Best free grid plugin 2023

Best Free Grid Plugin 2023: Get the Best Grids for an Effortless Collage

Creating a unique grid display really matters to make your WordPress site more attractive. The net world always prefers uniqueness. How you are displaying your content matters a lot to represent your ideas. A neat and precise grid can enrich your site with a better look.

To create a splendid photo grid, you need the best tool. Since doing it manually might be a hassle for you. For your convenience, we have brought out the best free grid plugin. So let’s read to know more about its effectiveness.

What is a Photo Grid?

Photo grids are a popular element to organize your photo in a grid. Generally, a grid is formed with rows and columns. You can add your suitable photographs and make a collage. In this particular way, you will be able to display as many photos as you want. 

Though some algorithms limit the number of photos, photo grids are called the classic collage. Nowadays, websites are using different plugins to display their contents more attractively.

Benefits of Having a Grid Plugin

Benefits of Having a Grid Plugin

There are several hacks to create a customized grid. But people are getting used to trying the most accessible stuff. Grid plugins are one of them. These are getting more popular for their easy-to-use nature. One should get a grid plugin to enjoy the following features:

1. Gives a Unique Look

If you opt for trying out something new, photo grid plugins are your thing. Each plugin will offer you something different. It is the best thing about using plugins.

2. Let You Use Different Layouts

The grid plugins are rich with varying layouts. You can try different types according to your preference and even create a customized one. 

3. Easy to Use

Trying a plugin is no big deal. You can easily install and create a collage with your required content. Because of their user-friendly operative mode, grid plugins are getting popular.

4. Quick Output

If you create a grid manually, it will cost a tremendous amount of hard work and time. If your mind is buzzing with ideas, place them on a grid plugin. Your job will be done within minutes. Grid plugins will not give an excellent output but also make it quick.

5. Display Many Things at a Frame

The primary demand behind installing a grid plugin is displaying thousands of content in a single frame. Grids are always helpful to show most of your ideas at a glance. In this way, the user will quickly summarize your purpose.

Best Free Grid Plugin in Town

Best Free Grid Plugin in Town

Easy grid plugin is getting popular for its simple design and user-friendly features. With lightweight coverage, this plugin has a lot to offer. Let’s get a clear overview of the features and why it’s getting that much hype.

Pre-built Layouts

Pre-built Layouts

If you want to decorate your content in 100 different styles, you can do it on easy grid plugins. Trending layouts such as Justified, Metro, Masonry, Retro, Even, Creative types are available. Here goes a more described outlook of these grids:

1. Justified

Justified grids store the suitable ratio of your photos. Sometimes layout crops the actual size of your content. It will save your files from going through unusual cropping.

2. Metro

Metro grid restores your photos with varying shape frames such as squares, horizontal and vertical rectangles.

3. Masonry

This grid will smartly handle your contents and place the unwanted gaps with a suitable size. In this way, your grid will look more organized and neat.

4. Even

If you like homogenous features, this even grid layout is the best fit for you. You can easily place your photos with an even-sized column—best for a simple outlook.

5. Creative

If you want to experiment with your design, a creative layout will let you create a hybrid pattern with a mixture of two or more layouts. 

100% Responsive

It is the best grid you will ever get in terms of responsiveness. You don’t have to be tense about how your website looks anymore. The plugin will automatically adjust with the screen size. It fits well with both desktop and android screens.

Support eCommerce

Support eCommerce

If you are running a business out of your website, this is the one for you. The grid plugin will style your posts. You can quickly redesign your products through this plugin.


Easy grid plugin is a free plugin, which takes barely any charges to use. So this is the budget-friendly package you will ever get.

Easy to Use

Compared to random plugins, this straightforward grid plugin is featured with a simple design that makes it easy to understand. The user can efficiently operate this plugin with little understanding.

Support Elementor

Support Elementor

This plugin goes well with Elementor. Install the Elementor and add it to your tab with the existing addon button.

Quick Grid Customization

For a unique design, this straightforward grid has a customization option. Creative users can customize the height and radius of their grid easily. You can change your grid design up to your taste.

Support Wide Range of Theme

In terms of compatibility, this plugin is one of the best. It goes well with any theme you want to use.

Adapt with Lightbox

Eazy Grid lightbox will add a unique texture to your photo grid, making it more appealing. So in terms of outlook, the Eazy grid brings everything you need.

Smooth Weight

This grid is one of the lightest plugins of this digital era. It doesn’t bring a heavyweight on the other apps you have installed already. It is lightweight and works really fast.


  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited grid layouts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Support wide range of options
  • It goes well with customization
  • Lightweight
  • Allow you to flaunt your creativity


  • Too many options may get you confused.

Why You Should Install Eazy Grid Plugin

Why You Should Install Eazy Grid Plugin

After going through thousands of plugins, you may get perplexed. We will give you the following reasons why you should install the Eazy grid plugin.

Creative Layouts

In terms of layout, the Eazy grid plugin is filled with many options. You will get numerous grid layouts to fit your content.

Let You Experiment

Many plugins don’t let you customize. But it will allow you to experiment with grid design and create a hybrid layout.

Goes Easy on RAM

Compared to regular plugins, this grid is light as a feather. It operates smoothly with your device. Without any complications, this plugin will give you a fast response.


In terms of cost analysis, this is entirely free. So you will get many things without charge or a minor charge.

Fits Wide Range of Content

This plugin holds numerous options considering the content variability. It easily fits contents such as text, video, photos, etc. There is etc.No hassle for the content type you want to decorate.


Question 1: How do I make a grid in WordPress?

Answer: You can make a grid in WordPress by following the steps listed below:

Step 1: First, click on the grid editor there. You will find the tab editor. 

Step 2: Now, copy the shortcodes on the box. It will add the desired grid to your website.

Question 2: How do I use the Grid Plugin in WordPress?

Answer: You can use the Grid plugin by the following methods:

Step 1: Click on your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the editor. Tap on the add new button and install the grid you want.

Step 2: Now, you can create your desired grids just by clicking on the particular design button.

Question 3: How do I display WordPress posts in a grid layout without plugins?

Answer: To display WordPress posts in a grid layout without plugins, you can follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: First, go to the Appearance tab and click on the customize button.

Step 2: Now, click on the blog page to manage the grid layout—select grid columns. Then save the changes. There you go.

Question 4: What is an essential WordPress grid?

Answer: Essential grid WordPress is famous for creating unique designs. This premium grid will let you decorate your content more appealingly. With thousands of compelling features, it makes grids fun-looking.


Decorating your content with the most exemplary grid will make your website more worthy. Maybe the grids are the simplest element of building a website, but it plays a vital role. So using the best free grid plugin matters. We hope this plugin will serve your purpose. Good luck!

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