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10 Best Paid WordPress Plugins in 2023 (Free + Premium)

Do you want to install some best paid WordPress plugins for your website? We got you covered. 

With more than 60,000+ plugins, WordPress has become a marketplace for small business owners to find the right tools for websites. 

Below, we listed the top 10 paid plugins for you that offer excellent features and are widely recognized in the WordPress community. 

Let’s get started. 

9+ Best Paid WordPress Plugins for Every Type of Website 

We wanted to make this list worth your time, so we picked each plugin by considering points like downloading rate, rating, and veteran user’s experience. 

1. Elementor- Best Website Builder

Elementor- Best Paid WordPress Plugins

A plugin list that doesn’t have Elementor and didn’t make the 1st place is totally ridiculous. So, we had to give it the number 1 spot. 

Beginner to Advanced Website Library and Tool Kit 

With the Elementor premium version, you can get 2000 ready website templates and 200 website packs. 

You can also get whole website kits that contain a built-in homepage, service section, content page, theme builder, and pop menu. 

You can reuse the same template and import it on another website without any effort. 


You can use Elementor on mobile devices and seemingly use its features. The custom breakpoints allow the best website optimization on different screen sizes. 

2. Yoast SEO- Best SEO Plugin

Yoast- Best SEO Plugins

Your website is like a sand grain in the vast desert that requires perfect SEO to get discovered. Yoast is one of those beginner-friendly SEO tools to help you stand out and rank your web pages on Google. 

The Basic SEO Perfection Platform for Content

Yoast gives the basic structure of SEO to any content publisher and provides information on how Google ranks any webpage. 

With the free version, you will get SEO analysis, content analysis, readability analysis, problems, corrections, and focus keyword options. 

You can trust Yoast’s analysis results because it has proven to work for millions of content. 

Improves WordPress Site SEO

Alongside content, the Yoast plugin improves the website’s SEO by providing IndexNow integration, XML sitemaps, and multiple crawl settings. 

3. Eazy Plugin Manager- Best Plugin Management

Eazy Plugin Manager

You may have to download multiple plugins for your website to achieve different functionalities. So, downloaded plugins need management to keep the development running smoothly. 

Eazy Plugins Manager allows you to manage all downloaded plugins with various features.  

Plugin Bookmark System 

One of the most powerful features of Eazy Plugin Manager is the plugins bookmark function that allows you to bookmark any of your downloaded plugins and open 5 other processes. 

You can uninstall a bookmarked plugin, check details, or deactivate it from a single section. Moreover, all plugins are categorized, making it easy for you to navigate. 

Image Shortcut

Plugin image is an efficient feature that lets you show plugin thumbnails in the WordPress plugin section. Just perform – Plugins > Screen Options (top right corner) > Plugin Image.  

4. WooCommerce- Best eCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce- Best eCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is the world’s most renowned eCommerce website builder in the world. With over 3 million users, WooCommerce is rocking the 2022 plugin market. 

Offers Everything for eCommerce

If you want to make a fully operational and popular eCommerce platform, then WooCommerce provides you with every possible feature you will need. 

This plugin offers thousands of pre-built themes, payment options, extensions, customizable blocks, SEO, and so on. WooCommerce has become a worldwide platform for small to large businesses to help them make an online presence. 

Always Improving 

WooCommerce has a dedicated developer base working around different countries. This development team ensures that the core platform is tested in time and confirms new developments regularly. 

5. WP Rocket- Best for Speed Optimization

WP Rocket- Best for Speed Optimization

Speed and fast loading are crucial to turning new visitors into regular ones. WP Rocket is one of the most popular speed optimization plugins for all websites. 

The Caching Magician 

WP Rocket has advanced caching functionalities that store your website’s data on the user’s device. Moreover, you can pre-load your cache data to make your website faster. 

This plugin creates static HTML files and makes them available for future visitors. With the browser caching functionality, WP Rocket can store regular data in the local browser. 

Image Optimization 

WP Rocket in lay loads the image to keep the visitors occupied before the main image loads. It’s an efficient way to perfect image optimization. 

This plugin can also create individual cache files for WebP images in the local browser. 

6. UpdraftPlus- Best Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus- Best Backup Plugin

Who wants to see their beloved website erased? No one. That’s why you always need a backup source for your site. UpdraftPlus can help you store or restore your entire site with simple functionality. 

Provides Utmost Security for Your Backups

In most backup plugin cases, their backup security is not much valid against black-hat hacking attempts. But for UpDraftPlus, you will get the highest backup security possible. 

UpDraftPlus’s advanced security functionalities will encrypt your data, making them undetectable against bots. Later, this data will be transported to the cloud storage. 


Even though UpDraftPlus is not a hosting site, you can use the UpdriftMigrator to migrate your site to another domain. 

7. WP Notification Bar- Best Notification Bar Plugin

WP Notification Bar- Best Notification Bar Plugin

WP Notification Bar can help you create beautiful and responsive notifications sharing information or promoting items, offers, pop-up videos, and timers. 

Unlimited Option for Notification Bars

You can create an unlimited number of notification bars with WP Notification Bar. All options in this plugin are simple and configuration-based, making it easy to use and beginner-friendly. 

You can edit a notification bar with various modifiers like custom buttons, positions, color schemes, font size, number, style, and only particular visitors viewable. 


WP Notification Bar only accomplishes one feature, so devs made it lightweight. A lightweight plugin has little to no impact on a website’s speed and performance. 

8. Word Fence- Best Security

Word Fence- Best Security

Perfect security is an absolute for any website because, according to Zippia, 30,000 websites are hacked daily. WordFence is one of the most popular security plugins that use different operations and rules to eliminate threats. 

Different Threat Protection Procedures

What makes WordFence so effective against threats is the different protection processes, like 

  • The web application firewall protects against malicious traffic. 
  • The malware scanner detects and eliminates spam, malware, fishy URLs, and code injections. 
  • The login attempt limiter will defend against brute force attacks. 

Moreover, WordFence repairs your damaged files and overwrites them in the original version. 

A Varieties of Login Security

WordFence will activate two-factor authentication, compromised password alert, login page captcha, and disable 2FA or XML-RPC. 

9. Mailchimp- Best Email Plugin

Mailchimp- Best Email Plugin

Mailchimp has proven to be a great marketing automation plugin for small to medium businesses.  

Displays Perfect Analytics

You can always trust Mailchimp’s analytics reports based on engagement, clicks, runtime, and duration. Mailchimp’s analytics work incredibly well for eCommerce businesses because you can target every type of customer. 

Moreover, this plugin analyzes a customer to target or retarget them based on their actions on your website. Everything will be done automatically!

Works as an SEO Optimization Plugin

Mailchimp can suggest content edits based on visitor engagement and crawl. 

After analyzing, you can see what works for your audience and how it works; based on the formality, text, visuals, typography, and provided links. 

10. CoSchedule- Best Scheduler Plugin

CoSchedule- Best Scheduler Plugin

A perfect working environment will require a dedicated employee base working in perfect sync. CoSchedule is a scheduling app for managing all happening projects, contents, work, and employees. 

Content Management Simplified

The best part about CoSchedule is content management becomes almost effortless. 

With CoSchedule, you can create task lists and share them among co-workers to progress faster. You can tag your higher-ups and let them know when a task is completed. 

Keep your work organized by adding media files, photos, and documents to your task list. CoSchucdle’s perfect content management eliminates any content bottlenecks. 

Perfect Integration

CoSchedule integrates with other tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Youtube, and Zapier. 

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FAQs on Best Paid WordPress Plugin 

Can you make money through plugin development?

Yes! with the right skills and planning, you can make money with plugin development. Plugins are virtual tools or services that provide solutions for different website development problems. 

You can sell, rent, or even get a job in a plugin development company to start earning money. 

Is premium WordPress worth it?

The free version of WordPress has all the primary features, but you can unlock every additional feature with WordPress premium. If it comes to worth, WordPress premium is worth it because you are getting more security, support, and options. 

Can a WordPress site expire?

If a WordPress site domain is not renewed annually (date of purchase), then the website will expire. However, you can restore an expired or deleted website within 30 days after expiration. 

How many views does it take to earn with a WordPress site?

You can expect revenue if your blog reaches 10,000 visitors monthly. It’s an estimated $1 per thousand viewers on a single page. 

What are the most common types of plugins?

There are 5 types of standard plugins, 

  • Framework integration. 
  • Language support. 
  • Themes. 
  • User interface. 
  • Tool integration. 


There you have it, our top picks for the best paid WordPress plugins to use for your website. 

In terms of legitimacy, development experience, customer support, user experience, beginner-friendliness, community, and area efficiency, these plugins stay ten steps ahead of every other plugin. 

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss any of your preferred plugins? Let us know in the comments. 

Have a nice day.

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