Best Post Grid Plugin for Elementor

Top 8 Best Post Grid Plugin for Elementor in 2024!

If you are looking for a good post grid plugin for Elementor to do visually stunning customizations on your website, then you found the right place. 

You see, websites these days need to be beautifully organized for clicks. WordPress has a default layout in settings that helps list your content.

However, it’s pretty decent compared to a post grid plugin. With a post grid plugin, you can showcase your content in ways that will make them irresistible to customers. 

Thus, increasing the readability score, reducing the bounce rate, and ultimately improving your content rank on the google search page will be a piece of cake. 

So, below we listed 8 impressive Elementor post grid plugin that will help you build a dream homepage. 

8 Best Post Grid Plugin for Elementor

You will be happy to know that our experts checked some of these plugins and features before adding them to the list, so you don’t have to do the tiresome research work. Trust us!

Post-Grid & Filter – Content Views

Any plugin needs to be easily understandable and have a straightforward UI while designing your website. The Post-grid plugin’s 3 step process gives you that freedom. Moreover, anyone can create grids in different categories without any coding knowledge. 

Another intriguing feature is that the post-grid plugin supports every device. Your gridded content will consistently look beautiful on every device monitor, such as tablets, smartphones, or e-readers. Moreover, every piece of content on your homepage will be optimized for fast loading and smooth performance. 

The plugin description is clear, and you will find every setting in it well organized. However, post-grid comes with a pro version with more features than the regular one. So, you might have to upgrade to the pro version to enjoy all features. 

Special Features 

  • 7 types of layout categories. 
  • A responsive plugin for mobile devices. 
  • Built-in multiple custom actions. 
  • Post limit options. 
  • Compatible with PHP 7. 
  • Built-in drag and drop feature. 
  • Contents are sortable by date and title. 
  • 3+ Elementor post grid pagination layout. 
  • Query post option.
  • Live filter options with multiple sorting and categories. 

Elementskit by – WPmet

Instead of only supporting only grid or filter features, Elementskit has multiple sets of customizations for complete Elementor page building. 

Elemetskit also works pretty well with other Elementor plugins and themes, which eliminates the possibility of any dysfunctionalities. 

Moreover, by offering 3 and more leading customization features, this plugin also saves your money by preventing any chance of using multiple plugins. 

This plugin is an all-in-one addon that helps you build a grid, pricing table, header-footer, social-share buttons, animation effects, menu, etc. You can customize every option according to your website. All elements are well built, which gives the user a smooth experience. 

Elementskit also offers 18+ pre-made homepages and 400+ page layouts. So, building an entire page from scratch when you can easily use the premade options? Getting a bit lazy for this one will not hinder your website development. 

Special Features

  • Supports cross browsing. 
  • Fast optimization. 
  • Sticky content. 
  • Simple drag & drop builder. 
  • Element copy-pastable in cross-domain.
  • Customizable button elements.  
  • Headline style. 
  • Enable/disable option for elements.
  • Image parallax effects. 
  • Countdown-timer widget. 

EazyGrid – Eazy Plugins

post grid plugin for elementor

EazyGrid is a photo grid plugin that can help you build realistic and attractive grids for all content types, such as video, images, blog-post, and woo-commerce products. It also makes the video grids more optimized for fast-loading and responsive in different screen sizes. 

Moreover, EazyGrid offers a variety of features with a light application status. Installing this plugin will not slow down any dynamic elements in your website, improve performance, and maintain the same speed on mobile devices.  

The installation process is simple, and the drag&drop builder helps you finish deploying every element with a few clicks. To aid your development more, EazyGrid comes with 16 different widget customization for Elementor. 

Want to create a gridded page section with different types of content? You can easily do it with EazyGrid’s Justified grid layout. Moreover, every photo or video you add in the same area will showcase without losing any quality. 

With EazyGrid, you are getting 6 pre-built widget features (3 in development), 16 customizations, 25+ patterns (more in development) for totally free. Awesome!

Special Features 

  • E-commerce support. 
  • Content lightbox option. 
  • Universal theme and plugin compatibility.
  • 24/7 responsible customer support. 
  • Simple UI design. 
  • Multiple grid customization categories. 
  • Non-bulky plugin.
  • Smooth click functions. 
  • Native Elementor support. 
  • Prospect attractive content patterns. 

Modula Image Gallery – WPChill

Modula Image Gallery

The Module is an image gallery-based grid plugin that helps you create beautiful lightbox image galleries with sliders. The transition between images is pretty smooth, and you can adjust the delay time and add text in any image separately. 

Moreover, with Modula’s multipurpose grid system, you can combine images, videos, and text in a single gallery. The mobile responsive plugin reduces the quality decrease in different screens. 

A preset setting in the menu always saves the previously built grid, so you don’t have to go through the same process every time customizing a new grid area repeatedly. To create a new gallery, select your custom preset and add photos.

Modula has a variety of features that can help you create a beautiful photo gallery with many different customizations. However, this feature-rich plugin can impact your website’s optimization for dynamic resource loading. Other than this, Modula is a perfect tool for any website. 

Special Features

  • Built-in video extension.
  • Slideshow and slider option.
  • 40+ image hover effect. 
  • Gallery image sorting option.
  • Password protection for galleries. 
  • Advanced URL options.
  • Grid migration tool. 
  • Built-in grid export tool. 
  • Photo watermark support. 
  • Cross-browser compatible. 

Essential Addons – WPDeveloper

Essential Addons - WPDeveloper

Just like Elementskit, Essential addons is a multi-functional Elementor page builder that has massive amounts of features. This plugin can be tricky at first glance, but building a dynamic and attractive Elementor page will be effortless after you have understood all its functions. 

Moreover, every element you see in the essential addons comes with different customization options. With 22 content elements, 4 social elements, 3 marketing elements, 16 creative elements, 9 extensions, and more, you can build literally any page design. 

Even though it’s feature-rich, Essential addons don’t affect your website optimization, and every component loads super fast. There is an element control option that you can use to enable or disable any element. 

What’s more, Essential Addons has a library of over 2000+ ready-made blocks and templates. You can use every one of them from Teamplately, template saving cloud. 

Special Features

  • 50+ free widgets. 
  • Animation style text option. 
  • 11 dynamic content elements.
  • 11 type of form building option. 
  • Progress bar with 4 different styles.
  • Social media buttons.
  • Review & rating option for woo-commerce. 
  • Post duplicator extension. 
  • Content timeline. 
  • EA-Typeform customer survey. 

Post Grid – PickPlugins

Post Grid is a product filter grid plugin for Elementor, perfect for unique designs of display content. If you have slight expertise in CSS, you can easily create beautiful grids with different types of content. 

Moreover, there are 9 additional filter options for sorting products. With Post Grid, you can also create grids for blog posts and videos. You can design grids over 13 (more in development) skins and layouts. The developers made every skin design with solid colors and square edges to make them comfortable for the eye. 

One of the most significant features in Post Grid is the custom Taxonomy creator for selected post types. To use this feature, you have to click Pick Plugin from the dashboard and select the “Taxonomy” option. You can customize your Taxonomy by different fields. 

You can create thousands of gridded posts with post-pagination support in post kits for Elementor. Visitors can use navigation buttons like next, previous, and numbers. You can also change the custom filter option to go directly on a specific grid page. 

Special Features 

  • Mobile device-based options. 
  • Height & width customization. 
  • 4 types of grid view. 
  • Search input field. 
  • Background color changer. 
  • Image custom size. 
  • 3rd party plugin support. 
  • Permission, password, and date parameters.
  • Supports 13 types of video content. 
  • 3+ pagination options. 

Royal Elementor Addons – WP Royal

Royal Elementor Addons

The 7th plugin in our list is the Royal Elementor Addons which has a pretty impressive amount of required features for any website design. It also offers a giant template kit with 23 different styles. You can download and import it to your website. 

The plugin’s built-in features are pretty awesome and have minimal impact on website optimization. Every animation and hover effect on the Royal plugin has smooth transitions and eye-catchy effects. 

If you have some crucial blogs that you want to showcase a bit differently, then use the post carousel or slider. The post slider feature transforms your grids into beautiful slides, and the carousel creates a 3 content-based post carousel. Viewers can navigate these unique styles through side arrow buttons. 

The Royal plugin also comes with an affordable pricing option. You can use all 34 widgets, and extensions are free. However, the pro version unlocks every functionality inside the features. 

Special Features 

  • Pricing table. 
  • 25 types of fancy text. 
  • Promo box. 
  • Parallax scrolling. 
  • Content toggle options.
  • 7 types of buttons with different animation effects. 
  • 3 search widgets with multiple filters.
  • Before-after slider.
  • Navigation menu. 
  • Form styler. 

The Post Grid – Radius Theme

The Post Grid - Radius Theme

The Post Grid is a mobile device-friendly post grid plugin for Elementor that displays different types of content without disruptions. It offers a variety of plugins that you easily apply for the simple UI design. 

There are 80+ pre-build Elementor custom post layout

variations and more in development to select. Instead of making this plugin feature-rich, developers focused on making the initial features more suitable for Elementor website building. 

You can take the “image overly control” feature as an example. In other plugins, the image overly feature creates too many unnecessary dynamic hovering effects resulting in glitches. But, in Post Grid, the hovering is not sketchy and doesn’t create glitches. 

Low dynamics in the features made this plugin one of the best WordPress post grid plugins for websites. 

Special Features 

  • Easy 4-step grid generation. 
  • Query builder. 
  • AJAX grid filter layout. 
  • Icon control options. 
  • Taxonomy isotope filter. 
  • Content wrapper. 
  • Single or multi popup options. 
  • Unit color control. 
  • Feature image editable. 
  • Social share options. 

What Are Some Points Beside Reviews and Ratings You Should Consider Before Installing a Post-Grid Plugin?

In most cases, people install a plugin for reviews and ratings. So, why later did that same product have issues? 

You really can’t rely on reviews because some plugin users use 20% of the product and leave a comment. Below, we shared some things you should consider before downloading a plugin. 

Compatibility and Versions 

Understable Features 

The WordPress directory has over 55,000 plugins and rising. However, the number of operational plugins is few compared to non-active plugins. 

The active status in a plugin states that it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress and has its unique app version. 

If a plugin is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress, then WordPress warns the user about the incompatibility of the plugin and sends a message to the developers. You can see the warning top of the plugin name. 

But, the good thing is, the WordPress directory rank algorithm flushes these plugins to the bottom. 

Efficient Support 

Efficient Support 

Support is the most crucial point you should consider before installing a plugin. Genuine developers are establishing a business around their plugins and are pledged to resolve every customer issue. So, they are constantly creating patches and updates for issues reported.  

Another thing you should consider is the number of support tickets resolved. Not every review is a 5-star review, and the 1-star reviews can reveal an unfixed issue. A good developer team will respond to this review and reply to the user encountering the problem. 

It should take 12 to 24 hours to solve support tickets, and the number can genuinely mean a lot to a customer. According to Hubspot, nearly 68% 68% of customers say they will gladly pay for products and services from a brand known to deliver a satisfactory customer service experience.

Understable Features 

Understable Features 

Some WordPress users do a 1-click buy a plugin with many features without understanding them. What happens next is it didn’t meet your expectations, and you wasted your money. 

Some new website developers always make this mistake by purchasing a feature-rich product from a famous company and later leaving a bad review. It’s not the plugin’s fault, but the unawareness of the customer is to blame. 

 So, buying plugins that have features you understand sounds more reasonable. 



Every post grid plugin should come up with suitable and easy interfaces. Any drag & drop builder can be proof of a simple interface.  

Wrapping Up 

There you have it, our list of the 8 best post grid plugins for Eelementor. These plugins have all the necessary features you will need to build and design your website. 

Post grid plugins can help you flawlessly organize your content in front of visitors. So, installing one will surely help rank up your site and hold visitors’ attention for a long time. 

Are you still reading? Wow! 

If you have come this far, then why not share a thought, query, or suggestion for the devs? We would love to hear from you. Your opinions help us to continue improving.  

Have a nice day. ?

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