowerPack (IdeaBox Creations) 


PowerPack addons are one of the fastest-growing Elementor addons in WordPress. Many experts like this plugin for its speed, creativity, and efficient usability. 

PowerPack also comes in PowerPack lite, a lighter version of PowerPack that has 30+ free Elementor widgets. Every PowerPack widget has many interactive settings that are entirely customizable. 

Besides the best features, Powerpack has a dedicated developer and support team to help its users anytime. You can report any errors or bugs in the addons, and their professional support team will fix your problem in 24 hours. 

With fast response from developers and perfect features, this addon was one of the best Elementor addons 2021. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Compatible with Elementor 3.7.0
  • 60+ widgets and extensions in PowerPack pro. 
  • White label branding. 
  • Social media buttons. 
  • Icon and image hotspot feature. 
  • 4 types of info customization. 
  • Image dynamic options. 
  • Form creator. 


PowerPack has 4 different flexible offers that can fit any single developer or corporation budget. The offers are 

  • Single site/ yearly ($49). 
  • Expert/ yearly ($99). 
  • Agency/ yearly ($149). 
  • Lifetime/ USA ($399). 

You can check our new plugin management tool- Eazy Plugin Manager, and how to use it.

9. HT Mega (HasThemes) 

HT Mega

The 8th plugin in our list is HT Mega, known for its exclusive free features and perfect optimization with any website type. You will get 84+ free widgets in download and 360 blocks in a paid version. 

HasThemes has been known for developing some of the best, most authentic, and stunning WordPress plugins since 2012. Above, we mentioned another one of their addons, Woolenter. They have a great community of users and excellent ratings and reviews in WordPress. 

HT Mega is a massive success of HasThemes and has 90,000+ downloads globally. If you don’t rely on the plugin, trust the users and brand recognition. 

Highlighted Features

  • 789 available templates. 
  • Post duplicator option. 
  • Theme builder. 
  • 7 types of brand logos. 
  • User account (login/logout) builder. 
  • 7 types of countdowns. 
  • Header/Footer builder. 


Like Mater addons and Unlimited addons, HT Mega has 2 separate plans with 3 different options. Their lifetime plans are, 

  • Personal ($98). 
  • Developer ($298).
  • Growth ($199). 

Their yearly plans are, 

  • Personal ($49). 
  • Developer ($115). 
  • Growth ($165). 

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10. Droit Elementor Addons (DroitThemes) 

Droit Elementor Addons

Compared to the other above-mentioned plugins, Droit Elementor Addons is a new addon. Despite being new, Droit Elementor Addons is a feature-packed and fast addon for building Elementor-based websites. 

Droit Elementor Addons has multiple valuable features like asset loading, library-preset option, animation headline, and FAQ customizer. Plus, you can enjoy 30 free hand-crafted widgets in download, and paid ones are 40. 

You are also getting 200+ pre-built template blocks and 25+ pre-built templates. With Droit Elementor Addons, you can either build an entirely new website or use these blocks and templates to customize an existing style. 

Highlighted Features

  • WooCommerce support. 
  • Card display option. 
  • 2 types of scroll options. 
  • Tab widget. 
  • Different types of parallax effects. 
  • Lottie animation. 
  • Text animation. 
  • Contact form builder. 


Droit Elementor Addons has an annual subscription-based or 1-time purchase offer. The yearly offers are 

  • Pro ($49). 
  • Premium ($99) 
  • Ultimate ($199) 

Their 1-time offers are 

  • Pro ($199). 
  • Premium ($249). 
  • Ultimate ($179). 

Which Best Elementor Addons will be Your Pick? 

There you go, our picked top 10 best Elementor addons for building beautiful websites. Every addon in this list has many different sets of tools and offers a variety of functions. 

If you want a multipurpose addon for your website, consider selecting ElementsKit, WooLenter, AddoDroit, or PowerPack. But, if you are looking for a single-purpose addon, consider picking EazyGrid.  

Another thing to consider is picking numerous addons will be a brilliant decision because sometimes, you may have to use multiple functions from different addons. Plus, you always get great value from your purchases (some are free!).   

It will be wise not to select any addon that will not help you in later website developments. So, consider paying for what’s worth to you through professional thinking and analysis. 

Do you have any queries or plugin recommendations we may have missed? Let us know your comments. 

Have a great day. 

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