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7 Best TikTok Editing App in 2024 (Android, IOS, and PC) 

Are you planning to make a professional TikTok videos to promote your brand or make contents about your lifestyle? Whatever the case is you will require a perfect video editing app for creating stunning vertical videos to attract your targeted audience. 

When it comes to video editing most people think that PC apps are best for making YouTube shorts, Facebook reels, or TikTok videos. Along with PC apps, mobile apps have also remained amazing for crafting vertical videos and offering amazing features. 

In this article, we will list out some best TikTok editing app for phones that are popular among millions of users. 

7 Best TikTok Editing App for Vertical Video Editing 

Best TikTok Editing AppsDownloads Reviews5⭐ Ratings Latest Versions
CapCut – Video Editor1 Billion +9.32 Million6,874,50312.1.0
Video Editor & Maker – InShot500 Million +9.09 Million16,408,7822.041.1451
Adobe Premiere Rush: Video5 Million 35.2K25,6672.9.0.5
Alight Motion100 Million977K726,1335.0.259.1002336
Zoomerang – Ai Video Maker10 Million +198K 117,6952.10.1.1
PowerDirector – Video Editor100 Million +1.27 Million1,927,29114.1.0
TikTok1 Billion +62.9 Billion44,457,60935.3.4

i. CapCut (Most Versatile Video Editor) 

Best TikTok Editing App- CapCut

CapCut and TikTok share the same parent company ByteDance, which is why both these apps have some common features. Initially CapCut was made for editing videos for TikTok, which allowed its users to add different amazing aesthetic edits to their TikTok edits. 

Moreover, CapCut also has some great free features like trim, spilt, speed control, and key frame animation. This editing tool also has a massive array of effects in their library totally free; there are some premium effects, but you may not need them for any serious edits. 

What’s more amazing about CapCut is that you can also use thousands of copyright free sounds for your videos. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Video reverse editing. 
  • TikTok video and sound syncing. 
  • Backup and storage. 
  • Chroma key for color correcting videos. 
  • Video subtitle editing. 
  • Vast library of video assets. 
  • Custom resolution of video (Up to 4K) 


CapCut is totally free, however they offer a simple premium version for $7.99 per month. 

ii. Inshot (Comes with Photo Editing Features!) 

Best TikTok Editing App- Inshot

While you are editing videos, you might need to edit photos to input them perfectly in your videos. Inshot gives you the feature to edit photos and you can also create collage from multiple photos too. Take it as an extra feature that you can combine with your video editing to make your videos more amazing. 

InShot’s video editing interface offers a unique trait of horizontal alignment. While editing videos you can rotate your phone that you like, it won’t hinder your video editing process! 

Highlighted Features 

  • Video cutter, trimer, merger, and splitter. 
  • Unlimited video length. 
  • Any ratio video cropper. 
  • Extract sound from video. 
  • Customized filter options. 
  • Convert videos to different formats.
  • Text editing with different styles. 


InShot offers a premium version, which is $3.99 per month.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush (A product from Adobe series) 

Best TikTok Editing App- Adobe Premiere Rush

All products of Adobe series offer some of the best features and you can rely on them for video, audio, and image editing. Same goes for the APR (Adobe Premiere Rush) too, this video editing app comes with simplified editing options for mobile interface. 

APR lets you edit videos in cross platform, meaning you can edit videos from multiple devices anytime. If you have an Adobe Cloud account, connect APR with the rest Adobe applications and use assets from different apps easily. 

With APR, you can not just create videos, you can also share them to your favorite social media platforms after video export. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Built-in professional camera settings. 
  • Thousands of copyright free sounds, music, and effects. 
  • Animated title customization feature. 
  • Supports up to 4K video resolution export. 
  • Aspect ratio customizer for social media posts. 
  • AI powered video editing tool. 
  • SImple and easily understandable interface. 


Adobe Premiere Rush offers a premium version, which is $3.99 per month. 

4. Alight Motion (Best for professional video editing)  

Best TikTok Editing App- Alight Motion

Alight motions is one of those complex yet powerful video editing tools that offers some unique features like object placement color grading. Unlike other video editing tools, you will place an object on top of your video and edit this object to have the best color output results. 

That’s not all, Alight Motion also supports vector graphics and you can edit bitmap images with any complexity. There are even options that allow you to animate regular objects into different directions and speed! 

Mobile app for Alight Motion requires only 1.5 GB storage to run effectively, making it lightweight and less impactful to your system storage. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Effect building block type editor. 
  • Key frame animation. 
  • Add bookmarks on key points. 
  • Multiple export options like MP4, GIF, and PNG sequences. 
  • Layer group options. 
  • Supports fluid motion. 
  • Velocity-based motion blur options. 


Just like Adobe Premiere Rush, Alight Motion offers a premium version for $4.99 per month. 

5. Zoomerang (Ai video maker) 

Best TikTok Editing App- Zoomerang

In 2024, AI videos have been trending for some time. Videos like AI text to speech, abstract motion, body movement, and transformation are pretty popular genres in TikTok. You can also make these types of videos using Zoomrang! 

Initially, Zoomrang doesn’t offer much video editing features like other apps, but what it doesn’t have in features covers from AI editing. With a single prompt in Video GPT, you can customize and create a professional ad in minutes. 

Zoomrang’s AI edited videos are so realistic that your audience won’t be able to tell they were created with AI!

Highlighted Features 

  • 30+ custom fonts. 
  • Massive library of stickers, GIFs, and effects. 
  • Exclusive features like video panning. 
  • 300+ aesthetic effects available. 
  • Layer group options. 
  • Face zoom effects. 
  • Video collage creator. 


Along with a free option, Zoomerang – Ai Video Maker offers a premium version for $4.99 per month.

6. PowerDirector (Powerful video editing app) 

After its initial launch in 2001, PowerDirector is one of the oldest video editing apps in the video editing apps genre. It offers some great features like multi-track editing, 4K video support, special effects, and has a massive elements library. 

Most basic features of PowerDirector are like the premium version, and its simple interface also adds less complexity while you edit videos. You can change the aspect ratio anytime you want with the aspect ratio controller. 

With PowerDirector, polish your basic videos into high-quality usable videos for any type of occasion. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Speed adjustments for slow or fast video editing. 
  • Video stability adjustments settings. 
  • Eye catchy intro animation. 
  • Control brightness, color and saturation for your video. 
  • Video college overlays. 
  • Background remover options. 
  • Multi video timeline editing. 


PowerDirector has a free version, also offers a $5.99 per month premium version.

7. TikTok’s Own Platform (Simple video editor) 

Best TikTok Editing App

Do you know TikTok offers its own platform for editing videos? Yep, you can easily edit most videos on TikTok using its own platform. TikTok’s video editing platform offers some basic video transitioning and filters. 

Along with transitions, you can also change background music and add different BGM (Background Music). After you add BGM, control your video speed, make it green screen or simply add the particular edit you want. 

TikTok has millions of sounds, effects, and trending content that you can use in videos totally free. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Trim and split video editing. 
  • Text overlays. 
  • Video transitions available. 
  • Green screen controls. 
  • Loop and reverse video controls. 
  • Text-to-speech video editing. 
  • Color correction for video editing. 
  • Beauty and AR effects for editing. 


The TikTok editing platform is completely free with the app. 

What Should You Look for While Searching for the Best TikTok Video Editing App? 

Most professional video editors master one video editing application and use it forever. You may ask why they do it? Actually, video editing is all about comfortability. If you find your right tool you can easily master it and create high quality videos with ease. Which is why it’s important to consider some points before installing any video editor. 

> What is the highest quality video your editing tool can export? 

Video quality features are essential, because at the end you will need to export the highest quality videos for your account. Look out for a video editing app that lets you export videos in 1080p Pixels (Full HD) and 9:16 vertical format, which is the best format for TikTok videos. 

Also, quality is important to upload videos in different video search engines like YouTube because most people like good quality videos over normal ones. 

> How compatible is your editing tool with your current device and operating system (iOS, Android)?

Many editing tools have multiple editing features, but may impact your phones for CPU/GPU limitations. Try to install video editing tools that are less impactful for your device, or else it may affect the other functionalities of your phone. 

Most app versions are now compatible with most phones, so you can trust any video editing app. 

> Does the app have good features in its free version? 

It’s best to rely on a paid version of an app, when the regular version gives you all the best video editing features. Take CapCut as an example, you will find all the necessary editing functions with the free version of the app. 

There is an exception though! One feature that most video editing tools offer in its premium version is background remover. So, if you find a video editing app that can let you use this feature for free, consider it as an extra convenience. 

Alon with these 3 points, you can consider an apps development community, pricing, social media sharing capabilities, and do the editing tool put force watermark for each content you export in its free version? 


What’s the aspect ratio for TikTok videos? 

An aspect ratio of 9:16 is the best for creating TikTok videos, which is considered a portrait mode. 

Why CapCut’s features are similar to TikTok app?

Well, CapCut and TikTok have the same parent company ByteDance, a renowned Chinese technology company. These tools have similar features because of shared development resources. You can directly edit and upload TikTok videos and use TikTok sounds with CapCut. 

In which countries is TikTok currently banned? 

Currently, 4 countries permanently banned TikTok: India, Somalia, Jordan, and Afghanistan. Some other countries like the US, Australia, UK, Denmark, New Zealand, and Taiwan. These bans are executed mostly in government devices. 

What are the most popular TikTok effects?

Here are some of the most popular TikTok effects in 2024, 

  • Green Screen
  • Time Warp Scan
  • Face Zoom
  • Bling
  • Clone Effect
  • Slow Zoom
  • Photo Animation
  • Face Morph
  • Color Customizer
  • Beauty Mode

Is a video editable after posting on TikTok?

No, after you upload a video on TikTok it becomes uneditable. This process eliminates any type of confusions and keeps content authenticity intacted. However, you can re-upload any videos as many times you want. 

Final Verdict: Best TikTok Editing Apps in 2024 

Surprisingly, most of these editing tools are free and offer premium level features in their free versions. Take CapCut as a prime example, almost all its editing features are free for users and you can sync many TikTok sounds in it. 

Also, Alight Motion may make you feel uncomfortable for their watermark, but expect some of the best color grading and effects options within this platform. 

Now all you need is the enthusiasm to start your own channel and continue uploading amazing contents. 

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