Why is Eazy Plugin Manager Unique_

Why is Eazy Plugin Manager Unique?

If you have been following the WordPress trend, you have heard a lot about the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin. This is a plugin that helps with managing the complicated WordPress site. But the question we have been getting from our users why is Eazy Plugin Manager unique?

You will find many WordPress plugins that provide the same functionalities and compete over who is the best. But what we have been saying here at the Eazy Plugin Manager is that it is a unique plugin, and there is no competition for it.

Today we will dive deep and discover why the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin is unique from the rest.

But first, we will start with,

Why Do You Need a Plugin Manager?

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms in the world. With over 43% market share, it is one of the popular CMS platforms as well. You can create any type of website with WordPress. You will find plugins that will help you extend or add the functionality of your WordPress site.

Managing a WordPress site is not an easy task. Especially the plugins. You have to install all kinds of plugins and make sure you get the best out of them so that your WordPress site runs smoothly. Yes, you will find a plugin to help you manage other plugins or their features.

If you run your WordPress site for a long time, then you will struggle with keeping up with the version management, or forgetting to install that one important plugin that you saw that other day, or suddenly you need to install 7-8 plugins at once, keep notes for every plugin in order to remember the specialty of that plugin, etc.

But the problem is that you must install various plugins to manage your WordPress site. There is no central plugin that will help you with that. That is one of the main reasons why you need a plugin manager to manage all your plugins and run your WordPress site smoothly.

And that is where the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin comes into play.

Let’s see what features make Eazy Plugin Manager unique.

Why is Eazy Plugin Manager Unique? Eazy Plugin Manager Features for WordPress Websites 

So, Eazy Plugin Manager has some extraordinary features mixed into one plugin that will help any WordPress owner easily manage their website. Features like,

Active Gaurd, Turn Eazy Plugin Manager Into a Security Plugin

Out of all the amazing features, the active guard feature of Eazy Plugin Manager is the most amazing. It turns the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin into a security plugin. 

The active guard has interesting functionalities, it detects malware in different plugins and impacts info. When you install a new plugin on your WordPress site, the guard immediately scans and shows if it has any vulnerabilities. 

When the active guard finds any vulnerabilities, it will store the plugin on the threat list. This feature also checks if your installed plugin impacts your site’s performance and recommends necessary actions. 

Add Important Notes for Every Individual Plugin 

A notepad to writedown small details about any plugin

You can easily write any note or something important about your plugins; now you can. The notes feature lets you add a quick message to your plugin bookmark section. 

You can even create notes for every individual plugin. The feature is very easy to use, making your WordPress site management more efficient. 

If you work with multiple admins on a website, you can use the Notes to inform them of something important. You can use it as a quick way to name bookmark sections. 

1-Click Bulk Install

how to install bulk amount of plugins with one click

As we said earlier, at some point you may have to install 7-8 plugins at once. You may have a bunch of preferred plugins that you want to keep on your website. But, the issue is that you have to find and download each from the WordPress repository, which is time-consuming. 

The 1-click Bulk install feature of the Eazy Plugin Manager allows you to download and install all your bookmarked plugins in one go. Also, you can perform this on all your WordPress sites. 

Bookmark Category, Don’t Forget a Plugin Ever!

Bookmarks in Categories- Special Features of Eazy Plugin Manager Why is Eazy Plugin Manager Unique

Sometimes you may have downloaded many plugins of different categories. Managing plugins with similar features under the same list can get really confusing.

If the same plugins share the same space, you can go through them faster and use their features. Eazy Plugin Manager allows you to create these separate spaces to store. 

With Bookmark, you can organize multiple plugins and name the space you want. 

Version Management, Don’t Break Your Website

You will be able to control all updates and modifications from one hub. With the version management feature, you can easily do that. This feature lets you change or revert any version of a plugin. 

The best part about version management is that it can solve your problems with update issues with other plugins. Sometimes, even the most recent update in a plugin may not be compatible with core WordPress versions. 

You will have all the version information about your plugins and have the ability to modify them anytime. 

Plugin Vault, Store Your Plugins

plugin vault

Plugin vault is a storage functionality that allows you to place any plugin with different states. You might have to download some plugins on different websites when you have multiple WordPress sites that use the same plugins for function.

Some plugins may offer the multi-site feature in their pro versions, but what will you do for the ones that don’t.  

With Plugin vault, you can store these one, modified, premium, or third-party plugins. You can use the plugin vault throughout all your WordPress sites

Freeze Plugins, Don’t Recieve Accidental Updates

Developers always try to push in many updates and patches. Their intention is permissible, but you don’t always need these updates. However, accidental modification or deletion is also a matter of concern.

Freezing a plugin will stop it from receiving updates, accidental deletion, and installation. This feature will also block the plugin page from any further modification. 

The freeze plugin feature will work well when you encounter site breakdowns in heavy traffic times. 

On-Demand Plugin Asset Optimization 

Modify on demand plugin asset optimization

When you install a plugin, there are many hidden assets and elements that you don’t know about but impact your site’s performance. Mostly, site builder plugins can use many unnecessary features you can’t deactivate. 

With asset optimization, you can select individual assets for your pages and posts. You can turn off the assets that you don’t need to use.   

So you can see that why Eazy Plugin Manager is Unique.

But, to further prove that, we will create a comparison table between Eazy Plugin Manager and other plugins with similar functionalities.

Eazy Plugin Manager vs The World

FeaturesEazy Plugins ManagerAsset Clean UpDisable All WordPress UpdatesEasy Updates ManagerCBX Bookmark & FavoritePlugin Notes PlusMalcare
Active GaurdYesNoNoNoNoNoYes
1-Click Bulk InstallYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Bookmark CategoryYesNoNoNoYesNoNo
Version ManagementYesNoNoYesNoNoNo
Plugin VaultYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Freeze PluginsYesNoYesNoNoNoNo
On-Demand Plugin Asset OptimizationYesYesNoNoNoNoNo

You can see if you want to use all the features mentioned above, you have to install at least 6 different plugins. You can easily do all that with Eazy Plugin Manager.

Choose Eazy Plugin Manager and Run Your WordPress Site Smoothly

So, we have introduced Eazy Plugin Manager, showed you why you need a plugins manager plugin, and why Eazy Plugin Manager is unique.

In other words, if you want to run your WordPress site smoothly, then you need an Eazy Plugin Manager. It will become a security plugin, your personal diary, optimize your site, manage plugin versions, and more.

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