Download Plugins to Your Local Drive: Amazing Feature for WordPress Site Owners

Do you want to use plugins with a particular version or update? Then you must preserve them to ensure you have these same plugins. We know the easiest way is to download plugins to your local drive.  

But the manual way to download a plugin from the WordPress website is time-consuming and requires lots of effort. 

The developers of Eazy Plugin Manager give thought to it and created a specialized administrative tool for WordPress site owners. It can download plugins almost instantly. 

Before jumping into the section where we learn how to use this feature, let’s try to know the benefits of downloading plugins in your offline storage. 

Why Should You Download Plugins to Your Local Drive?  

Why Should You Download Plugins to Your Local Drive

All essential plugins never remain available in the WordPress store. Many site owners modify plugins as per their test. Some plugins are premium and created by 3rd party as well. To keep these exclusive plugins safe, you can keep them in an online vault and an offline local hard drive. Both of the facilities are available in Eazy Plugin Manager

Without a proper plugin manager, it’s complicated to download installed plugins from the WordPress site. You must use the C panel or have an FTP or SFTP account to download plugins. Eazy Plugin Manager makes this download process easy and fast. 

With just a few clicks, you can save your installed plugins in your local drive anytime with EPM. So let’s see how you can use this exciting feature from the beginning, 

How to Download Plugins in Your Personal Drive with Eazy Plugin Manager

Step 1: Install and Activate the Eazy Plugin Manager 

Step 1: Install and Activate the Eazy Plugin Manager 

To start the journey, go to the Plugins option from the left menu of the WordPress dashboard and then click on the Add Plugins option. Then, write Eazy Plugin Manager in the search bar. When the plugin appears before you, click on the install button. Finally, Active the plugin so the administrative tool can start its work.  

Step 2: Get Signed In or Complete the Sign-Up Process 

Step 2: Get Signed In or Complete the Sign-Up Process 

To get registered or get logged in to Eazy Plugin Manager, first scroll down in the left menu and find the Eazy Plugin Manager option. After that, click on Sign In/Up button from the upper right corner. Then, type your email address and password to complete your Sign In/ Sign-Up process.  

Step 3: Sort Out the Plugin to Download 

Step 3: Sort Out the Plugin to Download 

Navigate to the Plugins option from the left side menu. All the plugins will appear on the right side with Download option right under the plugin’s name. 

Now search for the plugin you want to download from the searching bar and click on the Download button. 

Step 4: Select the Location in Your Local Drive and Save it 

Once you command the Eazy Plugin Manager to download the plugin, it will work as per your browser’s download functionality. Within Moments the plugin will get downloaded in zip format. You can always choose the specific path to save the downloaded plugin and preserve it for later use. 

In this way, you will get able to save all the modified and 3rd party plugins as well, which are currently installed on your WordPress website. So whenever you need to install these plugins for any other website, you can open the local drive plugin stack and find the essential one. 

Final Words

The ultimate management tool Eazy Plugin Manager has many essential functionalities. You may think a single feature is not worth using a plugin manager, but before judging it, let’s get introduced to Eazy Plugin Manager once. 

For those who use modified, premium, or 3rd party plugins more and website owners who want to ensure they will always use the correct version of each plugin, this Plugin Download feature is a must. 

Share your journey with EPM in the comment section below. Your user experience will encourage us to step forward. 

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