How to Add Image Link on WordPress

How to Add Image Link on WordPress: Step by Step Easy Guide For Your Website

Don’t you think adding the link to images is more convenient for your web visitors? It makes the images clickable and easy to navigate. Well if you want to know how to add image link on WordPress then miss out on the blog.  

You will get surprised after getting a tremendous response from your website. Here we have gathered the simplest way to use image links on your site. Let’s read.

Benefits of Adding Image Links to Your Website

Do You Need to Add Image Link

The image link keeps your page activated. Sometimes you cannot show everything on one page; linking your image to another page will do that. It makes your WordPress site more responsive and stylish. Moreover, you can have advantages in terms of SEO and page speed. 

Improve page speed

You can’t deny the image size always keep you tensed because, if it’s oversized then the page speed gets slow unbelievably. But if you use the Add Image by URL feature of WordPress, it will improve the loading speed of your web pages. The reason behind this is, linked images are hosted on external servers whereas usually the images are hosted on the owner’s server. 

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Healthier SEO

Linking images with proper alt attributes is preferred as SEO optimized. And that assists your website in getting visible and having more visitors from search engines. The fun fact is your blog or web page can be ranked based on the image file name and good alt text. 

Reduce server load

When you start to reduce your server load, the website will automatically float at the top layer of the search engines. So, when the image is hosted on the external server, overall site performance and readability will improve. Users will experience a smooth website with easy-loading pages.

How to Add Link to Image on WordPress

Adding a link is a vital task to make your page more visually appealing. Here we will discuss view tricks to attach links to your image.

Method 1: Adding link to an existing image

Step 1: Go to Edit Screen

First click on the edit screen page, then there will be a toolbar. Now, click the pencil icon remaining on the edit toolbar

Tap on the Pencil Icon

Then you will be sent to an Image Details Window. On this page, the Link To option will be None.

Step 3: Paste the URL

Click on the link box and select the Custom URL option. Paste your desired URL there and your job is done!

Method 2: Link an image while inserting

Link an Image While Inserting: How to Add Image Link on WordPress

Tab on the Insert Media option, and click on the Media Library. You will get the link tab; attach the link you want to use there.

Method 3: Insert link in images at Gutenberg Editor

insert link in images at Gutenberg Editor

Click on the image you will see this linking option. Hit on this icon and a URL field will open there. Now just simply paste your link.

3 Best WordPress Image Link Plugins

There are thousands of image-linking plugins available to make your task easier. Here we have highlighted the 3 most useful plugins. Let’s read.

1. Gallery Custom Links

Gallery Custom Links

This is the best selection for bulk action. With this plugin, you will link images from the gallery to a particular URL. Here you can optimize and support any gallery by using filters. You can run the plugin only on the pages where you need it. We realize that this plugin works incredibly well with the standard gallery, you can surely try this on.

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2. Image Links

Image Links

Image Links is the best WordPress plugin that will let you tag any content with an image. This plugin is handy for making your website more interactive. Within a few minutes, you can use this plugin to create interactive news photography, imagemap, product maps, etc.


Exmage- WordPress Image LInks

Exmage assists you to save storage by using external image URLs. It only supports real-image URLs, and doesn’t support URLs from an image hosting service. But remember if you inactive Exmage your uploaded images will no longer work. The amazing factor is you can add multiple image URLs at once.

Essential Steps on How to Add Image to WordPress Link on Facebook

Essential Steps on How to Add Image to WordPress Link on Facebook

Nowadays, social media plays a crucial role in digital marketing. If you want to rank your website on top, you must also hunt on them. Adding WordPress links on Facebook is one of them. So do the following:

Step 1: Install a Yoast SEO plugin

First, you have to install a suitable plugin to make your task easy. We recommend using Yoast SEO or SEOPress.

Step 2: Set the default thumbnail

Go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Social Networks from the SEOPress Section. Here enable the Open Graph Data. You can set a default thumbnail as well. In case your shared link doesn’t get any suitable image, the default image will be displayed. 

Try to choose a generalized image. This method is applicable to other social networks as well. Things are similar for Yoast SEO.


How to Add a Link to an Image to Pin on Pinterest in WordPress?

To add a link to an image to pin on Pinterest in WordPress. Please do the following:

  • First sign in to your Pinterest account
  • Go to the about tab
  • Go down to the Pin it Button
  • Insert the URL of the page and image 
  • Attach a suitable description of what is getting pinned
  • Add the HTML code to get pinned.

How to Change Image URL in WordPress?

Answer: You can always change the image URL in WordPress. To do so, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to settings from Admin Panel
  • Now replace the WordPress URL and site address URL with the new URL
  • Then save the changes

How to Add Link to Image in Elementor?

Linking image in Elementor can be done by the following two steps:

Step 1: Go to the media files, where you will get the direct location of the image file you want to link.

Step 2: Click on the Custom URL to link your required image to any site.

How to Link an Image in Word?

To link an image in word, you have to complete the following steps. These are:

  • First, insert the image you want to link
  • Right-click on the image and select insert
  • Click on the hyperlink and insert the required link you wish to attach. 
  • Then press OK

Final Verdict

Linking an image on a WordPress site can change the entire accessibility of your site. It’s better to do this part on your own.

We believe our step-by-step guide will give you the right direction. Now you know how to add image links on WordPress. If you have any questions, you can ask in the FAQ section. Happy Browsing!

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