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7 Best Chat GPT Alternative in 2024 (Reviewed and Tested) 

On November 30th, 2022, ChatGPT was first introduced to people and gained remarkable recognition for its excellent machine-learning capabilities.

As of March  2024, ChatGPT reached 180.5 million users and gained 1.6 billion visits in January alone! 

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Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is good, but it’s far from being the only AI chatbot in the market. Also, you may need a chatbot to do specific tasks, which can be challenging if you depend only on ChatGPT. Let’s look at some of the best chat GPT alternatives to help you do the job! 

What is an AI Chatbot? 

In simple terms, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot is an advanced conversational tool. An AI chatbot can be considered operational software that performs specific written tasks through prompts and simulates context-aware human-like conversations.

These chatbots can use different technologies, like machine learning or natural language processors. AI chatbots can easily understand and reply to your prompts in a contextually appropriate manner. 

AI analyzes languages to find appropriate patterns. It looks at a huge database of information and finds a perfect pattern to reply to your precise prompt. This pattern can reply to one of your questions, find a number, or follow any other command. 

The exciting thing about AI is that scientists still don’t understand how it works because most AIs will go through an unsupervised learning period! Simple, creators are unaware of what the AI is learning. 

7 Best Chat GPT Alternative in 2024

The below ChatGPT alternatives are some of the best AI chatbots with a worldwide user base. 

Hosting Service Active UsersTypePricing
Microsoft’s Copilot Over 400 million users AI assistantFree
Midjourney 19.26 millionImage generation$10 per month (basic plan)
Gemini330.9 millionConversational and text generation AIFree (Has premium version)
Quillbot150 MillionParaphrasing toolFree (Has premium version)
JasperOver 105,000 active customersMarketing text generation$39 per month (Personal)
Leonardo AIOver 15 million peopleImage generationFree (Has premium version)
Perplexity AI 10 million active monthly usersConversational AI$20 per month

1. Microsoft’s Copilot (Handy AI chat assistant) 

Microsoft- Best Chat GPT Alternative

After its initial launch in 2023, Microsoft’s Copilot gained great recognition and became one of the best AI chatbots within one year of its launch. 

If you are a Being user, Copilot can be great because of the flexibility it gives you when searching using different terms. Also, you can generate different content like illustrations, designs, and instructions for precise work. 

You can even give extra instructions on your prompts to make the response more accurate and perfect. 

Best Chat GPT Alternative

What’s so great about CoPilot? 

  • Extra recommendations on giving responses to emails. 
  • Aids in handling professional tasks with ease. 
  • Uses natural language for information recovery. 
  • Enhance accessibility features within different Microsoft Office products. 

2. Midjourney (Best for creating illustrations and art) 

Best Chat GPT Alternative

Midjourney was launched in 2022, and some minimum capabilities. However, users found ways to make Mijourney an incredible tool for artistry and designing works. 

Unleash your imagination in Midjourney, as it offers some of the best ways to lay out your prompt and make any possible designs in minutes. You can add modifiers and version management to make your illustrations more accurate. 

You can make your designs from the official Discord server of Midjourney. There are specific prompting guides on their server, 

What’s so great about Midjourney? 

  • Makes unique art with different styles based on the user’s descriptions. 
  • Has a wide range of art styles. 
  • After the image is generated, modify any style within minutes. 
  • Make any refinement with extra prompts. 

3. Gemini (Unmatched for analyzing real-time web data)  

Gemini- Best Chat GPT Alternative

Gemini AI is considered one of the best chatbots for analyzing real-time data from the internet. ChatGPT has these capabilities, too, but they are not that great, considering Gemini. 

You can use Gemini to write research data without hesitation for its excellent real-time data analysis. Many AI chatbots will deliver you some pre-programmed responses, but Gemini analyzes your prompts and creates a unique style that suits your needs while conversing with you. 

We checked Gemini, and it performed pretty well-

Best Chat GPT Alternative

What’s so great about Gemini? 

  • Most unique and comprehensive conversation style. 
  • That’s a pretty fast response. 
  • Can adapt to different conversations. 
  • Best real-time data analysis 

4. Quilbot (Paraphrase, plagiarism checker, AI detector, summary maker, and grammar checker all-in-one platform) 

Quillbot- Best Chat GPT Alternative

Quilbot is not your typical AI chatbot; it is more like a paraphrasing tool. This tool can suppress 90% of paraphrasing tools and offers features like a plag checker, grammar checker, AI detector, and summarizer. 

Moreover, Quilbot is pretty fast and takes almost no time to paraphrase. You can also modify your paraphrasing through multiple modes: fluency, natural, academic, simple, and creative. 

Now that AI-generated content has skyrocketed, one of Quilbot’s main uses has been tracing down AI-written content, and it’s pretty accurate, too. 

Quillbot- Best Chat GPT Alternative

What’s so great about Quilbot? 

  • Different from the traditional AI chatbots.  
  • Incredibly accurate and usable results. 
  • Pretty fast. 
  • Basic features are worth the premium. 

5. Jasper (Best for content generation and copywriting for marketing teams) 


Marketing can be hard to understand and requires a lot of focus and patience to perfect. You have to focus on emails, social media posts, e-books, and more, which is why automating the marketing process is important. 

Jesper does that for you, but it’s more than an automation tool! Jasper uses the typical Natural Language Processing (NLP) to be completely aware of how things work and reach precise goals. 

With its unique functionalities, Jasper can help you craft video scripts, social media posts, emails, website copies and even generate different post variations. You will quickly and confidently get SEO-friendly content! 

What’s so great about Jesper? 

  • Content repurposing with ease. 
  • Automatic SEO analysis and content SEO optimization. 
  • Auto saves and revision after content generation. 
  • Brand voice optimization. 

6. Leonardo AI (Great making character designs and game assets) 

Leonardo AI is the 2nd image generator AI tool on our list; it’s undoubtedly one of the best in 2024. 

You can create anything with Leonardo AI, from videos to live photos and illustrations. One of its core features is video game asset and model development; just type a few prompts with precise modifications, and you can get the most accurate results within minutes. 

However, Leonardo AI can be a bit difficult to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy as a cake, 

What’s so great about Leonardo AI? 

  • Real-time canvas editing. 
  • Motion and video generating features. 
  • Negative prompts control. 
  • Thousands of pre-trained model libraries. 

7. Perplexity AI (Perfect for internet exploration) 

Best Chat GPT Alternative

Like Gemini, perplexity AI has an excellent track record for acquiring real-time data with the highest accuracy possible. It does a fine job generating content and can follow basic prompted instructions quite well. 

Perplexity AI can easily scour the vast web and collect credible data. The most collected data will also be comprehensive and up-to-date information. It will also share important sources to compare the information and do precise editing afterward. 

This tool can understand basic and advanced both types of instructions quite well, 

What’s so great about Perplexity? 

  • Equipped with several knowledge management features. 
  • Integrates with Youtube. 
  • Multi-language support. 
  • Lengthy content summarization 

Most Asked Question- What’s the difference between ChatGPT and Google Gemini? 

The most common differences are, 

Points ChatGPTGemini
Media Handles different media through specific tools Has multimedia model 
Internet access Has internet access for 3.5 and above Has internet access for all it’s models
Language availability ChatGPt can support 80 language Supports more than 40 languages 
IntegrationIt can offer a vast and extensive access to APIsGemini is integrated into different Google services and work spaces 
EmotionCan detect sentiment and tone on promptsGemini can adapt to sentiments and change it’s reply based on your prompts


Is Google Gemini free or paid?

Like ChatGPT, Google Gemini offers its older versions for free and a paid plan for its latest version. Gemini’s older versions have some great basic features, and you can quickly solve any problems. 

The premium subscription is a Google One subscription. By paying for the Google One subscription, you can get, 

  • Get access to Gemini’s latest version 1.5.
  • Have a one-million-token context window.
  • Access to Google’s newest AI innovations and features. 
  • Get Gemini in Google, docs, and more. 
  • Some other Google One premium benefits. 
  • 2 TB Google storage. 

Is ChatGPT 4 free? 

Apparently not. Developers made ChatGPT 4 a paid version because of incredibly high demand. However, you can access all its older versions without any charge. 

Is there a ChatGPT app available for mobile smart devices? 

Yep, ChatGPT is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The app is pretty much the same as the website version, and you can access all its features and capabilities in a much lighter version. 

Who owns OpenAI?

OpenAI is considered a research organization, established and founded by many researchers. The most notable ones are Ilya Sutskever, Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and Greg Brockman. OpenAI’s public benefit structure gives it advantages in driving advancements in AI technologies, ultimately benefiting humanity. 

Finish Your Projects Using Best Chat GPT Alternative 

Ultimately, which alternative suits your needs depends on what type of work you do regularly. If you are a professional writer, go for Gemini or, excellent for generating quality texts within seconds. 

On the other hand, if you are a marketer and need to post various social media posts regularly, you can rely on Jesper. It’s a pretty good AI tool for quickly creating blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, and white papers. 

If you are trying to make good art, character models, or illustrations, we recommend using Leonardo and Midjourney AI. Both have incredible features and easily create realistic-looking content. 

Finally, if you are comfortable using ChatGPT to perform your everyday tasks, then it’s totally fine. 

Good luck finding your own comfort tool!

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