Introducing Eazy Plugin Manager for Your WordPress Website- benefits of using Eazy plugin manager

Introducing Eazy Plugin Manager for Your WordPress Website

Creating WordPress sites is exciting, but when it’s time to manage, it becomes challenging. WordPress is the most efficient and commonly used platform for millions of users. Versatile plugins are available in the WordPress universe to make the user’s life more accessible and enhance the performance of the websites. 

Problems get real when some of these plugins start to make websites slower. Terminating essential plugins can not be a solution as it can change the interface and functionality of any web page. Sometimes updating or deactivating a plugin can do the same mishaps. 

To solve this everlasting issue of WordPress, Happy Monster decided to launch an administrative plugin for all WordPress community users. Their successful and trustworthy plugin lineup Eazy Plugins, is introducing this new cutting-edge plugin manager- Eazy Plugin Manager

Before jumping into the detail of the Eazy Plugin Manager, let’s start with the basics first.  

What Does a WordPress Plugin Manager Do?

Like a real-life manager, who manages multiple types of work single-handedly for a department or office, a plugin manager does the same for a WordPress website. A plugin manager is an ultimate administrator that maintains all the plugins involved in a site. It not only makes the plugin managing experience easier but also brings back the fun of plugin management with dramatic enhancements.

What are the Needs for Using a Plugin Manager? 

Usually, operating a bunch of plugins creates a messed-up situation. They tend to slow down your website, unnecessarily make changes you never want, and the list continues. Even though WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms in the world, it still needs an effective plugin manager to utilize its full potential.

Plugin manager ensures every plugin you installed, activated, or deactivated is on a list you can modify anytime. Your customized and pro plugins are safe; all of your favorite plugins are bookmarked in an index. Moreover, there will be no vulnerability risk on your website.

Why Choose Eazy Plugin Manager?

Why Choose Eazy Plugin Manager

Let’s know the reason behind picking Eazy Plugin Manager for your website.

The Features

Various plugin management systems were designed in the past for WordPress; some are still floating with limited features. But none of them offers the all-in-one plugin management system that Eazy Plugin Manager delivers. 

Eazy Plugin Manager offers to search plugins instantly from your installed plugin list to monitor your plugin admin activity and optimize your website to bookmark your favorite plugin. 

The Faith

Features are just a part of choosing EPM over others. Its transparency policies make it more reliable and trustworthy. 

Eazy Plugin Manager declared that we do not sell or monetize users’ data. We collect data from users, but only to manage and maintain the plugins that they are currently using. 

Eazy plugin manager offers a handful of advantageous features in free and premium portions. 

As first-time users, let’s explore the free features initially-

FREE FEATURE of Eazy Plugin Manager

1. Search from Installed Plugins Instantly

Searching for an installed plugin on WordPress is annoying as it takes a long time to load. The more you install plugins, the more time it takes to load. Eazy plugin manager sorts this problem out and offers a faster search solution. By installing it, you can filter out your desired plugin instantly. 

2. See Installed Plugin Images

Not seeing any visual image of the installed plugin is a common issue that all WordPress users face regularly. Creators of Eazy plugin manager think about it and comes up with a solution. By installing EPM, you can see your installed plugin images regularly. 

3. Bookmark Your Favorite Plugin

Ever get worried about losing an exciting plugin just because you forget to bookmark it? Well, you can stop worrying if you have Eazy plugin Manager on your dashboard. With EPM, you can bookmark your favorite plugins and use them whenever possible. 

4. Monitor Your Installed Plugins Activity

You will get all the information you want about your installed plugins if the Eazy plugin manager is installed in your dashboard. Information like plugin installation, activation, update, and deactivation date and time can be seen instantly from it. 

5. Download Any Version of Your Favorite Plugin on Your Local Drive

Sometimes an older version of a plugin can perform better than the new one and vice versa. Returning to a previous version, installing an old version, or running it can be problematic sometimes. Eazy plugin manager offers its users to download any plugins on their local drive. So that it can be used when its needed.  

All of these above features are just the tip of the mountain that the Eazy plugin manager is offering. Developers of this plugin analyze all the aspects and design pro features for it. As professional features are premium and unique in nature, you have to pay to use these features described below:  

Before paying some extra bucks, let’s see what these pro features are: 

PRO FEATURES of Eazy Plugin Manager

1. Use Bookmarks Anytime Anywhere

Never get tensed again to search and download the same plugins for your multiple WordPress sites. With an active account in Eazy plugin manager, you can save and reload all of your bookmarked plugins anytime on any site. 

2. Manage Bookmarks by Category

Saving plugins as a stack is a free feature that we discussed previously. A more polished and refined version of that is offered in the pro edition of Eazy plugin manager. Here you can organize your bookmarks in separate categories. You can also perform bulk operations on these bookmarks if you purchase the pro version of EPM.

3. Hit Once to Install Multiple Plugins

Ever feel tired of installing a bunch of plugins again and again for separate websites? Then just think about a solution where you can install a set of plugins that you have categorized with a single command. In the pro version of Eazy plugin manager, with just a single click, you can do this magic in real.

4. Keep Important Plugins Safe

Some plugins are more important than others. It might be the one you modified, especially a third-party plugin that is not available on the WordPress store, or it can be a pro one that you purchased. Protecting them from getting lost but using them anytime on any of your WordPress sites is a tough job. But the pro version of Eazy plugin manager makes this job easy for you. By grabbing EPM pro, you can save all of your valuable plugins in a vault and use them anywhere you want. 

5. Feel Safe with an Active Guard

Like a faithful watchman, the pro version of Eazy plugin managers actively monitors your plugins. This feature checks your plugins all the time for vulnerabilities. If the active guard finds any kind of issue in your installed plugin, it will report you and notify you automatically. 

6. Manage the Plugin’s Version that You Use

Stop worrying about sudden plugin updates and their impact on your website, like website breaking. The Pro version of Eazy plugin manager covers this one for you. In this version management feature, you can manage your installed plugin versions. EPM pro also offers switching plugin versions as per your demand. 

7. Lock Specific Plugins for Good 

Sometimes you have some essential plugins in your website that you want to remain fixed. They are so important that you don’t want them to get deleted even accidentally. But with multi-admin websites guaranteeing this matter is difficult. The plugin lock feature of Eazy plugin managers makes this difficult job easy for you. This feature can prevent any modification to the plugins you select from remaining locked.

8. Ensure Blocking Problematic Plugins 

Some plugins can be problematic for your WordPress sites, and you might wish to eliminate them. But unfortunately, your other admins might install them anyway. Then you have one solution left to prevent it from happening, and it’s blocking that exact plugin. With the Eazy plugin managers block plugins feature, you can blacklist any plugin to prevent their Installation.

9. Save Personal Notes about Plugins.

Great compact plugins have so many features in them that it becomes impossible to remember all of them. Sometimes you can totally forget why did you install those plugins? So most users wonder about features where they can take short notes about their installed plugins. This unique but essential feature is included in the pro version of the Eazy plugin manager. With this Notes feature, you can write short descriptions about plugins and go through them when needed.  

10. Make Your Website Fast with Asset Optimization.

Cut off unnecessary assets from your website to make it blazing fast. With the Eazy Plugin Manager’s on-demand plugin asset optimization feature, you can choose which assets to load on specific pages, posts, etc. By minimizing loading assets, you can make your website faster every time it slows down. 

11. Stop Plugin Mismanagement from the Root.

Managing sites with multiple admins can sometimes become risky. Especially to stop unwanted Installation, update, deletion, or modification of plugins that can break the site or make unwanted changes. Eazy plugin managers pro feature named freeze plugins can minimize the risk for you. It freezes the entire plugin page, so no one remains able to make any changes there authorized without permission. 

So far, we have all learned about the free and pro features that the Eazy plugin manager offers. Now let’s see some practical usages of this manager. 

How to Install and Use Eazy Plugin Manager

The installation process of EMP is only two steps. Have a look below to grab the plugin in your website.

Step 1: Installation Process

First, go to the WP-admin dashboard. Select the Plugins option from the left menu bar and click on Add New. Then, type Eazy Plugin Manager on the search plugin option. Hit on Install and then press Activate button to permit the plugin to start working. 

Eazy Plugin Manager Installation

All of the features below are described from a pro account of EPM. So all the features might not work on a free version. You can check the difference between free and premium features at a glance from the image below.  

Step 2: Register to Eazy Plugin Manager

After activating the plugin, click on Eazy Plugin Manager from the left menu. A new screen will pop up from where you can find the Sign in/Up button in the top right corner. After pressing the button, you will be asked to give your email ID and password to sign in. 

Register to Eazy Plugin Manager

After signing in, the left menu will open for you. Here you will find options like Features, Bookmarks, Active guard, Vault, Optimization, Support, and Account. 

Features Eazy Plugin Manager

Usecase of Eazy Plugin Manager in WordPress Website

1. Bookmark Your Desired Plugins

To bookmark a plugin first, go to Plugins options as usual, then press Add New option. Here you will find a Bookmark button underneath the Install button. Click the button to bookmark any plugin. 

Bookmark your plugin

After bookmarking a plugin, you can see all of them in the bookmark tab shown below. Options to create and delete categories and search through them can be possible from this page. Look at the box below the plugin. Other than categorizing and searching for a plugin, you can do a lot of things from this page. 

You can control Installation, active or deactivate that plugin, choose a category for the plugin, unbookmark it or check available versions of that plugin from this menu. 

Bookmarked plugins

2. Check Out the Plugin History

When you click on this history button, a page will open with your plugin history. All the plugins you have installed activated, deactivated, and updated are documented here. With the dedicated search option, you can instantly find the exact plugin from a long list to check the overall history. 

plugin history

3. Active Guard Your Website

Next comes a small but vital option that we discussed earlier– Active Guard. It will show just a line that you have no plugins related vulnerability if everything is working well. But It will notify you and show you the vulnerability result if any threat arises. 

Vulnerabililties Checking

4. Plugin Vault of Your Website

Features and workability of the next option, named Vault, are also described in the feature segment. Here, you can save and protect all of your modified plugins, third-party plugins, and pro downloads. Not only that, you can get access to this valuable box of plugins wherever you want just by logging into the Eazy plugin manager account and clicking on the vault option. 

Your website's plugin vault

5. On-Demand Plugin Asset Optimization

The optimization feature of EPM is a crucial one. You can selectively load assets on specific pages and posts or make custom post types. From the image below, you can see all of your installed plugins will be shown here. You can choose the Item Type and select which posts you want to load on them. You also have the opportunity to modify these options whenever you want. 

On-Demand Plugin Asset Optimization

That is it we have covered all the possible aspects of Eazy Plugin Manager. There is no doubt that as a website owner, you will thank Happy Monster to explore this amazing tool.

Final Verdict

We guess now you know what Eazy Plugin Manager is created for, how to use it, and its various features. Even for the experts, it’s really hard to say when a WordPress site can become intimidating. With Eazy plugin manager, your WordPress site will be easier to manage and fun to use, that’s for sure. 

No matter if you are new or an expert on WordPress, faced or currently facing issues with your site. If you want to ease the pressure, install Eazy Plugin Manager now and feel the difference yourself.

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