how to get more followers on facebook

How to Get More Followers on Facebook? 20 Best Tips and Strategies in 2024

If you start an online business with TikTok and YouTube, you might have thought about creating a Facebook page to connect with more prospects and increase sales. 

According to Statista, In 2024, Facebook will have more than 2 million active users globally. This state alone can push the idea of increasing your Facebook followers as much as possible because millions of potential customers are just one click away! 

Another important reason is that Facebook followers are not hard to get, and maintaining simple strategies can help you grab thousands of people’s attention in days. All you have to do is continue your progress while maintaining a strategic approach on your Facebook page. 

We will discuss the 20 best tactics that can get you 2 times more followers than before! Let’s get going-

1. Optimize your Facebook profile and cover photos

Your Facebook profile and cover photos are the first elements anyone notices about your page. Ensuring these images are high-quality, representative of your brand, and updated regularly to reflect any changes or promotions is essential. 

A crisp, clear profile photo, often your logo, helps with brand recognition, while the cover photo can showcase your latest campaign, upcoming event, or a new product line.

how to get more followers on facebook- Optimize your Facebook profile and cover photos

Like, if you run a café, using a seasonal cover photo featuring your pumpkin spice latte can attract attention and communicate your offerings effectively.

2. Build a Facebook business page marketing strategy

A well-thought-out marketing strategy for your Facebook business page is crucial for achieving your business objectives, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, boosting web traffic, or driving sales. 

3 Things you have to consider while building a marketing strategy for Facebook, 

  • Create a content calendar: Plan your posts to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Include a mix of promotional, educational, and interactive content. You can use Trello for flexible planning, Asana for team collaboration, or Google Sheets for a simple, customizable option.
  • Optimize for post engagement: Craft content that prompts user interaction, such as asking questions, using clear calls-to-action, and incorporating polls or quizzes. Try to always respond to comments to increase interaction and show your audience that you value their engagement.
  • Leverage Facebook Ads: Use targeted advertising to reach specific audiences. Experiment with different ad formats and use A/B testing to find what works best. Start with a small budget, monitor ad performance closely, and adjust based on metrics like click-through rate and conversion rate to improve ROI. 

For instance, if your goal is to increase online sales, your content strategy might include regular posts about product features, customer testimonials, and exclusive online discounts to drive traffic to your website.

3. Host different giveaways

Hosting giveaways on your Facebook page effectively engages your existing followers and attracts new ones. 

Host Multiple Giveaways

To ensure success, make the entry requirements simple, such as liking your page, commenting on the giveaway post, or sharing it with friends. Communicate the value of the prize and the giveaway end date. 

4. Post engaging, high-quality content regularly (timing is the key)

Your Facebook content can significantly impact your engagement rates and follower growth. It’s essential to post content that resonates with your audience, such as informative articles, entertaining videos, and interactive polls, and to do so when your audience is most active on Facebook. 

Analyzing your page’s insights to understand peak engagement times can help optimize your posting schedule. A restaurant posting mouth-watering photos of their dishes right before lunchtime can stimulate appetite and drive traffic.

5. Use Facebook ads to reach a larger audience

Leveraging Facebook Ads is a powerful way to enhance your visibility and reach a broader audience tailored to your business needs. The platform offers advanced targeting options, including demographics, interests, behaviors, and location, enabling you to reach the people most likely to be interested in your products or services. 

A small boutique could use geo-targeted ads to reach local customers with promotions or new arrivals, maximizing the ad spend’s effectiveness.

6. Host Facebook live sessions to engage with your followers in real-time

Facebook Live offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage directly with your audience, fostering a sense of community and immediacy. 

Live sessions like these can be used to answer questions, showcase new products, or provide exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at your operations. This real-time interaction can significantly boost engagement and loyalty. 

If you are a fitness trainer, a fitness trainer hosting live Q&A sessions can provide immediate value and encourage more followers to tune in regularly.

7. Collaborate with influencers and brands in your niche

Collaborations with influencers and brands with similar audiences can amplify your reach and credibility. When selecting partners for cooperation, consider their engagement rate and audience alignment with your brand. 

Co-hosting events, giveaways, or content swaps effectively leverage each other’s audiences. For instance, a skincare brand collaborating with a well-known beauty influencer for a product demo can introduce the brand to a broader, engaged audience.

8. Utilize Facebook reels and share them daily

With the rise of short-form video content, Facebook Reels present an excellent opportunity for brands to connect with their audience dynamically and engagingly. Sharing reels daily keeps your content fresh and top-of-mind for your audience. 

These videos range from educational snippets and behind-the-scenes glimpses to entertaining challenges showcasing your brand’s personality. A daily reel from a fashion brand featuring outfit ideas or styling tips can engage fashion enthusiasts and encourage them to follow for more content.

9. Create and participate in relevant Facebook groups

Facebook groups offer a platform for building communities around shared interests or causes. Creating or participating in groups relevant to your niche can establish your brand as a thought leader and go-to resource. 

Engaging actively in these groups by answering questions, sharing insights, and providing value can drive traffic to your page and increase your follower count. For example, a local garden center can create a group for gardening tips and plant care, which can attract enthusiasts and potential customers.

10. Engage with other pages and groups by liking and commenting

Interacting with content from other pages and groups increases your visibility and helps build relationships with other brands and potential customers. Regularly liking, commenting, and sharing relevant content demonstrates your brand’s interest in the community and can attract visitors to your page. 

Try to have meaningful conversations and provide valuable input to establish your brand as an active and respected community member. For instance, a pet supplies store engaging in discussions on pet care tips in various pet lover groups can drive interest and followers back to their page.

11. Promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms

To broaden your Facebook page’s reach, actively promote it across all other social media platforms where you maintain a presence. This includes linking your Facebook page in your bio sections, sharing updates about your Facebook content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and encouraging your followers to engage with your page. 

For instance, if you post a video teaser on Instagram, you can direct your followers to watch the full video on your Facebook page, effectively cross-promoting your content.

12. Use hashtags strategically to increase your content’s visibility

Employ hashtags thoughtfully to extend the reach of your Facebook posts beyond your immediate followers. Research and use hashtags that are not only relevant to your post but also popular among your target audience. 

Use Hashtags in Your Facebook Post- how to get more followers on facebook

This strategy can significantly enhance the discoverability of your content. For instance, if you’re running a fitness campaign, incorporating hashtags like #FitnessMotivation or #WorkoutTips can expose your posts to a wider, interested audience.

13. Encourage followers to tag friends in comments

Create posts that naturally encourage your followers to tag their friends. This strategy can be particularly effective for relatable, humorous, or informative content. By asking followers to tag friends who might appreciate a particular post, you’re getting your followers to help increase your page’s exposure and reach. 

For example, a post saying, “Tag a friend who always forgets their gym shoes!” paired with a humorous image or meme can spark engagement and laughter, encouraging shares and tags.

14. Offer exclusive deals or content to Facebook followers

Make your Facebook followers feel special by offering them exclusive content or deals not available to your followers on other platforms. This could be discount codes, early access to sales, or exclusive video content. 

This strategy rewards current followers and entices others to follow your page. If you announce a followers-only Q&A session with an expert or influencer in your field, it can attract more followers looking for exclusive insights.

15. Create polls, quizzes, and interactive content

Leverage the interactive tools Facebook offers, like polls and quizzes, to engage directly with your audience. These tools can be used for light-hearted engagement or to gather feedback on products or services. They make your followers feel like they have a voice and are part of your community. Think of a coffee shop that might use a poll to let followers vote on the next seasonal flavor.

16. Celebrate milestones and thank your followers

Whenever your Facebook page hits a milestone, be it a follower count or another significant achievement, celebrate it publicly and thank your followers for their support. This acknowledges their part in your page’s success and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Celebrate Your Milestones

17. Use Facebook Insights to analyze and improve your strategy

Dive into the analytics Facebook Insights provides to understand how your content performs. Look at engagement rates, reach, and the demographics of your audience to tailor your content strategy more effectively. For example, if Insights reveals that posts published in the evening receive more engagement, adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

18. Add a Facebook like button on your website

Incorporate a Facebook-like button on your website to make it as easy as possible for visitors to follow your Facebook page. This can be especially effective on high-traffic pages like your homepage or blog. 

Eazy Plugin Manager

This integration ensures that visitors who appreciate your website content can seamlessly become followers of your Facebook page, helping to grow your social media presence.

19. Participate in trending topics and events

Engaging with trending topics and events relevant to your industry can significantly increase your brand’s visibility on Facebook. Share your perspectives on these topics, or how your brand participates in or responds to current events. This shows that your brand is active, aware, and engaged with wider community or global issues, making your content more relevant and shareable.

20. Use eye-catching images and videos in your posts

In the visually driven world of social media, high-quality, compelling images and videos are vital to capturing attention. Invest time creating or sourcing visually appealing content that aligns with your brand and message. 

Visual content can dramatically improve engagement rates and help your posts stand out in crowded news feeds, whether it’s a stunning photo of your product or a creative video tutorial. For instance, a boutique might share beautifully styled photos of new arrivals, enticing followers to visit the store or shop online.


Does FB pay for 1k views?

Facebook does not pay creators based on the number of views for regular posts or videos. Monetization on Facebook is possible through various programs, such as in-stream ads for videos, where creators earn money from ads placed in their video content. 

To participate in these monetization programs, creators must meet specific eligibility criteria, including follower count and engagement metrics. This approach encourages creators to produce high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their audience.

How to earn money from Instagram?

Earning money on Instagram can be achieved through multiple avenues. Sponsored content, where businesses pay you to promote their products or services, is one standard method. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by promoting other people’s products. 

Selling your products or services directly to your followers is another viable option. Additionally, becoming an influencer in a specific niche can attract brand partnerships, leading to various monetization opportunities. Success in these endeavors requires building a strong, engaged following and understanding of your audience’s interests and needs.

What is the algorithm for Facebook Reels?

The algorithm governing Facebook Reels is designed to showcase content that users are most likely to engage with based on their past interactions and preferences. It factors in signals such as the time spent on a reel if it was liked or shared, and the reel’s overall popularity. 

The goal is to create a personalized feed that keeps users entertained and engaged. As a creator, producing content that resonates with your audience, using relevant hashtags, and engaging with trends can help your Reels perform better.

Why are my reels not reaching my followers?

Several factors can impact the reach of your Facebook Reels among your followers. The platform’s algorithm prioritizes content likely to generate high engagement based on historical data. 

Their distribution may be limited if your reels match your followers’ interests and engage early viewers. Additionally, the sheer volume of content on the platform means that only some reels can be shown to some users, making consistent quality and engagement key to increasing visibility.

Which type of reels get the most views?

Reels that capture the most views often share common characteristics: they are highly entertaining, informative, or creatively aligned with current trends. Content that tells a story solves a problem, or offers a unique perspective tends to engage viewers. High-quality visuals, audio, relevant hashtags, and captions can also enhance visibility. 

Engaging with your audience through comments and leveraging collaborations can further boost your reel’s reach. Understanding your audience and experimenting with different content types is essential for maximizing views.

How to Get More Followers on Facebook?

Yes, when you start working on your Facebook page and YouTube simultaneously, you will realize how easy it is to get Facebook followers than YouTube subscribers. 1 YouTube subscriber is equivalent to 10 FB followers. 

However, Facebook is as prominent as YouTube; Facebook pages can perform over the top for marketing purposes! Because people can interact more frequently and contact the seller personally. 

By applying these professional and technically sound strategies with a soft and engaging tone, you’re well on your way to expanding your Facebook community effectively.

Best of luck! 

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