How to Customize Your Personal Landing Page

How to Customize Personal Landing Page Templates

The landing page of a website should design in a precise way. It must reflect your brand and the business theme at a first glance.

Today we are going to show you how to customize personal landing page templates.

personal landing page is a small-scale website with a, preferably, custom domain, where you can connect people to all your profiles, to social media, books published, your blogs and websites, Medium profile and Substack Profile, contact information etc. — As much as you have and you want.

When you have a personal landing page, that means what you have is an intelligent approach to possessing a profile, a single page on the internet. This can create a big difference if you have many links, sites, projects you are working on, or social media accounts.

With the help of WordPress, creating a personal landing page has become quite easy. There are many plugins that offer templates to create a personal landing page. Sometimes you have to tweak some design or you can use it as it is. With the assistance of plugins like Eazy Templates in the repository creating a personal landing page is effortless.

We will illustrate the steps of customization along with the benefits of having a personal landing page.

Let’s get started.

Why do You Need a Personal Landing Page?

The reasons for having a personal landing page are undeniable. You can introduce yourself, your career, your work history at a glance with your personal landing page.

With a Personal Landing Page, All Your Work Profiles are Linked in One Single Place

If you are an active online person, then having multiple social media public accounts, a Medium or Substack profile, or maybe both are very common.

That is why you pretty much want to eliminate the issues of sharing various links to your profiles when you add to a project, or article or simply have the goal to share them with your teammate.

To do that, the most straightforward way is to create a personal landing page. You can have everything linked there, and all you have to do is share the personal landing page with the people you want. You can add as many things as you need. There is no limit to the amount of information and profiles you may share on a landing page.

A Great Way to Organize and Display Your Work on the Web

If you want you can also share your portfolio, work, and even links to your ebooks on your website. You can easily promote your various works on one page without promoting them separately.

Moreover, you can also share your contact information with people that are interested in hiring or contacting you regarding your projects.

When you have everything under a single website address and a single page it becomes similar to having everything shared in front of a class on a chalkboard rather than a sticky note for each work or profile.

Remove All The Issues Of Updating Your Articles

That is one of the best and unique advantages. Imagine you have a personal website and you want to share your Instagram account on all blog posts, or maybe you want to add your online shop or contact email address. The best part is if you have a book published and one of that information is shared there.

And now, when you have to change the link address of your social media, or your personal information the main issue comes when you have to edit all those blog posts, but the problem is if you have already added the information.

So when you have a personal landing page and sharing it on your website will allow you to modify the page and update it, without affecting your work.

On top of that, instead of promoting a single profile, you may have the advantage to promote everything you have with a single link.

It’s an Instant Portfolio

People like visuals, so the more you can show, rather than tell, the better. Your CV may say that you “built a company blog following of 15,000 engaged readers,” but when you have a personal site, you can take someone straight to the blog and show why it’s so engaging and what sets your work apart.

By displaying work samples, sites you’ve worked on, articles you’ve written, whatever, your personal homepage can act as a digital portfolio of your online work and identity.

So you can see why having a personal website is crucial. Now let us see how to create a personal website using personal landing page templates.

How to Create a Personal Website Using Personal Landing Page Templates

Like the other WordPress plugins, you can easily install and activate our Eazy Templates from the WordPress Plugin Directory. To install Eazy Templates follow the below steps:

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to wp-admin-> Plugins-> Add New.Then in the search box type these keywords “EazyTemplates” and click the Install Now button.

click the Install Now button

After successful installation, you have to click the “Activate” button to activate EazyTemplates.

click the “Activate” button

Create a new page from WP Admin:

Create a new page from WP Admin:

Now click on the EazyTemplates icon on the top:

click on the EazyTemplates icon on the top

Now you’ll see the EazyTemplates wizard:

EazyTemplates wizard

Here you can see the Pages, Sections & Template Kits section. You can filter through categories on the left, Free or Pro on the top, and Light, Dark, or All on the top left.

Now, choose the Personal Landing Page Templates,

choose personal landing page templates

Now, import any one of the templates and install the necessary plugins,

install plugins

You will see that your template is imported.

template imported

Now, you can customize the template like you want. You can add background color, and align it the way you like. Also, there are options to style your blocks as well. You will find different layouts to design your landing page. You can add custom CSS, Motion effects as well.

After finishing customization, you can publish your personal landing page.


This is how to customize personal landing page templates using the Eazy templates plugin.

FAQ on Personal Landing Page Templates

How do you structure a landing page?

  1. Craft a benefit-focused headline.
  2. Choose an image that illustrates the offer.
  3. Write compelling copy.
  4. Include the lead form above the fold.
  5. Add a clear and standout call-to-action.
  6. Give away a relevant offer.
  7. Only ask for what you need.
  8. Remove all navigation.

What makes good content for a landing page?

A good landing page should have a strong offer and be able to explain why the offer is valuable in clear and concise terms.

What content should be on a landing page?

A successful landing page should have one value proposition, one clear message, and one dominant CTA

What do you put at the bottom of a landing page?

A bullet point list makes it easy to understand what topics the book covers. Below the page, you can include a button to sign up for newsletters. You can add logos at the bottom.

Final Thoughts on Building Personal Landing Page

We are at the end of our tutorial and hopefully, now you know how to customize personal landing page templates. Although we don’t show that many customizations, let your imagination run free when you optimize your web page.

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person. If you face any issues, do let us know in the comment section.

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