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WordPress Published Page Not Showing: Quickest Hacks Within 2 Minutes

As a WordPress site owner you must update pages, to make your site rank on top of the search engine. But if your WordPress published page not showing, all your efforts will go in vain.

There can be several factors to make your newly launched page invisible. We will describe every possible way to fix this issue. Before doing any further delay, let’s read.

5 Reasons Behind Published Pages Not Showing

There are several factors that prevent your pages from updating. We have figured out the most crucial ones. Here goes:

1. Browser Caching

Browser Caching

This type of caching stores the static files in the web browsers of the visitor’s local computer.

2. Page Caching

Page Caching

It stores the static HTML version of your site. Instead of using PHP, it uses ‘on the fly’ mode on each visit.

3. CDN Caching

CDN Caching

This type of caching basically boosts up the speed of load times by caching your site’s stable content on a network of servers around the world.

4. Incorrect File Names

Incorrect File Names

WordPress is quite conscious about the file names. If you have saved your content in the wrong format, this might be the reason why your WordPress published pages are not showing.

5. Coding Error

Coding Error

Sometimes misleading codes can cause trouble in publishing your pages. Check your codes thoroughly if they are written in the right format or not.

Let’s Make the WordPress Published Page Visible

If your pages are not visible, there can be many reasons which are causing this issue. We have brought out the most common issues that can be solved through the following guidelines. Here goes:

1. Refresh Your Browser

Refresh Your Browser

The browser cache all kinds of static files on each visit. It’s hard to detect which type of cache is resisting your site from showing the published pages. So clear your browser data. For your convenience, we have included the cleaning process in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Find More Tools Option

First, find the three dots and click on the more tools option. Under this tab, you will find the clear browsing data option.

Step 2: Clear the browsing data

Under this option, select the time frame and clean the previous data. In the time range menu, you will get the stored data of all times.

Step 3: Clean the Browsing History

Now go to the setting option and clean the browsing history and another site cache.

For Other Browsers

For other browsers, you can use the following shortcuts to clear the cache.

a. Mozilla Firefox User

 Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R for Windows, 

 Command + Shift + R for macOS. 

b. Microsoft Edge User

 Press Ctrl + F5 for Windows. 

c. Safari User

Press Option + Command + E for macOS. 

d. Opera User

Use Ctrl + F5 for Windows and Command + Option + R on macOs.

2. Use A Caching Plugin to Clear Your Cache

Use A Caching Plugin to Clear Your Cache

Suppose the published pages are still invisible after cleaning the browser cache. Then this must be caused by your WordPress caching plugin. Every plugin has a different way of cleaning the unnecessary cache. We have featured the following three considering popularity.

a. For WP Rocket

To clear the whole cache of word press follows the steps listed below:

Step 1: Click on Setting

First, tap on the setting menu and select Dashboard.

Step 2: Clear the Cache

Now click on the clear cache button. Also, to delete the cache of any page, hover on the specific page and click on the clear cache option.

b. For WP Super Cache

There are 2 methods to clear the cache in WP super cache. Here goes:

  1. The first one is to go to the WordPress toolbar and click on the Delete cache button. 
  2. Second, go to the Dashboard and click on settings. Then, Under the WP Super Cache toolbar, click on the delete cache button.

c. For WP Fastest Cache

To clean the WordPress cache on WP Fastest Cache, click on the Dashboard. Select the box near the Cache System to clean your cache regularly.

3. Remove the CDN Cache

Remove the CDN Cache

To resolve the issue regarding CDN(Content Delivery Network) Cache, you can use Stack path or Cloudflare.

To clean cache with Cloudflare, log in to your Cloudflare account and head to the configuration of the Caching Menu. To delete the cache of a specific web page, tap on Custom Purge and insert the URL. Tap Purge to finalize the process

3 Best Caching Plugins to Clear Your WordPress Cache

There are more than thousands of caching plugins promising to be the best. After a thorough analysis, we have found the following three as the most effective.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is considered one of the most popular cache plugins in the world. It is activated on more than half a million WordPress sites. The best thing about this plugin is its functionality. It covers almost all the cache on the list. However, the configuration is a bit complicated.

2. Cache Enabler 

Cache Enabler 

This is another plugin that is easy to operate. The best thing about this plugin is its innovative time-series setting. It can set the expiration time of a cache.

3. WP Engine Caching

WP Engine Caching

WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting companies. This well-managed site can be easily accessed from your WordPress Dashboard. You can easily monitor the cache settings by logging into your account. For advanced options, you can activate WP Engine Advanced Caching.

FAQs on WordPress Published Page Not Showing

How to make a page not visible in WordPress?

To hide a page from your website, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Click on the document setting under this section you will find the visibility option.

Step 2: Now, choose the preferred visibility setting you want. Here you will find the privacy option.

How Long Does it Take WordPress to Publish?

Normally, WordPress publishes any changes instantly. In case it takes more than 5 seconds, there must be some problem.

How To Make a Page visible in WordPress?

To make your page visible in WordPress, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Go to the document setting click on the block and visibility.

Step 2: Make your visibility public now the user will be able to see your page.

It’s a Wrap Up

Nothing is free from glitches, neither does WordPress. The most common one is WordPress published pages not showing. So we have featured every possible way to fix this issue. We believe this article will be an effective guide to make your pages visible.

Happy Browsing!

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