Why Image Compression is Necessary? Know the Best Answer

When you are thinking about optimizing your website, the users most often forget the image compression. This is a breakthrough to make your site fast and well optimized. The user loves fast pace.

According to reports, at least 47% of users prefer browsing websites that take a browsing speed of fewer than 2 seconds. Image compression plays a crucial role in exceeding the browser speed. Since most people don’t realize Why image compression is necessary, we will explain everything. Let’s read.

What is Image Compression

Why Image Compression is Necessary

Image compression is the method of minimizing the bit sizes by storing the image’s original quality. This is a kind of data compression. Image compression is often just another way of reducing the size of an image. It helps in

  • Website Optimization

To get a better ranking on Google, compressed images can be a savior for your site. Compressed images reduce the loading time.

  • Quick Uploading

In the case of sending and uploading raw images, it makes the process slow where compressed images take less to transmit your data.

  • Reduces Loads on Hard Drive

By minimizing the file size, you will be able to reduce the load on your hard drive.

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Types of Image Compression

Considering the image quality and types. There are two basic categories of image compression. Here goes:

1. Lossless

Types of Image Compression

Lossless compression is the process of storing the same quality of an image before compression with a gradual size reduction. It covers the following Image types.


PNG images are generally reversible. Once you compress this format, it will get back to the regular size when you open the file.


Raw images are derived from DSLR. These files are huge.


BMP is exclusively found in Microsoft. Though it’s not that popular

2. Lossy

Types of Image Compression

Lossy compression is an intense size reduction with eliminating some parts of your file. It’s an irreversible process once you are done with it. You cannot revoke anything. Types of image format that goes well with Lossy compression are:


JPG is commonly known as JPEG. Under lossy compression, this format eliminates some parts of the image. Though a small amount of compression won’t be noticeable, the greater size will appear great.


This format reduces the file size by reducing the color. Usually, a file with 256 colors looks appealing. You can minimize the size by reducing the pixel count.

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Why Image Compression is Necessary

Why Image Compression is Necessary

One cannot explain the necessity of image compression in a few words. That’s why we have gathered the vital points to make you believe in it. Here goes.

Redeem Browsing Speed

The website goes slow over time. The reason can be anything, but if your site bears raw images, the scenario will be a turtle. A compressed image allows the user to enjoy a clear outlook with sound speed because image compression manages the quality by compressing the size.

Better Ranking

It’s evident that sites with lower weight get easily picked by google search engines. Where heavy websites leave behind in that race. So it’s an easy play if you have compressed images, you are on the row.

Quick Downloading

The lesser the size the greater the downloading speed. For some devices, there are restrictions on downloading. Compressed images make downloading quicker.

Accessible in Different Devices

Mobile devices have specific policies for loading websites with images. Compressed images bring a balance in loading regardless of the device you’re using.

Adapts with Screen Size

Using file sizes that weigh less is a blessing. Different websites hold different criteria for uploading images. The size is variable. But a compressed image will let you adapt to screen size quickly.

Easiest Techniques of Image Compression

Easiest Techniques of Image Compression

Image Compression involves several methods. Here we have highlighted the easiest ways of image compression.

Deflate Technique to Restore Better Image

Deflate is a lossless image compression that works on PNG images. In this tricks. LZ77 and Huffman coding is involved in compressing the image. Moreover, the image quality remains the same.

Run-Length Encoding for Storing Image as a Single Value

The format stores the redundant strings of pixels as a unified group in this form of encoding. This is a lossless compression as well.

Transform Encoding to Reduce the Image Size

Transform encoding is a lossy compression that counts the colors with similar shades as a single unit. As a result, it reduces the image size. This compression is implied in JPEG format.

Process of Making a Grid in Photoshop

Adding grids on Photoshop will add an extra dimension to your image procession. You can minimize the image size through this tool as well. However, it’s a manual procedure. You can add grids on your photoshop by following these 5 simple steps:

Process of Making a Grid in Photoshop

Step 1: Start a New Document

To start with, first, create a new document. Set the pixels into a point. Since you can start with any resolution, we recommend using 960×768 pixels.

Step 2: Go for New Grid Layout

To start a new grid layout, click on View then Show. Now choose Grids. Set the other preferences such as color, size, etc.

Step 3: Set the Shapes

After setting gridlines, you can select the shape you want to see. Go to the Custom Shape Tools and Create the shape you want.

Step 4: Save Finally

You have created your desired Gridlines already. Now you can share your precious files with everyone. For that, you have to save the file. Click  CTRL+S to save the file. 


Question 1: What are the Advantages of Image Compression?

Answer: Actually, there is a lot to say about image compression. But the following are crucial:

  1. It makes your images more accessible to websites regardless of the device you are browsing
  2. It makes your website load faster
  3. The compressed image helps to rank better.

Question 2: How to Create Grid in Photoshop?

Answer: To create a grid in your photoshop, so the following,

  • First, take the document you want to create grids on. Go to the View OptionTab on Show and then choose Grids. You are done.
  • Select the other preferences.

Question 3: What is Overly Compressed Photo Meaning?

Answer: It means the file has been extremely compressed in such a way that it no longer serves the purpose it used to be. In this way, the compression reduces so much that the file gets degraded.


Image compression is getting more and more popular day by day. Since it makes web surfing effortless, we expect you to know why image compression is necessary after all this discussion we had combined here. We believe this article will clear your cloud of confusion. Happy Browsing!

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