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How to Add Banner in WordPress: Quickest Hacks to Attach Your Visuals

A simple banner can explain a lot to your site viewer. Nowadays, visuals are playing a vital role. On WordPress, you might find adding banners a tricky part. But we are here to make it easy for you.

In this article, we have highlighted the quickest hacks on how to add banners in WordPress. To add a banner quickly, let’s read.

What’s the Use of Adding Banner

Banners are an image-based attachment that draws attention easily to the viewers. To make your site noticeable, a banner can do your job swiftly. Basically, these images are used for the following reason:

1. To Make Site User-friendly

How to Add Banner in WordPress

Reading text sometimes becomes tedious; a simple banner can say more than thousands of words. You can make your site understandable through an image. This is simple yet informative. The best part is, banners can draw attention easily.

2. Promotion of Your Site

Promotion of Your Site

Suppose you are giving a sale on your service. Just make a nice banner with vital points and place it on top. Your job is done. For promotional activities, banners serve the best.

3. For Better Optimization

For Better Optimization

If you optimize your banner before uploading. This will add extra effort to your site’s ranking. Research says image optimization helps in better ranking.

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How to Add Banner in WordPress : 2 Basic Methods

There are several ways to add banners to your WordPress site. Considering the time and ease, we suggest the following.

1. Add through Banner Plugins

The easiest and quickest hack to add a banner is installing a plugin. So, here goes the step to add your precious ad.

Step 1: Log Into the Dashboard 

First, log into your WordPress site dashboard, and click on the plugins menu. Search Simple banner plugin.

Step 2: Activate Simple Banner Plugin

The search result will transport you to the desired plugin and tap on add new. Install this plugin from the plugins page.

Step 3:Create New Banner

Now, click on the simple banner to create a new banner and save the changes.

2. Upload Through Media

Upload Through Media

Another option is uploading through media. For this step, you don’t have to activate any plugin.

Step 1: Click on Media

First, log into your WordPress site dashboard. Now click on the ‘Multi-file uploader.’ The banner images you are uploading must be 910x180px or 910x70px in size to show up properly.

Step 2: Fill in the Alternative Text Field

This alternative text will show up if the visitor’s image is turned off. Fill in this sector with standard text that exactly describes your image.

Step 3: Copy the URL

Now take note of the URL to link your image. This step is crucial for optimizing your site. When you are done with all this, tap on ‘Save the Changes’

Best Banner Plugins

There are several plugins that can amazingly fit in your banner. Though how the plugin will work depends on the banner type you are using. We picked up the following in terms of their effectiveness.

1. Simple Banner

Simple Banner

A simple banner is a suitable plugin for ad placement. You can place your occasion banner such as sales, offers on top of your site. This is a free plugin, and you can even customize your file as well. This plugin will let you add your own CSS to your design as well.

2. Custom Banner

Custom Banner

Custom banners are an amazing fit for displaying multiple banners at a time. More importantly, this plugin will let you rotate your advertisement as well. This is a user-friendly plugin that makes the banner addition so quick. You can even set the time to get your banners published at a specific time. This version isn’t entirely free, but the price seems reasonable.

3. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter

If you want to put your banner anywhere on your site, Ad Inserter is the best fit for you. This monetization plugin will let you inject your ad anywhere you want to.

It works with a wide variety of networks such as Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, etc. The uncommon feature about this tool is, it will let you preview your image before uploading. More importantly, this is a free plugin.

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Question 1: How to Add Banner in WordPress Post?

Answer: There are several ways to add banners to WordPress posts. But the easiest one is to use a suitable plugin. Ad Inserter is known as one of the best plugins to post placards in any corner of your WordPress site. To do so, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin menu. Now search Ad Inserter and install the plugin.

Step 2: Now click on the Ad inserter from the side menu and create a banner through the Add New option.

Question 2:Why is My Banner Covering My Header or Behind My Header?

Answer: Quite often, the banner hides behind the header. To fix this, you have to turn off the transparency option. Moreover, select the header and tab on the advanced option. Now, click on the Margin menu and set values independently. Make sure the chain icon is off to make this step work. Now set a minimum height of -120px.

Question 3: How to Add Banner in WordPress Header?

Answer: To do so, install the simple banner plugin. It works best for the addition of placards on the WordPress header. Now do the following.

Step 1: Activate the Simple banner plugin from the plugins menu. Click on the Add new option.

Step 2: Now, create a banner and save the changes,


Informative banners add visual significance to your site. Many people ignore this fact due to proper knowledge. Here we have featured almost all the easiest tracks to help on how to add banners in WordPress. We believe this article will give the right direction to make your site more insightful. Good Luck!

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