How to use eazy plugins manager

How to Use Eazy Plugin Manager? Your Plugin Management Buddy

Though WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms in the world, sometimes, users feel messed up because of using huge plugins.

Well, to put your mind at ease, we have come up with a solution. Recently we launched Eazy Plugin Manager. It is an all-in-one plugin manager for WordPress that takes the pain out of WordPress plugin management.

It will make plugin management easy and accessible. Working with WordPress will be fun from now on.

Let’s dig deep into this plugin and learn how to use Eazy Plugin Manager and its stunning features.

Incredible Features of Eazy Plugin Manager

We have put together some incredible features in the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin. From the beginning, we have tried our best to keep the user’s needs in mind with features that will help them. Here they are, 

Lightning Fast Search System for Plugins

Lightning Fast Search System for Plugins

Eazy Plugin Manager offers a better search for plugins. You don’t have to wait around after typing to load your plugins. You can easily and instantly search through all your installed plugins as you type. Even if you have hundreds of plugins installed, it will instantly offer a faster search through all of them to return your search query.

Bookmark System, Don’t Forget Your Favorite Plugin

Bookmark System, Don’t Forget Your Favorite Plugin

Bookmark your favorite plugins and use them anywhere, anytime. No more losing some exciting plugins that you found the other day.

Optimized For Performance 

Eazy Plugin Manager is exceptionally lightweight and fast despite being packed with features. Our focus was on speed, reliability, and performance as our top priorities.

Know Your Plugin History

Know Your Plugin History

Don’t get confused with what happened to your plugins. We have added a feature where you can see the history of your plugins. You can See your plugin history like install time, deactivate time, update time, and heaps more relevant statistics on your dashboard.

Download Your Customized Plugins  

You can download any version of any plugins to your local drive with this plugin. If you are a website owner with different websites running different sets of plugins, with Eazy Plugin Manager, you can download all plugins on your local drive.

Keep Notes (Pro)  

You can put notes on your plugin that will help you to write useful information about them for later review. Now you won’t forget what the same plugins are for.

Plugin Vault & Version Manager (Pro) 

Using the plugin vault, you can store your modified or third-party plugins (including any pro plugins) in the vault and then use the vaulted items anywhere you need them. No more going through the individual dashboards to download plugins.

Active Guard (Pro) 

Active Guard (Pro) 

Eazy Plugin Manager Active Guard feature offers a comprehensive plugin security check. It scans for vulnerability news in various databases and informs you of any potential security or malware issues about your plugins. You can then choose to act on that information.

Now let’s see the next part. 

How to Use Eazy Plugin Manager (install and Use)

Now we will see how you can install and use the fantastic Eazy Plugin Manager plugin. 

First, go to Wp-admin→ Plugins→Add New from your dashboard. Now type Eazy Plugin Manager. Install and activate the plugin. 

How to Use Eazy Plugin Manager

After activating the plugin, you need to add your email address to sign in to the plugin to use its features. Hit the Sign up/in button. 

Sign up/in button. 

After creating your account, you can see what this plugin offers in the dashboard. 

plugin dashboard

Use Search Option

You can test the Search feature from Plugins→ Installed Plugins. Now type any letter in the search box. If you have any plugin starting with that letter, then it will show in the results, 

Search feature from Installed Plugins

That is how instant search works. 

Bookmark a Plugin

To bookmark a plugin, go to Plugins→ Add New. Now you will find a Bookmark button underneath the Install button. Click the button to bookmark any plugin. 

You can see all your bookmarked plugins in the Bookmark tab. You can use the Bookmark filter as well. 

Plugin History

Click on the Eazy plugin manager from the left-side menu to see the plugin history. Now you will find the option Plugin history. You can see all the history from here, like install time, deactivate time, and update time. 

Images of Installed Plugins

Also, you can see the images of your installed plugins. Click on Screen Options and enable the plugin image option. 

After that, you will be able to see the images of every plugin. 

Image of plugins

Download Any Plugin

Also, you will be able to download any plugin to your device. Just click on the download button below the plugins. 

So, these are the accessible features of Eazy Plugin Manager

Download Eazy Plugin Manager and Enjoy an Efficient WordPress Backend

So here it is. Now you know how to use Eazy Plugin Manager and its features. A WordPress site can become intimidating even for the experts as well. With Eazy plugin manager, WordPress becomes easier to manage and use. 

If you are facing problems with your WordPress site and want to ease the pressure, we suggest installing Eazy Plugin Manager quickly.

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