how do i add a cart button in woocommerce?

How do I Add a Cart Button in WooCommerce?

Adding a cart button in eCommerce business is essential to make your buyer’s journey straightforward. If you are a WooCommerce store owner and can’t find this easy option, then go through this blog.

Sometimes this button remains deactivated because of various theme use and setting changes. 

Let’s activate the button in WooCommerce together. 

Why Should You Add Cart Buttons to WooCommerce Site? 

Why Should You Add a Cart Button to WooCommerce Site
  • A dedicated cart button makes it easier for purchasers to select multiple products at once from an eCommerce site. 
  • Minimize overall purchase time as you don’t need to open separate pages to add products to your cart. 
  • A modified cart button can attract customers to select the product in the purchase list.

These reasons clearly describe that you must add a cart button in WooCommerce. To execute the process, follow the instructions provided below. 

How do I Add a Cart Button in WooCommerce?

Step 1: Installation and Navigate to Dashboard

Install WooCommerce on your WordPress site. Ensure the website theme is compatible with WooCommerce, and use a responsive page builder. (Minor changes in visuality are possible due to using different themes and page builders). Now log into your WooCommerce dashboard. 

Step 2: Proceed to WooCommerce Customization

Navigate to Appearances – Customize.  

From the customization area, select any product page where you want to add cart buttons. For example- we have selected the category- Men

Next, choose the WooCommerce option from the left menu. 

Tap on the Product Catalog option after that. 

Step 3: Displaying the Add to Cart Button Under Each Product

Scroll down to the Shop Product Structure and then select the eye icon beside Add to Cart. Generally, this option remains deactivated and appears less visible than other activated buttons. But when you click on the eye icon and activate the option, it will appear just like the others. 

The Add to Cart button will appear beneath the product name and price. 

This is the smartest way to add a cart button to any WooCommerce page at any time. 

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How to Add Another Cart Button in WooCommerce?

If you need to add an additional cart button in WooCommerce, the most uncomplicated process will be to use a plugin. There are many different plugins available in stores to provide this facility. Before installing the plugin, just make sure that the plugin is free. 

Can I Change the Add to Cart Icon in WooCommerce?

Yes, you can. WooCommerce is one of the most promising eCommerce plugins in WordPress. They offer to customize many things including the Add to Cart button. By default, WooCommerce uses a basic shopping cart button. But you will be able to change it to anything you want.

Final Words

Making a user-friendly eCommerce site is a big deal. Add a cart button in WooCommerce helps to make it happen. 

No matter which product you are selling on your site, adding this essential button will directly leads you to sales and revenues as the site owner. We hope that- the how do I add a cart button in WooCommerce question has the simplest answer in this blog.

Enjoy your revenue!

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