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6+ Best Post Grid Plugin WordPress Free: Choose The Best One for Free

Your content presentation can have a significant influence on the product you are trying to sell. If your content is not organized strategically, it can disappoint the user and lead your business to unsatisfactory outcomes. 

Using branded plugins to organize a site is indeed expensive for normal users. To assist you with that, we have brought out some best post grid plugin WordPress free of cost. 

Dig more to know in detail.

7 Best Post Grid Plugin WordPress Free of Cost

There are several post grids available on the web. But to unleash the premium feature, you might have to spend money. Despite that, there are a bunch of free post-grid plugins that deliver premium service. Here we have featured the best post grid plugin for your WordPress site in terms of quality and user experience.

1. Eazy Grid Plugin

Eazy Grid- Best Post Grid Plugin WordPress Free

The smartest and most convenient of all. Eazy Grid will let you organize your post strategically regardless of your content size and pattern.

Lightweight Design

If you are worried about the theme size with a low storage device, Eazy grid brings the perfect plugin for your site. It’s noteably light to operate.

Lightbox Support

No matter what contents are stored in your post, lightbox support will treat your images with the desired treatment to keep them look-worthy.

Responsive Design

Doesn’t matter which device you are using, this plugin stores the grids in such a way as to provide you with the best browsing experience.

Pre-established Design

Regardless of other supportive features, Eazy Grid brings several pre-built designs to curate your post in a more attractive way.

Smart Designs

In terms of design, this plugin features a stylish appearance, including Even, Justified, Creative, and other styles.

For Whom

We recommend the Eazy Grid Plugin for all users looking for an effortless and stylish outlook for their WordPress sites without prior research experience.

2. PostX Plugin

PostX- Best Post Grid Plugin WordPress Free

PostX is one of the most talked plugins for its customizable block designs. With a number of templates, this plugin makes organizing a post more effortless and creative.

Display Control

You can sort the posts in random orders in different blocks. To make your homepage more organized by categorizing the tags or posts.

Pre-Built Templates

This multi-functional plugin has 100+ pre-built designs to make your task easy. If you are a bit lazy in designing, this one is your savior. You don’t have to deal with the setting section to do so.

Customizable Blocks

This plugin is famous for 19 customizable blocks that allow you to easily create Category Pages, Tag Pages, Search Pages, Date pages, etc.

Pre-made blocks

The starter packs bring pre-made blocks to design a niche-oriented professional-looking homepage.

Query Builder

This plugin has a built-in query builder that helps categorize and quickly access any tools.

For Whom

PostX is an amazing block-designed plugin that fits perfectly for news or magazine websites.

3. Post Grid

Post Grid- Best Post Grid Plugin WordPress Free

Post Grid is a well-thought-out and designed plugin with all those necessary add-ons to make your job easier and quicker.

Added Customization

Post Grid is featured to provide extra customization ability in your features. You can customize post types, post categories, and so on.

Pagination Support

This plugin lets you post in any format that supports your page style. So you don’t have to do a preview on this one.

Responsive Design

No matter which device you are using, this responsive grid design supports both computer and mobile devices.

Limitless Grids

In terms of design, this is the one. It brings several design patterns so that you can finetune your site in any design.

Search Input Display

This plugin lets you display the search input form as well.

For Whom

In terms of design and customization, we recommend Post Grid to the user looking for a plugin with variable options.

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4. Display Posts

Display Post- Best Post Grid Plugin WordPress Free

Display posts is a code-driven, effortless, easygoing plugin to organize your content based on any criteria.

Effortless Image Alignment

You can easily align your images into different categories with or without the help of shortcodes.

Helpful Tutorials

This plugin features all the necessary tutorials to guide you in using this plugin. The tutorial sections cover almost all the details you need to know.

Column-Based Grid Posts

With the help of a short code, you can easily align your content into different columns.

Inclusion of Thumbnails

This version also lets the user control the display parameter. For example, you can control the use of thumbnails, images, and more.

Listing Upcoming Events

Using a set of codes, you can easily list the upcoming events from any calendar.

For Whom

Since Display Posts is an effective yet code-oriented plugin, we recommend this freemium plugin for the user with prior coding experience.

5. WP Ultimate Post Grid

WP Ultimate Post Grid

If you are looking for a grid plugin with default categories, WP Ultimate Post Grid is the one for you.

Default Grid Design

This plugin has a default customized grid and rows, considering your watching device. Regardless of the device, the designs are responsive.

Pre-build Templates

WP Ultimate Post Grid offers seven free templates to decorate your website without hassle. You can always use an accessible template.

Deep Integration

Regarding pagination, WP Ultimate Post Grid links URLs to your desired pages. So you can use deep linking to display your required pages or products.

Pest Control

The algorithm supported by WP Ultimate Post Grid lets the user limit access to specific posts.

Different Filters

The filters will treat your photos to look more appealing. Respective of your site theme, you can finetune the images.

For Whom

With supportive customer care, WP Ultimate Post Grid best serves users looking for an optimized grid for their websites.

6. Grid Plus

Grid Plus

Grid Plus is an excellent plugin packed with numerous grid layouts and designs. It includes all the necessary features to customize your article effortlessly.

Layout Builder

The user can build a grid of their choice, such as a grid, masonry, and carousel layout, with the help of the layout builder.

Color Customization

The CSS custom will let you specify the preferred color scheme for your website.

Action Hooks

This Grid Plus incorporates action hooks that enhance the skin number to create a more stylish look.

Adjustable Design

In terms of adjustment, this grid fits any device you use, including mobile, laptops, tabs, etc. The design looks amazing on any type of screen.

For Whom

Since Grid Plus lets you control the number of rows and columns, it would be a suitable fit for the user looking for a grid for their photo gallery.

7. Content Views

Content Views

Content Views bring about a beautiful pattern to make your grid look like a magnet to the users. With a robust grid design, it has a lot to offer.

Mobile Responsive

This plugin supports mobile devices no matter what you are displaying on your WordPress site. With a premium display, the responsive grid will restore your content quality irrespective of the device type.

SEO Friendly

The premium features of this plugin are 100% SEO friendly, and they support conversion as well.

Major Display

In terms of post count, you can display several contents, including the title, excerpt, full content, thumbnail, published date, author, category, and comments count of posts on a page.

Easy Categorization

This plugin provides the most incredible categorization module. To make your search effortless, users can categorize the search by dates and titles.

Easy to Operate

Content Views comes with a simple interface that doesn’t require any prior experience in coding. So the user can efficiently operate this one.

For Whom

With a wide range of features, we recommend Content Views to users looking for a powerful grid plugin for a modern-looking website.

6 Ways to Choose the Free Post Grid Plugin 

Being a beginner in the budget, it isn’t easy to pick the suitable free post grid plugin for your website. There are numerous suggestions on the web, but you have to select the best plugin for you. So we have featured the fundamental features you should consider before moving.

1. Easy to Use

This is the first condition to use a post-grid plugin. The plugin has to be easy to deal with. Since there are numerous tactics to run a plugin, some require coding. So set your criteria first.

2. Room for Improvement

The update options will give you the privilege to improve your unintentional flaws after posting. So the plugin has to have the upgrade feature.

3. Wide Range of Templates

To give your website a subtle look, templates are mandatory. There are several plugins that provide a handful of templates; try to grab those.

4. Multiple Grid Designs

The way you organize your posts says a lot about your products. To do so, the plugin should have an ample amount of grid designs to give your website a stylish appearance.

5. Responsive Grids

Your grids must be flexible with a wide range of devices so that no matter what device the users are using, they can get the best outlook of your website.

6. Storage Capacity

Last but not least, considering your storage capacity, try to choose a plugin that doesn’t give extra stress on page loading time.


How Do I Add a Post Grid in WordPress?

To add a post grid in WordPress, do the following steps,
Step 1: Navigate to the dashboard and click on ‘add now.’
Step 2: Now search and install the post grid
Step 3: After installation, activate the Post grid.

How do I Make a Post Grid?

To make a post grid, follow the steps listed below:
Step 1: First, install a post grid plugin to your WordPress site.
Step 2: Now activate the plugin and import the layouts.
Step 3: Edit the changes and create a design.
Step 4: Now click on add new button and create a post grid and save the changes.

What is an Essential Grid WordPress?

An essential grid gallery is a premium form of a plugin for WordPress that lets you display several contents in a highly customizable form.

How do I Use the Display Posts Plugin?

To use the display posts plugin, follow the steps listed below:
Step1: First, upload the display posts shortcode to the directory
Step 2: Now, navigate to the Plugins menu and activate the plugin
Step 3: Attach the display postcodes to a page; your job is done.

Are Instagram Grids Good?

If you want to make a unique and visually different grid for your followers, Instagram reels do that job on your behalf. They do have great categories to enhance your profile’s outlook. These grids can turn your profile visitors into followers.


Choosing the best post-grid plugin can be tricky. The wrong one may drown your whole effort. Here in this article, we have given an insightful outlook of the selected seven best post grid plugins WordPress free of cost. 

We believe this information will help you to figure out the right plugin for your site. Best of Luck!

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