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9 Best Free WordPress Grid Widgets 2023: Utilize to Enrich Your Website Appearance

Organizing a website is quite time-consuming if you don’t have proper site design expertise. Visitors don’t stay at any site if it’s not eye-catchy, which is why your pages’ bounce rate will increase. It can be a crucial factor for ranking in Search Engines. 

To avoid such obstacles you can try the best free WordPress grid widgets. Since multiple free grids are roaming on the web after testing we have listed some grid widgets for your website. 

Let’s explore them for your website.

What is a Grid Widget?

What is a Grid Widget- Best Free WordPress Grid Widgets

A grid widget is a two-dimensional array comprising columns and rows. It is a storehouse to keep your data. Being called a grid can serve the purpose of organizing your contents.

Grids are used to store content such as photographs, portfolios, etc. There are numerous free and paid grids to decorate your site on the internet.

Why Would You Pick a Free WordPress Grid

Why Would You Pick a Free WordPress Grid- Free WordPress Grid Widgets

Although both paid and free versions of the grids are available, why would someone choose the free version? Because


If you are up for a bit of saving, then the free version is for you. There will not be any uncertainty in losing your hard-earned money. Plus, what can be better than trying something free that does your job.

Easy to Use

The free grids usually come with a fundamental design. Essential functions are easy to operate. So you can use a completely new grid without any skill. The most crucial part is, that you can understand the use case of the plugin within a few days and leave it if you are not comfortable. 

Faster to Load

Since free grids come with the most uncomplicated themes of all time. The lean designs take up minimal space on your disk, so your websites load faster than using the heavily paid grids. Yeah, it does; believe us or try one from the below list.

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9 Best Free WordPress Grid Widgets- Get the Right One for Your Booming Site!

Not every free grid widget will serve your purpose. So we have picked the free WordPress grid widgets after a thorough analysis. So, here goes:

1. Content Views- Easy to Filter and Display

Content Views- Easy to Filter and Display

Content Views is a grid widget plugin that assists you in building attractive grids and presenting your recent posts. This grid is packed with unique characteristics with a fine collection of features.

Content Grids can work on multiple devices. For example, you can work simultaneously on both computers and phones. This grid will allow you to have unlimited control over the display for a better view. With an application of Shortcodes, the user can easily embed the grids. On top of that, this grid allows pagination as well.


  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO Optimized for speed
  • Simple user interface
  • PHP 7 compatible
  • Great control over the display


  • Limited themes on the free version.

2. Post Grid- Beautiful Layout Editor

Post Grid- Beautiful Layout Editor

Post grid is one of the best grids to create customized posts on your website. With a flexible addition, this grid widget has a lot to offer.

It is a grid to create a well-designed post. With free access, this widget lets you control the visible contents of your website. There is no boundary to making post grids.

Like other paid grids, you can add javascript on this free tool. In addition, you can embed your grids at no cost.


  • Pagination support
  • Generates unique grids
  • Image custom size selection
  • Access to coding
  • Custom media source
  • Masonry style grid available


  • Speedy site load time is not mentioned.

3. Savana Lite- Elegent WordPress Grid

Savana Lite- Elegent WordPress Grid

Savana lite is a highly flexible and versatile grid that offers many unique features. It goes well with blogs, online portfolios, travel pages, lifestyle websites, etc. 

The best part of using this grid is that it’s ready to use. You can efficiently work with this on your mobile. On top of that, these grids easily blend on smartphones, tablets, and desktops interface.

The website developer might find this tool a breakthrough because it can be used with page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, etc.


  • No coding language required
  • Ready to use
  • Works on various gadgets
  • Versatile features


  • Not applicable for formal content

4. Eazy Grid- Eaziest Photo Grid for Elementor

Free WordPress Grid Widgets- Eazy Grid

Easy Grid is the king of all. It will have brought the most outstanding features you will ever get in the world of free grids.

With unlimited theme support, this grid tool gets fitted on any WordPress theme. Moreover, it works faster than any premium free grid widget. And the developers of the Eazy Grid plugin promise you that it won’t be heavy on your device. 

With native Elementor support, you can easily add the Elementor without hassle. If you are comfortable working with lightbox, then this grid support is for you.

You can modify it instantly if you want to change anything. The on-click Behavior will save you time.


  • Prebuilt Grid Layouts
  • Lightweight
  • Native Elementor Support
  • Responsive Design
  • Grid Customization
  • Universal Theme Support
  • Lightbox Support
  • Change “on click” Behavior


  • Too many options might confuse the user

5. Shapely- We Change Everything WordPress

Shapely- We Change Everything WordPress

Shapely is one of the most popular grids used for multiple purposes. This is one of the most promising grids you will ever have with enormous efficient features.

This grid goes effortlessly with any plugin, including Woocommerce, YoastSEO, Google analytics, etc.

If you like experimenting with your WordPress grids, this is your toy. You can easily edit the footer anytime. Besides, there are many savvy options featuring unique icons, unlimited color options, and many more.

For language, Shapely will let you translate at your preference. 


  • Flexible with maximum plugins
  • Easy to use in any language
  • Cost nothing
  • Tech-savvy features
  • Easy to customize.


  • Only applicable for a single-page website

6. Antreas- Premium WordPress Business Grid

Antreas- Premium WordPress Business Grid

For commercial websites, Antreas is a lifesaver. This grid will let you set great themes on your business website without any hassle with some flexible features.

Antreas is a compatible grid that goes without most of the WordPress plugins. In addition, it features a built-in boxes button, author section, etc. 

To make your website more reachable and visionary. The flexible adaptability in time will take your site to your audience promptly.

Moreover, the WordPress customizer will let you build special sections quickly. Editing is so easy that you can quickly edit. With the help of a bunch of convenient shortcodes, you will be able to set the pricing table on your site.


  • Doesn’t require coding
  • Easy to customize
  • Plugin compatibility
  • Critical Security Update
  • Unique vital features for business website


  • Limited to business website

7. Portum Material- Zero to Hero

Portum Material- Zero to Hero

Portum Material is well-known for its stylish appearance. It has earned immense fame for its responsive design.

If you don’t like the default theme, this widget will allow you to customize the design, ensuring flexibility. 

It features a call-to-action button, a multi-level drop-down menu, and animated statistics to make your website more lively. If you are from academia, this is bliss for you.

Portum Material has a newsletter subscription for real-time communication to receive the visitor’s emails.


  • Flawless operation
  • Responsive design
  • Ready for translation
  • Features unique buttons
  • Real-time communication 
  • Typography Controls


  • Limited theme designs

8. Gridbox- Clean and Solid WordPress Grid

Gridbox- Clean and Solid WordPress Grid

Gridbox is one of the most popular themes from ThemeZee. With 4.5 ratings out of 5, it has crossed more than 5000+ active users.

Gridbox grids are a compatible match for blog or magazine-based websites. The layout is pretty simple. No matter how much content you have stored on your website, it takes less effort to publish them. 

The giant footer comprises six widget areas that will let you add tags, categories, and many more options to your content. It has proved its adaptability for working with all major browsers.


  • Works with all major browser
  • Easy to operate
  • Massive footer
  • Simple and understandable layout
  • Fast pace


  • No scope for editing/customization

9. BlogGrid- Just Another Network Site

BlogGrid- Just Another Network Site

BlogGrid is a free WordPress theme that goes well with blogging projects. 

This 100% cooperative grid works swiftly with all major browsers and devices. So you can work anywhere you want to.

The high pace will let you optimize this grid with Yoast SEO. So now you can fix your style on your blog with this grid.


  • Understandable design
  • Best grid for blog
  • Quick operative mode
  • Multiple device-friendly


  • Application is limited to blogs.


Question 1: How Do I Add Grid In WordPress?

Answer: To add grids, do the following step:
Step 1: Go to The dashboard and tab on Add new
Step 2: Now, scroll to the upload area and select the saved grid. Zip file and click on install.
Step 3: You are done. Now, you can add your grids.

Question 2: How Do I Use CSS Grid In WordPress?

Answer: To add CSS grid, simply create a <div> with the class “grid”. Then you will find each area defined with a grid.

Question 3: How Do I Make My WordPress Posts Look Nice?

Answer: There are numerous tricks to make your WordPress post nice looking. But we recommend the following as the most significant:

– Use bullet points wisely
– Avoid chunky text fonts
– Install a suitable plugin theme to make your post flawless
– Edit as much as you can
– Pick the Title tags smartly

Question 4: Should You Always Use CSS Grids?

Answer: Yes, CSS grids are fantastic to make marginal changes to your website. With the help of a CSS grid, you can divide your page into significant layouts. On top of that, you can add many options not available in a random grid.

Building Speedy Yet Stunning Website is Over to You

Website appearance is an essential factor. Grids can make the first impression gorgeous and convenient for your visitors. 

So, if you have professional support by installing the best free WordPress grid widgets plugin on your website, why not go for it? 

Do you have any queries? Leave a comment below, and we will reply to you in the meantime. 

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