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Best 6+ Stylish Popular Post Widget for Blogger on WordPress

Need some suggestions on WordPress’s stylish popular post widget for blogger? Then indeed, you are in the right place. 

Writing is an exciting journey for bloggers. But sharing it with proper visualization materials is more complicated than exciting. Choosing a plugin with eye-catchy thumbnails becomes difficult sometimes. 

To solve these technical issues, we sort out the top 7 stylish popular post widgets for bloggers. These widgets will not only make your posting easier but also make your site even more fashionable than ever. 

Top 7 Stylish Popular Post Widget for Blogger 

The plugins discussed below will be able to present your site most attractively, even if you don’t know a single line of code. All of these plugins are capable of helping you through the process of creating stylish posts and making your blog site a part of your living dream.  

1. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts- Stylish Popular Post Widget for Blogger

Undoubtedly, this is one of WordPress’s most popular post widgets. Highly customizable features to showcase popular posts is one of the biggest reason for its success. 

While searching for a recent posts widget that can show thumbnails, we initially chose and installed a couple of plugins from WordPress. While sorting out the most useful one, we select this plugin because of its unique but straightforward features.

These features include using multiple widgets of WordPress at once for popular posts. Where every single widget can have its settings, another great part of this plugin is that it can list popular posts within a specific time range. Other than that, displaying thumbnail images, accessing the dashboard area, customization of themes, and layout are covered in WordPress popular posts for you. 

Let’s see the key features that we find helpful in this plugin. 


  • Include multi-widgets with their settings 
  • List out popular posts for an exact time range
  • The capability of showing various stuff other than just posts and pages
  • Dedicated dashboard to monitor posts
  • Sort out the popularity list 
  • Customized theme to stylize popular post list
  • Mofidy layout of popular posts 

2. Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

It is an all-in-one kind of plugin. The recent posts widget with thumbnails is designed based on the WordPress widget called “recent post”. Developers of this plugin provide the opportunity to list various things like recent posts with their title name, authors, different categories, thumbnails, and many more. 

This plugin is mainly designed for widget users of WordPress. But it also works in Elementor and Oxygen. The reason for choosing this plugin is, It did not offer me hundreds of options that make my workability slower in the long run. 

Their page mentions that they do not collect users’ personal information. Other than that mall, a ton of practical elements like custom-tailored post lists and thumbnail-related features make it a top choice for me. 

Though the choice is yours from our viewpoint, go through the features it offers: 


  • Various ordering and sorting options for posts
  • Apply customized options for sticky posts
  • Get maximum length to write posts title
  • Dedicated label option for the author names
  • Px-based thumbnail option that keeps aspect ratio adjust 
  • Category showing filter option 

3. EazyGrid– Eazy Plugins

EazyGrid– Eazy Plugins- Stylish Popular Post Widget for Blogger

Regarding mentioning stylish popular post widget for blogger, the EazyGrids plugin came on top three. It’s a plugin that helps users to create admirable and attractive grids for various kinds of content. Interesting and exciting features for blog posts, images, videos, and woo-commerce products are also included. 

EazyGrid offers exclusive features with an incredibly light user experience. We can ensure this plugin doesn’t slow the dynamic elements of your website. It improves overall performance and keeps up speed on mobile devices. 

One of the simplest plugins to install, and the drag & drop builder makes it a popular post widget. EazyGrid plugin comes with an Elementor customization feature. It has 16 different widget customization for this platform. 

EazyGrid’s justified grid layouts can help you for creating gridded page sections within a few clicks. Nevertheless, EazyGrids offers 6 pre-built widget features, 16 customization features, and more than 25 patterns.

A glance at the significant features of this plugin might help you to choose this plugin over others:


  • Userfriendly and simple UI design 
  • Content lightbox option
  • Responsive to all types of devices
  • Lag-free clicking functionality 
  • Pre-built grid layouts
  • Lightweight compared to other plugins 
  • Native Elementor support
  • Supports universal theme and plugin
  • E-commerce supporting feature 

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4. YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This one is a highly customizable, feature-rich, and professionally maintained plugin. YARPP includes posts, custom post types, and display pages for recent entries. This plugin will also introduce your site’s visitors to other relevant content, boost visitor engagement and time spent on-site, and helps in SEO. 

Customizing post titles, categories, and content are general features. But including an advanced and versatile algorithm to find related content through these elements from your site is unique. Other than that, this plugin’s automatic display, feeding option, and block editor option for Gutenberg have highlighted features. 


  • Advance and versatile algorithm to find related content 
  • Super efficient and fast caching
  • Opportunity to use custom-built templates and styles 
  • Automatic display options 
  • Taxonomy and custom post type supported 
  • Supports WordPress multisite 
  • Work with various languages 
  • WooCommerce and bbPress forums supported 

5. HappyAddons for Elementor

HappyAddons for Elementor

When it comes to discussion about Elementor specified widget, the premium and best one comes to mind. It’s a proven pioneer of exclusive problem-solving Elementor features. 

We recommend it because there is no limit on customizations in it. Users can find widgets for every need. In terms of flexibility of customizations, this plugin can help you broaden your Elementor-related designing skills. 

Without making any delay, let’s check out some of the highlighted features of HappyAddons: 


  • Generate various types of menus
  • With the off-canvas Elementor widget, create an off-canvas Elementor menu and contents
  • Manage on-page navigation 
  • Create data tables within elemntor 
  • Include an outline of text stroke to Elementor typography
  • Add and manage event calendars 
  • Build product carousels smoothly  
  • Mask images into different shapes  

6. Trending/Popular Post Slider and Widget

 Trending/Popular Post Slider

Including featured posts on the Slider is a unique feature that most developers skip for some reason. The Trending/Popular Post Slider and Widget is one of the few that included this practical feature. It allows the users to show trending or most popular posts on their site through views and comments. 

It also enables visualizing popular posts on a page within a sidebar or via shortcode with your desired time range. It has another unique feature; if you visit the post page, the plugin automatically takes that specific post into the list. 

Among many of the features, some of them really need a shoutout.  


  • Lots of amazing and stylized designs
  • Post slider for blogger
  • WordPress templating features
  • Post support option 
  • Gutenberg and WPBakery Page Builder support
  • Responsive to all devices 
  • Slider RTL support 

7. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Post

Contextually related posts is a top-notch WordPress plugin allowing users to present the list of relevant posts on their feeds and website. While searching for widgets with image inclusion features, we found this one works well. 

It will allow you to uplift the retention rate of your website and reduce the bounce rate. It will also refresh old entries for you. Some of the specialized features of this plugin include support for thumbnails, custom post type, etc. 

Points are given below to show the features at a glance: 


  • Help to display related posts on users’ sites and feed
  • Supports Gutenberg / Block Editor 
  • Various applicable widgets availability 
  • Visitors browsing data automatically cached 
  • Exclude posts or pages regarding ID 
  • WordPress post thumbnails supported 
  • Option to add features, edit outputs for developer

FAQ on Stylish Popular Post Widget for Blogger

Q1: How to Add Popular Posts Gadget in Blog?

Step 1: First Login into your blogger account. Then get navigated to the “Dashboard” of your blog where you wish to include the Popular Posts widget. 
Step 2: After that, go to the layout tab. Hit the button “Add a Gadget” text link from the sidebar. 
Step 3: Then, scroll down and select the Popular Posts gadget to include that to your blog.
Step 4: You can configure post tile, image thumbnail, and snippet.
Step 5: Lastly, press the save button. You can drag the Popular Posts widget in the preferred place in the layout window. Now, click on the top right corner button to save the change.

Q2: How do I customize the recent post widget in WordPress?

Answer: WordPress has already included a pre-built widget to display recent posts in your website’s sidebar. It can even be displayed on any widget-ready area you want. 

To find it out, go to your WordPress dashboard and Appearance. From there slip to the Widgets portion and add the ‘Latest Posts’ widget block to your dashboard sidebar. With this, you can customize the appearance of your recent posts any time you want. 

Q3: How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress (2 Ways)?

Answer: Many WordPress stylish popular post plugins are available from which you can choose one to display your most popular content. 

To make it possible, frist choose and install your desired plugin. After completing the activation and setup process, go to insights. From there, go to popular posts and click the “popular posts widget” menu item. 

You can also add a ton of customizable options from here. After finishing all inclusion and customization for presenting your popular posts, click on “Publish” or “Update” to save the changes. 
In this way, the site audience can see the post you want. 

So, Which Popular Post Widget Do You Like Most? 

All of these above plugins have unique features. There are designed to help bloggers with their posting. People have used them personally and found that a few are more efficient than others. 

If you wish to get even more efficient with exclusive plugins, read about WordPress’s best optimization plugins. Even if you want WordPress speed optimization without plugins, that’s also possible. All you have to do is, learn about them thoroughly.

Back to the topic, you can now decide which post widget can be practical for you. Usability varies with each person’s vision and demand. If yours are matched with mine, these will really be helpful and satisfying for me. 

Try the plugins by their mentioned features or try them all to feel the difference. Tell us about your experience and which of the post widget for bloggers you have liked most.  

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