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10 Best WordPress Grid Plugins for Stylish Website Design in 2024

Are you looking for the best WordPress grid plugins to attractively decorate your website? We got you covered. 

You know how crucial it is to maintain a balance between a seamless user experience and the beautification of a website. 

Many interactive WordPress plugins are available on the web, but the most crucial plugins are the grid layout creators. 

WordPress grid plugins can help you create gridded layouts to order your content precisely, makes them appealing, save space between different content, and aid prospects search relevant topics much faster. 

8 Best WordPress Grid Plugins for All Types of Website Design

Bellow, we sorted out some WordPress grid plugins that perfectly work and offer many features. These plugins received great reviews from users and veteran website developers. 

1. The Post Grid (Most Simple Plugin) 

Post Grid- Best WordPress Grid Plugins

Post Grid by Radius Theme is one of the best grid plugins for image and article content. It has some pretty exciting functionalities that you can use to create different shapes and patterns. 

Many users described how easy and convenient the WordPress post grid is to use. 

Unlimited Shortcode Generator

The Post Grid allows you to convert infinite blocks into shortcodes. Shortcodes are better than blocks because you can use them with different page builders. 

Most importantly, shortcodes can also be used on different pages and individual posts. 

Custom Layouts Available

With The Post Grid, you will get different pre-made grid layouts for images and written content. Post Grid’s simplicity helps you to create high-standard grids from the admin panel. 

Highlighted Features

  • Responsive and mobile optimized. 
  • Query post functionality. 
  • Page number control. 
  • Image size modifier. 
  • Enable/disable pagination. 
  • Fields section. 

2. Essential Grid (Best Plugin for Stylish Websites)

The name is accurate with this plugin because Essential has many excellent features making it a must-have plugin for your website. 

It has a professional developer base working hard to create unique new features with every update. 

Essential Grid Affects SEO

With perfect optimization of image, video, and audio, it’s easy to affect the ranking in Google and increase visibility. Generated grids by Essential perfectly optimize your uploaded pictures and videos. 

Also, pagination and deep linking initially increase content rank. 

Advanced Content Protection

Essential Grid has a feature that allows users to protect their content from ill intentions. The video watermark protection helps to mark your content so that people can’t steal videos for their benefit. 

Plus, the right-click protection makes the content uncopiable from an unknown user. Pretty convenient. 

Highlighted Features

  • Template library with 50 Grids. 
  • Hover animation is available.
  • Visual skin editor. 
  • Customizable transition speed. 
  • 30+ types of grid layout. 

3. EazyGrid (Best Free WordPress/Elementor Grid Plugin) 

Best WordPress Grid Plugins- EazyGrid

EazyGrid by Eazy Plugins is a new Elementor-based post grid plugin that works seamlessly with WordPress. The best thing about EazyGrid is the drag & drop functionality that makes the grid generation process effortless. 

Also, developers made this plugin less heavy and more feature-packed to avoid slow load speed on any website. It doesn’t have any negative impact on website performance either.  

Universal Theme Soupprt 

EazyGrid is compatible with different types of themes and functions without any problems. What’s more, It is also compatible with other website builders compatible with popular builders like Beaver, Divi, Elementor, and WP Bakery.

eCommerce Support

EazyGrid offers an immersive way to showcase your eCommerce products with click animation. Set up your products with different styles to attract customers and make those sales happen. 

EazyGrid’s options let users create grids with maximum compatibility in eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WP eCommerce, and Shopify. 

Highlighted Features

  • Image lightbox treatment. 
  • Responsive live grid types. 
  • Automatic video size adjusting option. 
  • Unique text box customization.
  • Grid customization options. 
  • One-click linking option. 

4. Post Grid – WP Concern (Best Content Gird Plugin) 

Post Grid Elelmentor Addon- Best WordPress Grid Plugins

WP Concern’s post grid plugin is primarily built for Elementor but has little compatibility with other builders. Nowadays, most companies make exclusive plugins associated with Elementor to get better recognition. 

The Post Grid plugin has easy access to essential modifying options with a simple UI design, which makes it unique from other grid plugins. 

Best Types of Pagination 

Pagination is the number of showcased block content parts a page will hold. It’s written below the grid layout, and visitors can click on the numbers to move forward and access more content. 

Post Grid has 3 different pagination styles, Ajax, regular, and load more. Between these styles, Ajax is the best to make pagination for multiple contents on a page.

Clear Design for Grids

Developers made all grid layouts attractive to get visitors’ attention. Also, the auto image enhancer makes images clear and easy to grasp. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Exclude post functionality. 
  • Query parameter option.
  • Title and image disable link setting. 
  • Default image option. 
  • Alignment options. 

5. Media Grid (Multiple Media Plugin) 

If you want to make beautiful portfolios, consider choosing Media Grid from LC Web. This plugin has some exclusive features, especially for portfolios. 

Visual Grid Builder 

Unlike regular grid makers with simple UI, Media Grid has a customized core layout builder as a single functionality. In this builder, you can create your layouts and adjust them according to your needs. 

There are specific adjustments like size, width, height, and position. Visual Grid Builder comes with 2 different modes, Manual and Dynamic mode. Manual mode is the classic grid builder setup that allows you to add elements and offers a few options. The dynamic mood has functionality that helps the user to create a layout by suggesting adjustments. 

Media Support

With Media Grid, you can add 14 different types of items to compose your portfolio. You have functionalities like lightbox, classic image grid, inline slider, and integrated grid sizing system. 

For content, you can link Spotify playlists, Youtube videos, sound cloud, Dailymotion, Twitch, Wistia, and Vimeo. 

Highlighted Features

  • Unlimited image attributes. 
  • Overly manager.
  • Item filter option.
  • Deep linking system.
  • SEO pagination.

6. Visual Portfolio (Best Grid Effect Plugin) 

Visual Portfolio- Best WordPress Grid Plugins

Visual Portfolio is designed by nK, a theme developer team specifically known for developing game and magazine templates. nK has a professional development team to design and develop updates for Visual Portfolio.  

Photo Gallery Builder

Visual Portfolio integrates perfectly well with Gutenberg builder and lets users customize galleries without using a single line of code. 

Through years of development, Visual Portfolio has reached its peak form, which can showcase items in the most attractive way possible. 

Optimized and Light Weight

Regardless of being a feature-rich plugin, It is optimized to have fewer impacts on your website’s performance. 

Every script, style, and code structure load individually, meaning they only load on the current page. No unused feature will load and cause slow page speed. 

The lazy loading feature allows every picture not to load in the main thread and disrupts speed. 

Highlighted Features

  • Easily customizable. 
  • Lightbox editor. 
  • Mobile optimized. 
  • Hardware accelerated animations. 
  • Social share icons. 

7. Powerfolio (Most Simple Grid Builder) 

POwerfolio- Best WordPress Grid Plugins

Powerfolio by PWR plugin grid layout builder is the most easy-to-use plugin in this list. The best part about Powerfolio is that it is compatible with popular builders.

Easiest Grid Plugin Available

Powerfolio has a unique page-like widget and UI system with many changeable options and functionalities. This widget is located on the left side of the screen. 

You can create different styles and modify them according to your needs. Below the widget, you will see a styling section with all the effects like hover colour, alignment, text transformation, and hover background colour. 

Clear Download Instructions

In some plugin descriptions, developers don’t describe the download process, or it’s not that clear. PWR developers did a fine job explaining all individual steps and the process for downloading. 

Highlighted Features

  • Product filter functionality. 
  • Image gallery grid builder. 
  • Single page product showcase option. 
  • Image margin option. 
  • Portfolio category option. 

8. WP Ultimate Post Grid (Best Classic Grid Builder) 

WP Ultimate Post Grid

Bootstrapped ventures are specifically known for making images and recipes showcasing plugins. WP Ultimate Post Grid is a new addition to their inventory, which offers some quality features and exclusive options. 

Most Features and Options Available 

WP Ultimate Grid has the highest number of widgets and options available for a plugin. You will get display options, filters, pagination types, grid layouts, colour options, template styles, and more. 

Some of WP Ultimate’s free features are worth premium-like features. 

Fully Responsive 

WP Ultimate performs pretty well with different plugins and works smoothly on specific websites. 

Especially if you are building a portfolio website, you should consider WP Ultimate as a priority plugin. 

Highlighted Features

  • Plain text filter. 
  • Live preview available while building grids. 
  • Compatible with Guttenberg block editor. 
  • Deeplinking. 
  • Catagory-based grid layout. 

What are Some of the Best Design Practices that Improves Website Performance? 

What are Some of the Best Design Practices that Improves Website Performance

Web design is a crucial factor in a site’s performance. According to an article by PR Newswire, 50% of internet users prefer website design before taking any profound opinion. 

Let’s take design as a front-end process more than a back-end to know its impact. 

1. A Good Design can Make People Efficiently Navigate Website’s Elements

You deliver content consistently to hold your position on the internet for a specific subject. 

Yes, having SEO-friendly content and good wording is crucial, but do we know that information structure plays a vital role in user experience? 

People stay on a website more if they can find their information faster and make your website visually consistent.  

For example, you can compare a regular blog section and a blog section that is structured with its contents with many categories like date, subject, and recent posts. 

If you check out our blog section, you will see a search bar, which helps you navigate relevant content faster. 

2. Any Content Types Shouldn’t Affect Website Performance

As an expert, you know how important video, image, and written contents are for your website. It’s hard to resist the temptation of adding high-resolution beautiful pictures and videos. 

Sadly, most of these contents are big files, take a lot of space, and have a long loading time. Additionally, they will not display perfectly if they are not optimized properly. 

So, what’s your concern should be about big files? Well, it always comes down to the loading speed of your website by lite content because most people focus on how fast they can get their information. 

According to a report from WebFX, 70% of consumers and visitors don’t want to buy from an online business for low page speed

So, most people don’t even care about fancy content if page speed and performance are affected by it. 

Adding lite content is a clever design technic to ensure the highest conversion and lowest bounce rate. 

3. Simple Website Design is Better than a Crowded One

Simplicity may not seem like a good web design idea, but most audiences prefer a straightforward and easy-to-understand website. 

It helps them view your information more effectively and makes your contents stand out from other website elements. Besides, a simple web design makes it easy to scroll and preserve your content. 

Your priority will be not to overcomplicate any elements of your website. Adding too many flashy qualities or being too fancy can lower your website speed and lead to traffic loss for delaying time. 

Remember that your website design’s central purpose is to help you convert your audience into potential customers. So, adding only the preferred elements will help you hold your prospect’s attention. 

4. White Space is the Key 

Website space is a crucial aspect of design that some developers ignore while creating a site. White space or negative space is the distance between contents on a webpage. 

This distance can be anything like specific sections, icons, and different visuals. The best part about white space is that it clarifies every piece of information and showcases it perfectly. 

However, the opposite of white space, overcrowding, has been a design issue for small business owners. 

Poor use of white space, messy information structure, unnecessary pop-ups, and poor content management are a few examples of overcrowding. 

While developing, your focus should be on creating a perfect balance between crowd and white space. You can use a lite website theme that allows perfect content placement and enough space to add ambient information. 

5. Focus on Site Accessibility

You have to make sure that your website is accessible to as many people as possible on the web. Most websites are disabled because of poor accessibility. 

You can use many techniques to increase the visibility of your website, 

  • Use a web-hosting service. 
  • Make your website mobile optimized. 
  • Create responsive web design. 
  • Make SEO-based content. 
  • Get Google verification. 
  • Concentrate on relevant subjects and topics. 

Increasing your website’s accessibility will eventually increase the quality of your website elements. So, it’s a win-win condition. 

3 Design Elements to Prioritize While Building a Website

3 Design Elements to Prioritize While Building a Website

Now that we know how crucial website design is, let’s immediately break down the three most impactful website elements that visitors focus on. 

1. Navigation Panel 

The navigation panel works as the heart and soul of a website and guides visitors to approach all website information. 

If your visitors want to take some time to see your website, 90% of the time, they will end up with a well-thought opinion about the navigation panel. 

To make any ideal navigation panel, you have to focus few things like being consistent, simplifying, adding hover and pop animation, and creating structured brief information. 

Mostly, visitors prefer the navigation bar on top of the website to access different content. 

2. Leave a Comment Section 

The comment section is not much crucial for website performance, but it gives your visitors a chance to express their opinions and questions. 

Also, you can understand your visitors more accurately through replies. Sometimes the comment section can work as a social media platform if many visitors engage in conversation through responses. 

3. Social Media Icons

It’s hard to believe that a small thing like an icon can create so much impact on your website. Social media icons allow visitors to instantly share and like your site on your specific social media pages. 

Social media icons simplify your visitor’s process with the information. If they find the data helpful, they will share it with their friends and family member. 

Additionally, social media icons can increase your site’s authority and legitimacy of your website because people trust a website that has a connection with different social media. 

FAQs on Best WordPress Grid Plugins

What is a content grid? 

A content grid is a styling layout formation of different patterns and works as a collective structure for various contents. 

What are website grids? 

Every website theme, style, and page depends on alignment and order for different content. This order is the website grid system. Designers form a basic structure with columns and rows to make the final design decision. 

Does EazyGrid compress images to sync with grids? 

EazyGrid sets images to align with different image formats perfectly. But, this process impacts the image resolution without affecting the overall image quality. 

How many types of Grids are there? 

There are four types of primary grids, 


So, What’s Your Preference for Best WordPress Grid Plugins? 

We presented some interesting feature-packed plugins in this article working pretty well. Every plugin in this list has all the crucial elements you need to create beautiful grids. 

Now that you have the list, what will be your preference? You should consider customer service, response rate, and WordPress compatibility. A genuine developer team will offer a product demo to win their customer’s trust. 

We hope our information helps you find the ideal plugin for your website. You can tell us your thoughts and queries in the comments. 

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