Freeze entire plugin page to prevent your sites breaking

Freeze Entire Plugin Page to Prevent Website Breaking- Freeze Plugins by Eazy Plugin Manager        

Plugins are the heart of WordPress-based websites. But when you use plenty of plugins, you may face some difficulties for poor maintenance. 

Site breaking is the prime issue that happens for improperly modifying plugins. So freezing the entire plugin page to prevent sites from breaking is a dream of many WordPress site owners. 

The team of enthusiast developers of Eazy Plugin Manager gives deep thought to this issue and creates a specialized administrative tool for WordPress site owners. This unique tool can instantly freeze the plugin page on the admin command. To think about the bigger picture, you should know how this site-breaking issue can occur, 

Why Your WordPress Site can Break? 

Out of many reasons, the most common one of site breaking is plugin deactivation, deletion of upgradation in problematic version. It mostly happens because of unawareness about the plugin’s role in the website. Multi-admin site owners face this more than single site owners.

The easiest and most effective way is to freeze the plugin page to prevent this site breaking from happening. It can be implemented by the most experienced admin or the superior one. Once any EPM user activates this feature, the whole plugin page will go into a locked mode. No command to modify any plugin will work until the admin who turned this on again commands to deactivate it. 

The feature may sound complicated, but executing it is way easier. Let’s freeze entire plugin page to prevent website breaking.

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How to Use the Freeze Feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

Simply follow the steps described below to use the freeze feature on the plugins page. 

Step 1: Install the Eazy Plugin Manager

Step 1: Install the Eazy Plugin Manager

First, go to Plugins option from the left menu and click on the option “Add Plugins”. Then type Eazy Plugin Manager in the search option. After you get the plugin, hit the install button first and then press Active to make the plugin manager start working. 

Step 2: Sign In/ Sign Up to Eazy Plugin Manager 

Step 2: Sign In/ Sign Up to Eazy Plugin Manager 

To get logged in to Eazy Plugin Manager:

  1. Click on the Eazy Plugin Manager option from the left menu.
  2. Click on Sign In/Up button from the upper right corner.
  3. Type your email address and password to complete your Sign In/ Sign-Up.  

Step 3: Go to The Page From Where You Can Freez All the Plugins 

Step 3: Go to The Page From Where You Can Freez All the Plugins 

Click on the Plugins initially. Then hit the Installed Plugins button to open the page with all of your installed plugins. 

Step 4: Click on Freeze Plugins Button 

Click on Freeze Plugins Button- Freeze Entire Plugin Page to Prevent Website Breaking

On the plugins page, all of your installed plugins will be visible. Awaited modifications will be shown there as well. For example, you can see which plugins you must use, which plugin updates are available, which plugins you bookmarked previously, and more. 

Here, you will find a key named Freeze Plugins to lock all the activities on this page. The person who turns this switch on will only be authorized to turn off this feature again.  

Step 5: Unfreeze Plugins to Make Everything Normal Again

Step 5: Unfreeze Plugins to Make Everything Normal Again

Now, if you feel that you or any other site admin need to make some changes to the plugin page, just press the same button, which is now shown as Unfreeze Plugins, to undo the freezing and make everything back to normal as before. 

Final Words

Eazy Plugin Manager is compact with so many useful features that all WordPress website owners can find something special. Especially multi-admin site owners will find this feature of freeze plugins most useful. 

If you want to try this exciting feature by yourself, don’t get confused and give a shot to Eazy Plugin Manager. 

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