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7+ Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2024 (Tested and Reviewed)

A perfect video editing tool can elevate your video quality if you are starting your career as a professional video editor, doing personal vlogging, or editing videos for product marketing purposes.

You can acquire important skills while learning the tool functionalities; also, why be late while video editing is still valid in the starting age of generative AI. Now, tools like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and MidJourney can generate illustrations, writings, and even code. According to international, as of 2024, 40% of employment in the world is exposed or fully controlled by AI.  

However, editing videos professionally has been a hard wall to breach for AI, giving you time to learn and use this skill in professional work. 

Below, we have listed the best video editing software for beginners, which professionals have used in niches such as film editing, blogging, video advertisement, music video, educational tutorials, and so on. 

Let’s get started, 

8 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Editing SoftwaresG2 Reviews (5-Star Reviews)CompatibilityPricing
Adobe Premiere Pro74% from 1567 ReviewsWindows, macOS$34.49/mo
CapCut70%+ 5-Star Reviews in Google Play from 8 Million ReviewsWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidPremium $12.99/mo (Free Plan Available)
Canva85% from 4686 ReviewsWeb-based (compatible with most OS that supports modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), iOS, AndroidCanva Pro $55/mo (Free Plan Available)
Wondershare Filmora76% from 304 ReviewsWindows, macOSStarts from $19.99
iMovie 57% from 544 ReviewsmacOS, iOSFree (available exclusively on Apple devices)
DaVinci Resolve82% from 190 ReviewsWindows, macOS, LinuxFree (Davinci Resolve Studio costs $295) 
PowerDirector71% from 53 ReviewsWindows, macOS, Android, iOSStarts from $47.99
VideoProc Vlogger4.6 Million Software Installs Windows, macOSCompletely Free

1. Adobe Premiere Pro- Overall Best Video Editing Tool

Adobe Premiere Pro- Overall Best Video Editing Software for Beginners 

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered one of the best video editing tools and is used by many professional editors for pretty much any type of video making. It has so many usable functions, modifiable elements, and post-production tools for editors looking for advanced video editing options. 

For a beginner, Adobe Premiere Pro can be hard to master because of its numerous features, but you can learn the basic functions within a couple of weeks and master it within 2-3 months. Once you master it, you will be amazed to know how straightforward this tool is. 

Premiere Pro is also integrated into other formats, so you can use it seamlessly across various devices. Plus, all Adobe tools are interconnected, meaning you can effortlessly use content from other Adobe tools, such as Premiere Pro. 

Featured Highlights

  • Multicam editing.
  • Advance colour grading options. 
  • Advanced Audio editing tools. 
  • VR (Virtual Reality) clip editing options.
  • Thousands of Motion graphics templates.  
  • Customizable workspaces.
  • Auto reframe video option.

What do Experts think about Adobe Premiere Pro? 

Adobe Premiere Customer Review

2. CapCut- Best for Mobile Devices

CapCut Best for Mobile Devices

There are many mobile video editing applications, and CapCut stands out as one of the most prominent ones for its perfect yet simple functionalities. The free version of CapCut offers some premium features that rival other editing tools, but all tools are pretty straightforward. 

For most effects, you will see a video that guides you on what type of effect you are seeing, and you can use it accordingly. CapCut has a rich library of effects consisting of 500K music tracks, 4,600 stickers, 1,300 texts, 1,100 effects, 200 filters, and 10 million individual templates for editing purposes. Mind-blowing right! 

CapCut also has a great community, from beginners to advanced, so you can learn from them from scratch. 

Featured Highlights

  • Simple yet powerful interface.
  • Different text and title effects. 
  • High-quality video export options. 
  • Multi-layout editing. 
  • Video Speed controls. 
  • Direct video sharing options. 
  • Keyframe animation options. 

What do Experts think about CapCut? 

CapCut Customer Review

 3. Canva- Best for Brand Content


Known for its simple graphic design abilities, Canva is not a traditional video editing tool. As an online platform, Canva first introduced its video editing capabilities in 2020 with pretty basic functions that didn’t match those of professional video editing tools. 

But Canva has by far the most simple and basic video editing functionalities you can imagine, with high-end results. Canva’s real secret is its wide range of stock images, audio, and other editable video elements. 

Combined with all its features and functionalities, Canva is a pretty good video editing tool, especially for beginners who know little about advanced video editing techniques and can edit videos using elements. 

Featured Highlights

  • Generate video using AI. 
  • In-app recording. 
  • Video timeline editing. 
  • Fine tuning functionalities. 
  • Text, overlay, and transitions. 
  • Easy sharing option. 
  • Animation and beat sync option. 

What do Experts think about Canva? 

Canva Customer Review

4. Wondershare Filmora- Fast Video Editing

Wondershare Filmora- Fast Video Editing

Another best video editing software for beginners is Filmora. It has a basic interface but comes with great exporting options. You can export 8K Clyster videos from this application and modify them as much as you want. 

Filmora offers a perfect combination of features, blending simplicity with advanced editing tools, helping you easily create amazing-quality videos. Its extensive library of transitions, customizable elements, and effects ensures your videos stand out in the crowd. 

Featured Highlights

  • Drag and drop options. 
  • Media library. 
  • Editable text. 
  • Built-in screen recorder. 
  • 10+ features. 
  • Motion tracking. 
  • Color correction and match. 

What do Experts think about Canva? 

Wondershare Filmora- Fast Video Editing

5. iMovie- Best for Mac


If you want to edit videos on your Mac, consider using iMovie. This simple video editing software is dedicated to Mac OS (Operating System) environments and is designed for beginners with little video editing skills. 

With iMovie, you can add photos or graphics to your videos, trim clips, use seamless transitions, or fade audio in your own way. Moreover, you can import or edit using ProRes Video 2 or add Apple ProRAW images to your video projects. 

iMovie offers advanced editing functionalities and seamless configuration on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

Featured Highlights

  • Cinematic mode import options.  
  • Green screen features.
  • Personalized video trimmer. 
  • Person detection in clip. 
  • Special effect library. 
  • Background noise reduction. 
  • Multimedia support. 

What do Experts think about iMovie? 

iMovie Customer Review

6. DaVinci Resolve- Grand Master of Video Editing

DaVinci Resolve- Grand Master of Video Editing

DaVinci Resolve is an incredibly powerful video editing tool, and it provides you with every feature, such as cutting, colour grading, keyframing, audio editing, motion graphics, colour coding, and any feature imaginable. This tool offers so many functionalities that you must have a personalized editing setup to completely utilize it. 

However, you can use its free version to learn the small functions of this tool. Later, if you want to reach a professional level, you can buy the DaVinci Resolve studio. DaVinci Resolve is mainly used by professionals to make immersive movies and ads.  

Have you heard of Avatar, Alien: Covenant, Deadpool 2, Prometheus, The Golden Circle, La La Land, and Pirates of the Caribbean? All of these movies are edited or color-graded in DaVinci Resolve! 

Featured Highlights

  • Industry-standard color grading. 
  • Multi-user collaboration interface. 
  • Highest resolution support (8K). 
  • Fairlight audio integration. 
  • Fastest render performance. 
  • Unlimited video tracks. 
  • Fusion visual effects. 

What do Experts think about DaVinci Resolve? 

DaVinci Resolve Customer Review

7. PowerDirector- Best Editing Flexibility

PowerDirector- Best Editing Flexibility and Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Cyberlink’s PowerDirector is known for its professional-level features and simple settings that are understandable to beginners and advanced developers. It has a pretty user-friendly design and combines advanced features with perfect editing functionalities. 

With PowerDirector, you can export high-quality (up to 4K picture quality) videos in seconds. It’s a perfect choice if you want a tool with a streamlined interface that gives you both effectiveness and professional-level results. 

Featured Highlights

  • Best effect stock library. 
  • 360-degree editing options. 
  • AI-Powered enhancements. 
  • Multicam and motion tracking. 
  • Lighting fast rendering. 
  • Automatic speech-to-text options. 
  • Video denoising (background noise cancellation) 

What do Experts think about Cyberlink’s PowerDirector? 

PowerDirector Customer Review

8. VideoProc Vlogger- Best Vlog Editing Tool 

VideoProc Vlogger- Best Vlog Editing Tool 

If you are a travel or daily life blogger and want to have less complicated video editing sessions for your website, VideoProc Vlogger should be your first choice. Experts consider it one of the easiest video editing tools. 

VideoProc Vlogers’ core feature is the separate interface, which makes it easy to understand and utilize most of its functionalities. You can also modify the menu rollout by expanding or reducing its length to simplify the layout.

This editing tool offers a twofold experience. First, you will notice how easy its over-functionalities are. Second, the features of Vlogers (especially the camera movements and speed changes) are powerful yet easily manageable, making it a prominent tool among other great video editing applications. 

Featured Highlights

  • Motion capturing features. 
  • Speed controls. 
  • Cut, split and transition. 
  • Video stabilization options. 
  • Video export is available in 4K resolution. 
  • Keyframe input. 
  • Motion crop, pan and zoom. 

What do Experts think about VideoProc Vlogger? 

VideoProc Vlogger Customer Review

How to Select the Best Video Editing Tool for Outstanding Video Result? 

No matter how good your video editing software is, unless you can properly utilize its full potential. So, your video editing efficiency can be a key indicator in selecting the precise tool that truly helps you in editing. However, we should prioritize other indicators while choosing out video editing tool. 

> Prioritize Usage

You will use your video editing tools multiple times, so they need to be easily accessible. For example, in areas where electricity outages are regular, your video editing tool should take less of your laptop’s battery percentage while allowing you to edit for longer. 

Also, consider your exporting options; you should be able to import short social media clips faster, so it should have quick editing features and export options throughout various platforms, 

> Evaluate Features and Tools

A video editing tool should be feature-packed because you might need to export different types of videos. Look out for the most essential features like merging, cutting or trimming. Besides these features, you can prioritize more advanced features such as audio effects, motion capture, keyframe tracking, colour correction, and speed control. 

Your tool should also have an easily understandable interface so you can use most of its functions precisely. 

> Check Compatibility with Your Device 

If your tool is incompatible with your device, what’s the point of having it in the first place? An incompatible tool will not work precisely, will have faulty functions (for your device), and may export low-quality videos. 

This is why selecting a tool with precise compatibility is important, as is ensuring that your application is available and works on most operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

> Consider Performance and Stability

You will need a good video editing experience, so your editing software should have good performance, stability, and smoothness. Look for signs like the application crashing your device, slowing it down, or exhibiting any other abnormalities. 

Well, you don’t need to own the application to check its smoothness. Try communicating with other experts on this matter and getting their opinions. You can also check review videos and software reviews to learn more about the tool’s performance. 

> Ensure Customer Support

Software with exceptional customer support is invaluable, especially if you are a beginner having issues or have questions about the tool. Also, having good customer support means that your editing software is legit, you can count on them on any problem.  

While scrolling through their website, look for support options, forums, tutorials, educational videos, or direct customer service. 

Pick the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners with Ease 

If you own a website or YouTube, videos are your number 1 medium to grow exceptionally. Well-edited videos have the power of storytelling, which can unite millions of people and influence them to make wise decisions. 

But to edit those kinds of videos, you must use the best video editing tool to get outstanding and convincing results. The tools we mentioned can assist you easily reach the highest level of editing. 

Leave a comment if you have any other video tool suggestions.

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