How to Use Eazy Templates

How to Use Eazy Templates- Create Your Dream Website Within Few Clicks

When you are trying to organize your WordPress website, it may take a lot of time. However, you will find a lot of helping hands in form of template plugins. These plugins will help you build your dream website free of cost. And when you have a plugin like Eazy Templates, you can arrange your site like a pro. Today you are going to learn how to Use Eazy Templates.

Eazy Templates is a Gutenberg editor with an impressive library of WordPress templates. It works with all kinds of themes and plugins. You will get, 

  • 290+ handcrafted templates, layouts & sections for the Gutenberg Editor
  • Filter option which will help you find the right one for your site
  • Preview each template before using
  • The whole templates installation process is automated
  • Append or Replace items on the current page

In today’s guide, you will know how to use the Eazy Templates plugin and use its pages and sections templates.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Features of Eazy Templates Plugin

How to Use Eazy Templates

The Eazy Templates plugin is designed to make designing a WordPress website more exclusive yet straightforward. With its vast variety of templates, you can create any kind of website. Also, you will get features like, 

  • Don’t need to use a single line of code to use the layout
  • Device enhanced template layouts
  • Built for any kind of website
  • Doesn’t put any burden on the website, keeps it lightweight
  • It supports all kinds of themes. 

So, let’s see how to use the Eazy Templates plugin, shall we?

How to Use Eazy Templates Plugin

We will divide the tutorial into two sections, we will show you how to use the Pages template and the other we will show you how to use the Sections template. 

Pages Template

To use the pages templates, you need to create a page first. So, create a new page from WP Admin

How to Use Eazy Templates_add new page

Next, you have to click on the EazyTemplates icon on the top

How to Use Eazy Templates

There  you will be able to see the EazyTemplates wizard

How to Use Eazy Templates_pages

As you can see there are options for the Pages, Sections & Template Kits section. You can filter through categories on the left, Free or Pro on the top, and Light, Dark, or All on the top left.

Free templates

Once you choose a template you can import it. Here we’ve drilled down on Perceval by clicking on Dark, Creative & Free

Preview How to Use Eazy Templates

You can either preview it or import the Page Template from here, 


And when you are in the preview window we can see responsive design where we can preview it on mobile, tablet, or phone

Now you need to import it by clicking on the Import button

Import templates

You can see that there are some dependencies that you need to install. Click on the install button


You will see  that the dependencies are getting imported

Importing wizard

Now your Page Template is imported

Preview done

You can edit the Page Template the way you like.

Sections Template

First, you need to create a new page from WP Admin. Just navigate to WP-Admin→ Pages→ Add New.

Sections template

You need to click on the EazyTemplates icon at the top of your page again. 


Now you’ll see the EazyTemplates wizard:


Click on the Sections part.


Like Page Template, we have broken down the sections by Category, Free, Pro, and Color Scheme. Select an area of your choice. You can see from the below image that we have chosen a section. 

preview sections

We can now preview the section and then click the Import button to import that section:

Import done

Now our section is imported.


This is how you can add and use pages, and sections to customize your website with the Eazy templates plugin. 

Start Creating Your Website with Eazy Templates Plugin

Manufacturing your own site without having zero code knowledge will not be a hassle from now on. Here, we have tried out to cover how to use Eazy Templates.

You will get all the basics, but the real design is up to you. You have to give your own spin to the templates to suit the website.

If you are still struggling, do let us know in the comment section. 

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