Way to manage the best version of plugin

Way to Manage the Best Version of Plugin: Ultimate Solution to Save the Best Version

We have heard many websites crash because of updating to a new version of a plugin and users have lost all the design. Maybe you are one of them and wish if there was a way to manage the best version of the plugin. People search for a way to manage the best version of plugin.

Well, your wish is about to be fulfilled. With the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin, you can roll back to any version of a plugin with a simple click. Among other things, this is also one of the features of this plugin. So, you don’t need to install any other plugin to do this job.

Controlling the version of any plugin is easy. Because without testing the new version, you may break the website by upgrading to the new one. Moreover, if you haven’t disabled the auto-update option, the update will be done automatically.

Using the version management feature of EPM, you can roll back to the last one or any other version even if you upgrade to the latest version of the plugin.

How to Find a Way to Manage the Best Version of Plugin?

Using the Eazy Plugin Manager Pro version, you can use the version management feature. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Install the Eazy Plugin Manager

First, you must install the Eazy Plugin Manager Plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins–> Add New. Then type the name in the search box, install and activate the plugin.

Install Eazy plugin manager- Way to Manage the Best Version of Plugin

Now, in order to use the version management feature, you need to purchase the pro version.

Step 2: Choose a Version of the Plugin and Install

Next, go to the Plugins–> Installed Plugins section. Choose the plugin you want to roll back to. You will also find the Verison Management button there. Click on it.

Click on Version Management- Way to Manage the Best Version of Plugin

You will get a pop-up window. Now you have to choose your desired version from the drop-down menu.

select version

After choosing your version, click on the button that says “Install x version” and you are done.

Install version

This is the way to manage the best version of plugin, isn’t it smooth? You could give it a try.

Control Plugin Verison and Your Website

Now you are armed with the knowledge of managing the version of any plugins on your website. WordPress is a complicated place. But, with the right plugins, your life will become easy and you will be able to manage the website without any hassle.

But in order to manage your site, you need to know the right plugins. And Eazy Plugin Manager is one for you to do so. With its amazing features, you can easily manage all the complicated functions of your WordPress site.

Let us know your experience with Eazy Plugin Manger in the comment section below.

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