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Active Guard Feature of Eazy Plugin Manager: Powerful Protector of Your Website

Around 60000+ plugins are available in WordPress. And, as a user, we don’t know the vulnerability of any installed plugin. Your site’s speed, security, or other core factors can be affected by any vulnerable plugin. 

What if you have someone to notify these plugins and assist you to take the necessary steps. Yes, we can suggest you one. Eazy Plugin Manager is a WordPress plugin management solution. It has an amazing feature- Active Guard, that will help you to know the plugins which have a vulnerability issue. 

Today we will discuss how Active Guard Feature actually works. 

Working Procedure of Active Guard Feature in a WordPress Site

After installing the Eazy Plugin Manager, make sure you have activated the pro version of it. Now, navigate to the Guard tab from Eazy Plugins Manager.

Active Guard Feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

By any chance, if you have a plugin that is vulnerable, you will see in a list along with the severity level. It will show you the notification whether the vulnerability has been patched or not. If it is patched you will see an update reminder. Moreover, there is Deactivate button to press if you don’t feel safe with that particular plugin anymore. 

Working Procedure of Active Guard Feature

We have a video with an explanation of the feature. 

Final Note

As a part of the WordPress ecosystem, we can not stay away from using plugins. And there is no way to check vulnerability issues of plugins.

With this tiny feature, you can guard your website from any possible worse situation.

Let us know your experience of Eazy Plugin Manager.

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