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Eazy Plugin Token Management: Token Generation & Login

Are you tired of constantly managing your plugins in WordPress? Welcome to the world of Eazy Plugin Manager to say goodbye to the hassle of plugin management.

EPM has some groundbreaking features to make you fall in love with it. One of them is Token Management. This feature will be handy when you want to share Eazy Plugin Manager with your teammates or clients. You don’t need to share the master credential anymore.

Today in this blog, we will show you the Token generation process in EPM.

How to Use the Plugin Token Management Feature of EPM?

With token login, you can keep site-specific features such as bookmarks, vault & history isolated from one another. Please note that Token generation is an agency feature, and you must activate the Pro version of EPM.

Step 1: Generate Token from Eazy Plugin Manager

Navigate to the EPM dashboard and click on the Account tab.

Generate Token from Eazy Plugin Manager

Now hit on the Token tab.

Generate Token from Eazy Plugin Manager

After that, enter the site URL where you want to activate your Eazy Plugin Manager. Finally, press the Generate Token button.

Generate Token from Eazy Plugin Manager

Your token is generated. Hit the copy button to copy the generated token.

Plugin Token Management

Remember that you have the authority to delete or deactivate the token on your leading site by clicking the Deactivate or Delete button.

Plugin Token Management

Step 2: Login With the Token

Let’s move forward to the website for which we have created the login token. Log in to the website admin panel, and in the Eazy Plugin Manager login window, paste the copied token into the Login with Token box and press Sign In.

Plugin Token Management

Tada, you are logged in to the new site with the isolated and site-specific Eazy Plugin Manager feature.

Plugin Token Management

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It’s a Wrap Up Now

This mind-blowing idea can secure your plugin’s authenticity and save misuse from unknown users. Thanks to the developer who has worked smart while creating this feature.

Let us know if you need any help with Token generation. You will be answered in the meantime.

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