How to Limit Comments on Facebook

How to Limit Comments on Facebook: 3 Easiest Methods in 2024

Facebook’s massive user base of over 2.9 billion people indicates why you should focus on building a community on Facebook for your website’s marketing strategy. 

You will also need to have full control over your group or page by knowing different functions to continuously grow over a period of time. 

Take comment limitation as one of those functions; you must know how to limit comments on Facebook to prevent spam links and hateful comments on your social media posts. 

Below, we will share the 3 most common methods to limit comments on your posts in your group, personal ID, and page. 

How to Limit Comments on Facebook Group

In this method, you can limit comments in a group post, but remember, you have to be a moderator or admin in that group. First, select the post you want to limit comments on and click on the 3 dots at the right corner of the post. 

Now, select the Slow down comments option. This option will limit members to write one comment every 5 minutes. You can also select the Turn of commenting, which turns off commenting for anyone after it’s turned on. 

How to Limit Comments on Facebook

How to Limit Comments on Facebook Personal ID in 2 Steps 

Limiting comments in a Facebook ID is a bit different from the group options and gives you other types of options. 

Step 1: Navigate to Settings & privacy 

Click on your profile icon at the top right side of the page and select Settings & privacy

Afterwards, click on Settings 

Step 2: Go to Followers and pubic content  

Scroll down below and select the option Followers and public content

From there, you can control who comments on your posts.

You will see these options in this, 

  • Public: Anyone who is using Facebook can comment on your posts. 
  • Friends: Only your Facebook friends can comment on your posts. 
  • Friends of friends: Your friend’s friends can comment on your posts.

How to Limit Comments on Facebook Page 

Limiting comments is practically the same as limiting comments in a group. But you can limit comments to 1 post at a time. Initially, select the post you want to limit comment, click on the 3 dots, and select Who can comment on your posts

You will see the below options, 

From there select Established Followers to limit others comments from your posts. You can also select, 

  • Public: Anyone who is using Facebook can comment on your posts. 
  • Profiles and pages you: Profile and pages you follow from your own page. 
  • Profiles and pages you mention: Profile and pages you mention from your own page.


How to restrict comments on a post?

You can restrict comments on posts via, 

Select a particular post > 3 dots > Edit audience > Only Me

This should hide your posts from everyone, resulting in a total restriction of commenting. Other than that, there is not much you can restrict comments. 

How to allow all comments on Facebook?

You can allow public comments on your Facebook posts, which is basically allowing all comments. To do this, follow-

Select a particular post > 3 dots > Who can comment on your post? > Public

What happens after I restrict comments? 

Only the selected audience can comment on your posts after you restrict comments on one of your particular posts. This system helps you prevent spam and irrelevant comments, opening a positive interaction environment.

What is a spam comment? 

A spam comment can be considered an irrelevant message, which often promotes a certain service or contains a misleading link. It pretty much disrupts meaningful conversations and engagement on your posts.

How to hide a comment on Facebook?

You can hide a comment by hovering over (PC) and clicking on the 3 dots, or by holding it (touchscreen phone), you will see the Hide comment option. You can hide the comment by clicking on it, which will remain hidden from everyone, but you can see it. 

Limit Your Facebook Comments with Ease

Excessive Facebook comments can sometimes be annoying and that’s where our solutions come handy for you.

Explore how you can limit comments on Facebook in different types of channels. We suggest you to add more modifications on a single post rather than multiple, which is better for controlling the overall environment of a post. 

Keep up the good work! 

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