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What is Post Grid and The Must-Have Features

Post grid plugin is the magical element that can make a clear difference to your WordPress website. Modifying your blog posts and including visually attractive features is super simple with it.

Post grids assist you in standing out of the box and keep your visitors engaging. This blog will describe why you need this element and what a standard post grid should have. 

Let’s take a deep dive. 

Definition of Post Grid

Definition of Post Grid

In general, a post grid is a layout template. It can help you to organize your posts in multiple rows and columns. Post Grid allows you to arrange contents in ascending or descending order at numerous rows and columns. 

In the WordPress universe, the post grid comes in the way of plugins. But before jumping to the best plugins in the market, understand why a post-grid plugin is demanded.   

Why Should You Use a Post Grid Plugin? 

  • Suitably arrange content so that readers remain engaged with it. 
  • Provide your site’s visitors the opportunity to explore all of your posts at once. 
  • Post Grids helps to create simple but visually captivating layouts.
  • Allows you to design complex layouts in a hassle-free way. 
  • Post grid plugins make creating featured post sections on a webpage easy. 

Must-Have Features Needed in a Post Grid Plugin

Best WordPress Grid Plugins

Websites demand diverse kinds of post-grid formats. Even post-grid plugins for Gutenberg, WooCommerce, or Elementor are different. Here we are mentioning some essential features you should look for in the best type of post-grid plugin. 

User-Friendly Interface 

Post-grid plugins have to be user-friendly in every way. They should deliver the essential things and skip excessive features that complicate a plugin. 

Customer Support and After-Sales Service 

Only install or buy a post-grid plugin that provides sufficient customer support. It’s necessary to find the post-grid plugin that provides vital support in case the plugin stops working or you need to upgrade or downgrade your services. 

Purchase and Subscription Packages 

Price is an important measure to judge the post-grid plugin. Some plugins might seem over prices, but they might provide exclusive features that no one else is offering. So analyzing the offered packages and prices can help to choose a post grid plugin. 

Consist of Prebuilt Grid Pattern

Prebuilt grid patterns save time and expertly bring the focus to your content. The grids should be created after thorough research in UI/UX that offers the most convenient options.

3 Top Post Grid Plugins in 2022

Among many promising post-grid plugins, a few stand for the product’s quality. Here we are discussing 3 of the top post-grid plugins with you.  

The Post Grid

The Post Grid

The Post Grid is a plugin that is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. Admins have access to include grids in pages and posts. 

It allows the users to display posts by author, category, tag, keyword, title, create date, modification date, menu, and many more. These are just some of the features. Some other honorable mentions: 

  • Create ultimate grid 
  • Page link target control 
  • Eight layouts 
  • Title control with shortcode 

They offer a free version of the plugin so that you can try the promising features.

Eazy Grid 

Eazy Grid- what is post grid

One of the finest plugins to create specialized grids, including images, videos, posts, and products. No coding knowledge is required to use this plugin. It’s a native addon for Elementor that can generate creative grids with a few clicks. 

The key features of Eazy Grid are: 

  • Preloaded Grid Layouts
  • Nonheavy lightweight plugin
  • Native Elementor Support
  • Responsive Design
  • Features to customize Grids 
  • Universal Theme Support
  • Lightbox Support

Eazy Grid is optimized for faster and smoother performance. A friendly user interface and easy-to-learn process make it easier to adopt the plugin. 

Essential Grid

Essential Grid

Essential Grid Gallery WordPress plugin can easily be detected as one of the popular and premium plugins available for users. You can build not only great-looking posts but also create custom posts, pages, and galleries as well. 

Using this plugin, you can display your WooCommerce products in the most promising and attractive way. Some of the advanced features of this plugin is down below: 

  • More than fifty grid template libraries.
  • Boxed, full width and full-screen layouts are available. 
  • Grid display skins are available. 
  • Custom post-based skin modification facility.
  • Fully responsible and mobile-friendly.
  • Customizable rows and columns.

The essential Grid plugin is fulfilled premium plugin. You have to purchase first to use this plugin. 

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Final Words 

Post grid is a simple, crucial plugin for regular post creators from WordPress. You have to get a clear view of the post grid in general. And that’s what we have tried to deliver to you here. Now it’s your decision which post grid plugin you will choose as your WordPress buddy. 

Let us know your opinion about what is post grid in the comment section below.

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