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How do I Show Product Page in WooCommerce? (Explore 6 Customization Tips)

The flexibility for customization has made WooCommerce one of the best online store builders. That’s why it is all about your preference for how your product page will look like.  

The revenue in the eCommerce business depends on product visibility and shop page appearance. 

So, if you ask us- how do I show product page in Woocommerce? Then the answer is below, we shared some essential tips for flawlessly displaying product pages for you. 

6 Ways to Display Customer-Driven Product Pages in WooCommerce 

how do I show product page in Woocommerce

Experts think a slight modification in the product page can increase the chance of conversions by up to 70%. It’s incredible because you can easily apply many adjustments to your product page. 

1. You can Use Different Shortcodes 

With WooCommerce, you can use product shortcodes and modify ID, SKU, categories, attributes, tags, and support pagination. Shortcodes enable users to add values to make the product page look perfect and visually stunning. 

Like, with the [product limit] shortcode, you can limit the number of products. Organize the products in columns and rows using the [columns] or [rows]. There are other shortcodes to manage certain sections of the same products. 

2. You can Add a Product Comparison Snippet

Usually, visitors scan many items while scrolling through your page and subconsciously make the buying decision. They will also compare similar products, leading them to purchase. 

A comparison function also divides the most rated products with the least ones.

3. Use a 3rd Party Theme 

According to Forrester, almost 89% of digital businesses put more effort and investment into personalization. Beautiful and stylish websites will probably have more conversions than regular websites and make sales. 

The regular website may save you some extra bucks but may not ensure 100% conversion rates. Moreover, WooCommerce has a comprehensive collection of free themes you can use for your website. 

There are many excellent-looking eCommerce themes like Divi, Webify, Metro, and Astra. 

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4. Prioritize Discount Options

The product price becomes crucial to impact the regular customer’s buying decision. Money is a critical element that can push the customer to buy your product. A slight reduction in price or reasonable offer plays a vital role in this section. 

Another thing about discount options is fairness. If you are selling a product that is the same as the competitor, and the price is fair, the customer will surely buy from you. 

There are 4-types of discounts You can add to your product with WooCommerce – product description, cart discount, buy-one-get-one, and buy x+get y free discount. 

You can use the plugin Discount Rules, ELEX, or Pricing Deals to add a discount. 

5. Delivery Information that Represents Perfection 

There are 2 things you will need to consider before adding the delivery option, 

  • If delivery costs more than the product, it may ruin the customer’s buying desire. 
  • Missing delivery information is one of the primary reasons for cart abandonment issues. 

So you can avoid some issues by adding a delivery option and values like estimated time, and product cost. Plus, you can add elements like zone discounts, free shipping, and charge-free receiving to make the delivery option reliable. 

To add this option, go to WooCommerce settings and select the shipping and shipping zones. You can edit as many areas as you want and rate them accordingly. 

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6. Let Customers Spread Their Experience

A review, rating, or commenting system is one of the most significant elements of a product page system. You can be assured that 99% of customers will analyze reviews and ratings before purchasing. 

Add a review section to help the customers spread their feelings and experience with your service. Plus, the most rated products will always be more impactful than regular ones. 

You can use the regular WooCommerce settings to enable the customer review section or edit with a plugin. Here is a standard step to add reviews, go to Settings > Products > Allow Product Reviews. There are other options, like the star rating system. 

The Bottom Line

Adding only a bunch of products and attributes on a blank white page may not effectively generate leads. But you can easily modify a simple product page into a perfect one with the tips mentioned above. 

What you may have visualized is already impressive, but why not push it to perfection? We hope the above tips will push to the huge revenue that you deserve.

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