speed optimization features of eazy plugin manager

Speed Optimization Feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

In this competitive era of website ranking, you must focus on speed optimization to be in a good position. People try all sorts of tricks to improve their website speed and performance. For doing so, users sometimes complicate the process and end up harming their website.

To improve your website performance, the speed optimization feature of Eazy Plugin Manager is a perfect solution.

In this article, we will show you how it works.

But first,

Why Should You Improve Your Website Speed?

​​Boost Your WordPress Speed

Your site speed plays a big role in maintaining the website’s success. Now watch out some reasons why you should improve your website speed.

1. Better User Experience

Your website speed is a critical part of ensuring a better user experience. It can make or break authority, and it’s one of the most important factors in how people interact with your site.

And the faster your website loads, the more time users have to see what you offer before deciding whether or not they want to spend time on your site.

Users want to be able to navigate smoothly through a website and find anything quickly. When optimizing the website speed, you will provide an overall better experience for your users. A slow website can put you off if you’re trying to attract new customers or get people to sign up for your services. 

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2. Reduce Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are the percentage of people leaving your website without exploring it properly. This is a big deal because it indicates your website has a problem. People are leaving your site because they aren’t finding what they’re searching for.

The high bounce rate occurs for a slow website. When people visit your site, which takes too long to load, they’re more likely to leave. Faster websites generally have lower bounce rates than slower ones. If your site does not load quickly enough, you should consider making some changes to improve your speed. Visitors can stay longer on your pages and become more engaged. Ultimately, it will reduce your website’s bounce rates.

3. Increase Conversion Rates

As you know, with the help of Elementor, you can easily build a professional WooCommerce website where you can offer multiple products and services to your target customers.

On the WooCommerce website, conversion rates are a highly significant metric for the overall growth of your business. Conversion rates are the percentage of people who click on a link and buy something.  Better conversion rates are highly impactful for increasing your online business revenue as well.

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How to Use the Speed Optimization Feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

You can block and lock plugins using the Eazy Plugin Manager Pro version. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Install the Eazy Plugin Manager

First, you must install the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins–> Add New. Then type the name in the search box, install and activate the plugin.

Install Eazy plugin manager

Now, in order to use the speed optimization feature, you need to purchase the pro version.

Step 2: Select the optimization option from the menu

Now you have selected the optimization option from the side menu option. You will be redirected to the optimization dashboard.

Go to Optimization Speed optimization feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

Step 3: Choose the plugin you want to optimize

You need to choose the plugin that asset you want to optimize.

Choose any plugin

To optimize speed, you can select pages, posts, or any custom posts.

choose posts Speed optimization feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

After that, choose the post/page from the right-hand side,

Page Chosen

If you want, you can select multiple options by clicking the Add More Role button.

Add More items Speed optimization feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

Step 3: Save the settings and enjoy

After that, you can hit the Save button, and after some time, you will see the improved performance of your website.

This is how you can use the Speed optimization feature of Eazy Plugin Manager plugin.

Improve Your Website Speed Now

You are done. With only 3 steps, you will see improved website performance.

Updating your website speed is a complicated task. Some website owners hire developers to do this job and spend lots of money. But when you have a plugin like Eazy Manager, then your job becomes easy, and you don’t need any extra help to upgrade your website’s performance.

Tell us how your website speed improved after installing this plugin in the comment section.

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