Best Free WordPress Block Templates

5 Best Free WordPress Block Templates for Gutenberg Editor in 2022

Building software from scratch is pointless when you can create a professional-looking one with free WordPress block templates without any hassle. 

After the 2018 Gutenberg update, you can easily customize your website look in many different ways, and changing is just a few clicks away. Plus, the new options can help save your custom options. 

All you need to do is choose your customization from millions of block templates, elements, and themes. Some of these templates have unique features such as typography, patterns, and the top scroll animation bar. 

Moreover, WordPress template libraries can offer you thousands of custom pre-built styles and layouts. 

Let’s know more about WordPress block templates. 

What are WordPress Block Templates?

WordPress block templates are a set of customizable elements, and you can change or modify the attributes from different options. The block ions can be static or dynamic depending on what type of website you are building. 

Every template attribute is set to a perfect and most suitable state so that users don’t have to go through the complex customizing process. There are many pre-made options, such as themes. 

WordPress themes are combined forms of all individual elements like blocks, templates, and animation. However, WordPress themes have a good and a poor side depending on the developer’s wish. 

Some themes offer customization of every combined element, while others might not have impressive customization. But, the Gutenberg block editor update has a full-site editing option that can help you edit outside the installed theme features. 

The Gutenberg update can help you customize every aspect of your site without any professional-level programming language mastery. 

The advantages of block themes over traditional themes are that they are pretty good at performance and flexible with most WordPress updates. It makes sense because the block editor is a part of WordPress core updates. 

5 Best Free WordPress Block Templates and Template Library for the New Gutenberg Update

There are 31,000 themes and 55,000 plugins in WordPress. Choosing 1 service from this giant hub can be pretty challenging. 

So, to make your selection easy, we compiled some of the best block-based template libraries and WordPress themes from the web. 

1. Gutentor (Versatile Block-Based Page Builder) 

Gutentor Free WordPress Block Templates

Gutentor, by Gutentor blocks, is a page-building plugin that offers a variety of features. But, the best part about this plugin is the large number of block elements it offers with any style of website development. 

There are 36 block elements in Gutentor, and each of these blocks has customizing options. However, the most impressive thing is that Gutentor has a premade 126 templates that you can install and use anytime. 

Every functionality and feature of Gutentor is compatible with the Gutenberg blog editor. Moreover, you will get efficient customer support from the devs from any issues in website development. 

2. WooCommerce Blocks (Best eCommerce Website Builder) 

WooCommerce Free WordPress Block Templates

WooCommerce Blocks, by Automattic, is an eCommerce page-building plugin. This plugin doesn’t offer individual straightforward content editing blocks as other block-based plugins, but WooCommerce blocks have many extensions associated with an eCommerce site. 

These extensions can be compared to customizing features for their wide range of themes. WooCommerce blocks offer hundreds of pre-built themes on eCommerce. 

Moreover, WooCommerce blocks have many exclusive design patterns in their themes. You can even customize relevant block patterns with your current website design. The best part about WooCommerce blocks is they have a wide range of selling features to showcase marketing products more attractively. 

3. Kadence Blocks (Galery-Based Block Editor) 

Kadence WordPress Block Templates

Kadence Blocks, by Kadence WP, is an extended editing page builder for WordPress. Kadence is different from other block builders in that it offers features that improve the overall capabilities of the Gutenberg page editor. 

The simple interface of the Kidence is easily understandable, and the drag&drop builder option can help you build any website pretty fast. Every element is designed to make the development process efficient. 

Moreover, the new Kedence update offers lotte animation blocks. These animation blocks can give the audience an interactive experience while scrolling through the website. You will get pretty much every animation, such as autoplay, hover, scroll, and loops. 

4. Twentig (Block Theme Based Plugin) 

twentig Free WordPress Block Templates

Twentig, by Twentig, is primarily a theme-based content editing plugin. It’s a simple WordPress plugin that can help you edit all the elements of the default WordPress theme. All options are drag&drop, and the simple UI made this plugin easier to understand. 

Tewntig has a large collection of different designed blocks, patterns, and templates. The design of the themes is straightforward and light, which makes the website load faster. 

Every theme by Twentig is customizable by the Gutenberg blog editor without any coding skills. Moreover, you can import some of Twentigs pre-built websites for free. 

It can offer you some of the best WordPress block templates and themes. Some of their designs are crafted by award-winning developers. 

5. EazyTemplates (Gutenberg Template Library) 

Eazy templates WordPress Block Templates

EazyTemplates, by EazyPlugin, is a multi-section template library that has 290+ blank templates with different designs. The best part about this plugin is you can download premium-grade templates for free. 

Every template is developed by professional designers and made for every theme visually stunning. There is a preview system that you can use to examine it before using it on your website. 

Filter through dozens of plugins to find the perfect one. Every template and element in EazyTemplates is the newest WordPress version compatible with the plugin. You can also replace any present items from a different page. 

Every design of EazyTemplates is trendy and perfect for blog, portfolio, and eCommerce websites. Plus, the light weightiness of the plugin offers dissipationless website loading. 

FAQ Related to Free WordPress Block Templates

1) Question: Is Gutenberg better than Elementor?

Answer: Well, for being a built-in feature in WordPress, Gutenberg is a pretty good block editor for primary content editing for less dynamic sites. However, if you want to enjoy more features and different styles, then Elementor is a better choice. So, which one is better depends on the developer’s wish. 

2) Question: How good is Neve?

Answer: For fast and dynamic websites, the theme Neve is one of the best themes. Neve can almost load in less than a second, making it one of the fastest WordPress block themes. Moreover, the fewer dynamics of this theme prevent your site from slowing down from all sources. 

3) Question: How to create a block template in WordPress?

Answer: Follow the below steps,

– First, click on custom blocks and add a new project. 
– Customize it. 
– Build the template and connect it to your website using an FTP client. 

4) Question: What is block pattern WordPress?

Answer: WordPress block patterns are pre-made element layouts. These layouts can efficiently help create a complex chain block with ease. Moreover, block patterns can decrease the time to recreate repeating sections with less effort.

5) Question: What are the parts of a template?

Answer: An HTML file, block, elements, settings, tools, and a custom post type are part of a template. 

6) Question: How do I customize WordPress themes?

Answer: Follow the below instructions, 

– Navigate to Appearance > Themes. 
– Now, search for the theme you installed. 
– After locating the WordPress theme, you can customize it by clicking on the customize icon. 

7) Question: How do I use reuse blocks in WordPress?

Answer: To reuse the blocks in WordPress first, choose the reusing block. You will see three dots in the toolbar. Click on the reusable block section and write a new name. Publish the block or save the custom form. 

8) Question: What is a Gutenberg block?

Answer: In short, Gutenberg blocks WordPress editing elements for creating crucial content layouts. This new block editing system was edited in WordPress 5.0, and every content paragraph is draggable blocks.  

9) Question: What is Elementor? 

Answer: Elementor is a complete functional drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin can assist you in developing beautiful pages quickly with dynamic elements. 

10) Question: What are some of the best Gutenberg blog editor features? 

Ans: Some of the best Gutenberg blog editor features are, 

– Font size changer. 
– Built-in image gallery. 
– HTML or classic table editing option. 
– Colors settings. 
– What you see, what you get (WYSIWYG) editing. 
– HTML anchors. 
– Alignment options. 

So, What’s Your Preference?

There you have it, our top 5 free WordPress block templates and template libraries. Every one of these templates is perfect for building beautiful and fast-loading websites. Any of the above block templates are amazing, plus you are getting efficient customer support from the devs. 

Here is how you can decide. If you like to build a website from scratch and want to add multiple different types of elements to a single website, then selecting template libraries seems reasonable. 

However, WordPress themes can help build websites instantly because of all the built-in features and options. But, the problem with the WordPress theme is it only has one design output, which may feel like fewer options available while multi-design websites. 

So, what blog template did you select for your website? If you have any queries related to this topic, then let us know in the comments. 

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