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Best WordPress Access Control Plugin in 2023

You must maintain some roles to manage a WordPress site. And, there are a bunch of built-in roles in WordPress but are they enough to secure your website?

In this era of online business, hacking and data misusage start from overlooking some big issues. One of them is we can not properly give the right amount of access for a particular role. 

Well, there is a solution to get rid of this problem. You can use a WordPress access control plugin. 

Let’s have a look at some of them.   

5 Latest WordPress Access Control Plugin 

1. Advanced Access Manager

WordPress Access Control Plugin- Advanced Access Manager

At first, we want to introduce the most powerful WordPress access manager- Advanced Access Manager aka AAM. It will assist you control access to every aspect of your website. Most of the features of AAM are free. 

Around 100000 websites have tested this plugin and the result makes it worth to use at least once. With it, you can handle access to all posts, pages, custom post types, categories, and custom taxonomies. Apart from that, AAM got a low amount of support tickets which speaks to the quality of this access controller tool. 

Core Features

  • Content access control on the frontend, backend, and API levels.
  • Your developers can modify it as it’s a developer-friendly API.
  • Build and handle temporary user accounts.
  • Control access to any page with URL.
  • Redefine where a user should be redirected when a page is not showing
  • Database tables and existing files are secure with AAM.

2. User Access Manager

User Access Manager

You can control access to your content with User Access Manager. When you required a member area, private section, or guest posts from new users but not everywhere then this tool will be definitely effective for you. 

Moreover, you will have the authority to restrict your content and specify the people who will have the access to read it. 

Core Features

  • Give access by user groups and IP address.
  • Set time-based access.
  • Hide complete post and page types.
  • Redirecting people to other pages if no access.
  • Protects your RSS feeds.
  • Hide elements in the navigation. 

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3. Controlled Admin Access

Controlled Admin Access

Sometimes you may need to update or re-design your website through developers or SEO agents. In this situation, you have to provide admin access to them. To secure your website you can give temporarily limited admin access.

The process is only you have to send the details to the user. After they finished the task, you can just smoothly deactivate the account. That account can be activated later. Moreover, you have the authority to restrict the selected admin menu items for the created admin. 

Core Features

  • Restrict access to internal pages of your plugin.
  • Provide track reports of what restricted admins have done. 
  • Force logging out of any restricted admin.
  • Generate a secure login URL for the temporary admin.
  • Hide admin bar links in frontend and admin areas.

4. PublishPress Capabilities

Our fourth access control plugin is more interesting. With PublishPress Capabilitiesyou will have control to customize Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors, Subscribers, and custom roles. You can decide what will be visible for the writers while writing. Even the Gutenberg or Classic Editor features can be hidden. 

In the pro version of this plugin, you can control access to the admin and frontend menu links. Your website is secure with PublishPress Capabilities. It keeps a backup every time you change the permission to access. So that you can restore if anything is wrong. You can use them while migrating roles and permissions from one to another website. 

Core Features

  • Select who can post, edit, read, and delete content.
  • Hide the admin area toolbar and dashboard widgets.
  • Hide Gutenberg and Classic Editor feature from writers.
  • Remove meta boxes on the post-editing screen.
  • Controlling media library permission.
  • Handle access to WooCommerce products, orders, coupons, and more.

5. Token of Trust Identity Verification

Token of trust identity verification

Whether a person is creating new accounts or transacting on the website you can verify him/ her with this plugin. The best part is you can easily add identity verification to make sure your website is allowing new users who are fully vetted and verified. This access controller tool supports WooCommerce and BuddyPress. 

That means you are now good to go with your online business and community building. You must have an active subscription with Token of Trust to use this plugin with live users. Don’t worry you may check their demo first. 

Core Features

  • Users can stay on-site while verifying them.
  • The interface is mobile responsive. 
  • Supports multilingualism and internationalization.
  • You will have auditing support.
  • Automation is available for order approvals.
  • Provide reputation reports to your team with actionable details. 

Wrapping Up WordPress Access Control Plugin

When you are operating own site, you don’t need to get worried about access to any area. But when a second person is involved to play different roles like content creator, you must handle the access. 

It’s secure to control the access of your users. In this way, you will have a tension-free journey with a WordPress website. 

Let us know what is your favorite access control plugin of all time. 

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