Why WordPress Featured Image Not Showing

Why WordPress Featured Image Not Showing: 3 Easiest Possible Solutions

WordPress started as a blog site. You can create unique blogs with it that would attract users’ attention quite quickly. Along with the content, the blogging sites’ design is impressive. One of the main attractions of the blogs was the feature images.

Feature images function as a visual welcome card, a cue to visitors to know what’s behind the blog. Before reading the entire content, visitors would get an idea of the content by looking at the useful information in the form of a photo or an image. 

However, there were some issues regarding WordPress featured image not showing on various sites. We will go over them and also try to provide some solutions regarding this. 

WordPress Featured Image Not Showing? 3 Possible Reasons

WordPress Featured image Not Showing? Possible Reasons

Before we go into the issues, we need to first understand what is a WordPress-featured image. 

Well, a featured image is for posts and pages offered by WordPress. You can upload an image that acts as the post or page’s cover media, similar to a book or magazine cover.

Also, the feature image is automatically added when you create a feed or gallery of your blog posts. Sometimes it doesn’t; check out the reasons-

1. Not Uploading the Feature Image Properly in the First Place

If anyone uses WordPress even for a week, does know how to upload a feature image properly. So, it is a pretty silly mistake to make. However, we have seen people do it. 

To upload a featured image properly, create a page or a post on your WordPress site’s backend. Now, you will notice a Settings panel on the right-hand side. 

Then scroll down through the settings. The Featured Image Settings are towards the bottom.

Featured Image Settings

You will see a button to Set Featured Image. Clicking on that brings you directly to the WordPress Media Library.

select image

Now, you can upload a feature image as you like. After uploading the image/selecting the image if it is already uploaded, click the Set Featured Image button to finish. 

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2. Uploading Cover Image Instead of Featured Image

Another simple yet common mistake made by WordPress users is to implement a cover image for a post or page and assume it works like a featured image.

The difference between a cover image and vs. featured image is you can use a cover image anywhere on your site. You can use cover images to show the start of any article section. Whereas a featured image serves as the introductory post or page image representing the entirety of that article.

The posts you see on any social platform, those images are the featured image. We already told you how to add a featured image. However, to add a cover image, you need to, 

Select the Cover block from your Gutenberg editor and insert it on your post or page. 

Gutenberg editor

You can upload an image as your cover by clicking the Select Media or Upload buttons.

Select Media

You can adjust the cover to fill the page’s entire width, so it will be more effective to introduce an article or a separator between sections.

3. Duplicate Feature Image on Your WordPress Media Library

Although you may have followed the proper steps to upload a featured image, the issue of WordPress featured images not showing still exists because there may be duplicate featured images.

You’ll see this happening on post lists or at the top of a page, resulting in two of the same photos stacked on top of each other.

upload a featured image

You can check this by going to your media library. If you see the same photo uploaded twice, then you should delete one of the photos. Because having a duplicate image will not only create issues for your site but also make your site heavy. 

That’s how it should be if you want the functionality of a featured image with no duplication.

So, these reasons may cause the featured images to not appear on your site. But don’t worry. We will show you some tricks to help you eliminate this issue. 

How to Solve WordPress Images not Showing Issues?

WordPress Images not Showing
Photo Credit: standfastcreative.com

Featured images often carry the weight of your website’s visual representation. Without the feature image, your content will only be blocked with texts. That is not good for your site. So, if you have faced any kind of issue, you should first, 

  • Note Down the exact issue with details. Try to document what exactly is going wrong.
  • Consider any kind of issues that may be causing the problems. Like, as code errors and plugin/theme conflict.
  • Look for solutions in the WordPress repository. You may find a plugin that will solve your problem. 

Now that we have gone through the basics of problem-solving let’s solve the issues regarding the featured images not showing.

1. Fix the HTTP Error When Trying to Upload an Image

Fix the HTTP Error When Trying to Upload a Image
Photo Credit: WPBeginner

Errors are common when uploading an image in the media folder. When you see an HTTP error, the image may be wrong. There are two ways to fix this issue, 

  1. Increase your WordPress Memory Limit. You may find that your hosting provider sets WordPress memory limitations. So, first, ask them to expand the PHP limit. If allowed, you can also change the PHP memory limit on your own by editing your site’s wp-config.php file.
  2. Optimize your images. Uploading massive files to your WordPress site causes performance issues and could overload your hosting servers. That is why you need to optimize your images before you upload them. 

2. Change User Permissions to Allow for Featured Image Viewing

As WordPress has user roles, it can decide who can read, write, or edit website files. So, it is possible that your user role won’t allow you to upload or view any of the feature images. The key to fixing this issue is ensuring your user roles and permissions are all set correctly.

3. Fix a Conflict with a Theme or Plugin

Photo Credit: fixrunner.com

Conflict with a theme or plugin is common for WordPress Featured images not to show. Not all themes have the same featured image settings. Sometimes, featured images for pages are completely blocked. There are no exact solutions to these problems. You need to look into your theme settings or contact their support. 

In case of any plugin conflict, check for any suspicious codes in the file. Update all the plugins on your website. If the issue is still not solved, then deactivate all the plugins. If the featured images are still not showing, reactivate the plugins and move on. 

If the featured image shows up after deactivating, then one of your plugins is the problem. So, activate them one by one and check manually. 

You can follow these tricks to solve the issue of featured image not showing on your WordPress site. 


1. How do I show featured images in WordPress?

To display featured images in WordPress, start by opening the post editor. Look for the ‘Featured Image’ section, usually found on the right sidebar. Click on it, and you’ll be prompted to select an image from your media library. After choosing the image, it will be set as the featured image for that post or page. Remember, your theme must support featured images for this functionality to work seamlessly.

2. Why is my image not showing up in WordPress?

There could be several reasons why your image isn’t showing up in WordPress. Common issues include improper image upload, such as a disrupted upload process, or the file size being too large for your WordPress hosting environment to handle. Another possibility is permission issues on your server, which prevent the image from being displayed. Additionally, incorrect file paths or URLs in your WordPress settings can lead to this issue.

3. How do I fix featured images in WordPress?

To address issues with featured images in WordPress, start by checking the image sizes. Ensure they align with what your WordPress theme supports. If the issue persists, examine your theme’s compatibility; some themes have specific settings for featured images. Also, deactivate any recently added plugins to see if there’s a conflict. If all else fails, consulting your theme’s documentation or seeking support from the theme developer can provide a solution.

4. How do I make my featured image not appear?

If you want to hide a featured image from a post or page in WordPress, you have a couple of options. One way is to simply remove the featured image from the post in the editor. However, if you want to keep the image in the media library but just not display it, you can add custom CSS to your theme. This CSS can specifically target and hide the featured image element based on post or page IDs.

5. Why is my featured image cut off in WordPress?

Featured images might get cut off in WordPress if their aspect ratio or dimensions do not match the requirements set by your theme. This often happens when themes apply specific sizes for featured images, leading to cropping. To fix this, you can regenerate thumbnails using a plugin like ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’. Alternatively, you can delve into your theme’s settings or customize to adjust the specified sizes for featured images to better suit your needs.

Final Verdict

So, here we are at the end of our blog. We have tried to show you why WordPress featured images do not show what occurs and how to solve them. 

You understand the solution if you go over all the details. For further queries, do comment, and we will get back to you soon. 

Wishing you all the best!

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