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WP-Optimize Vs Autoptimize: Get The Best Plugin for You

A better optimization can lead your website to the top, so it might be a challenging decision if you are new to this. But thanks to WordPress, we have too many options to optimize our sites efficiently.

Among them, there is a dilemma in making the right choice. The trickiest war going on now is WP-Optimize vs Autoptimize. We have highlighted the significant details regarding these two plugins for a successful website.

Let’s know the differences together.

 What is WP-Optimize?

WP-Optimize Vs Autoptimize

WP-Optimize is an all-in-one plugin that efficiently cleans your database, caches your site, and compresses your images. This is a revolutionary plugin to lead your website to the top of search engines.

This is considered one of the fastest caching plugins, which will do all the tasks you need for your website optimization. It does all these steps in the following ways:

  1. Allow you to clean and optimize your database
  2. Gives you the option to compress your images
  3. Lets you cache your pages for a super-fast loading pace

What is Autoptimize

Autoptimize is another popular plugin, well-known for its simple and easy interface. This has made optimization really easy. Autoptimize is a performance enhancer caching plugin to do page caching.

With the available extensive API, you can select the optimization of the specific pages you need. This one has more than 1 million active installations. It does all the following tasks to optimize your site in a better way:

  • Can effortlessly aggregate, minify, and cache scripts & styles
  • Injects CSS in the page head by default but can also inline critical CSS and defer the aggregated full CSS
  • Moves and defers scripts to the footer and minifies HTML

WP-Optimize Vs Autoptimize: Which One is Better

WP-Optimize is a well-known plugin for its premium service, while Autoptimize is also a WordPress product known for its rapid pace. To help you decide between these two revolutionary optimizer plugins, we have organized this section in terms of the best features of these plugins. Simply go through the following info and decide which fits into your criteria.

WP-Optimize- Cache, Clean, and Compress

WP-Optimize is a fantastic fit for users looking for premium services. With its reliable free service, this plugin has several utilities that might serve your purpose.


i. Offers More Value

In terms of features and function, WP-Optimize offers more value. Considering the popular opinion, WP-Optimized has excelled in terms of swift optimization. The number of active installations of this plugin has crossed more than 1 million.

ii. Provides Backup Feature

WP-optimize has a backup features named UpdraftPlus, which ensure your precious files are kept safe. You can efficiently operate these backup and restore functions with a simple button for your convenience.

ii. Better Image Compression Mode

For better image optimization, you need compressed images. WP-Optimizer has a built-in image compression mode that will compress your images with cutting-edge technology. This assists you to rank better.

iv. Cleans Your Database

WP-optimize removes all unnecessary data and fragments and defragments your MySQL tables. This feature carries out weekly cleanups and retains some of the data during each cleanup. Once you enable it, this will run automatic cleanup weekly. On top of that, this advanced plugin shows the data statistics as well.

v. Creates Space

Due to frequent posting on your site, sometimes the feed gets clogged with posts. The Wp-Optimize automatically stores the new post-revision.

vi. Cache Pages

Caching can set a new dimension to your pages. Wp-Optimize functions with a swift caching feature that will help you load your pages at lightning speed.

vii. Combines CSS and JavaScript

Except for caching, WP-Optimize reduces the unnecessary content in terms of efficiency. It can combine CSS and Javascript to load non-critical assets after the main page loads.


  • The premium version is quite expensive.

Autoptimize- Aggregate, Minify, and Cache Scripts


Autoptimize is an essential and quick operating plugin that will help you to enhance your site’s performance effortlessly. This plugin has a lot to offer.


i. Amazing Performance

Regarding performance, Autoptimize is one of the best plugins after WP-optimize. This is also a WordPress tool getting popular for its quick maneuvering.

ii. Offers Free Version

Like WP-Optimize, it offers a free version with the vital features you need for optimization. You can easily use the free version to get your job done.

iii. Optimize Fonts

Autoptimize effortlessly optimizes Google fonts and scripts. This speeds up your page loading speed and keeps the central operation swift and clean.

iv. CSS Injection

This Plugin injects CSS in the page head by default, leading to efficient optimization of your page.

v. Image Optimization

It optimizes your website images in a quite professional way, thinking about the site loading time. They fix image optimization issues in no time.

vi. Unnecessary Code Cleaning

The more code your website has to load, the more it will get slow daily. Autoptimize knows which are the unnecessary pieces of code lines and removes them. It assists you to load the site faster.


  • Poor image compression
  • Lacks caching performance

The Bottom Line

Both of these Plugins are quite efficient in terms of their operation. WP-Optimize has always been the best for user approval, features, and functioning. It has won the war with exclusive caching and image compression technology.

While Autoptimize is an excellent fit if you care about solid performance. In the case of this plugin, you can use other caching plugins for the rest of the issues. But it doesn’t provide any extra services except optimization. Autoptimize is a plain and basic optimization plugin.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get an Optimizer Plugin

The Reason Why You Should Get an Optimizer Plugin

Now we have available plugins for all possible means. Plugins have made our life a lot easier. If you are confused about getting an optimizer plugin, you should not hesitate to get one. Because:

#1 Fast Optimization

You can optimize your website manually. But if you are not tech-savvy, then it might be pretty uncomfortable to handle. Plugins will save you on that. The optimizer plugins will efficiently optimize your website within minutes. In some types, you can even select the specific pages on a prior basis.

#2 Easy to Use

Another advantage of having a plugin is its easy operation. You can simply install and use it if it seems a bit tricky to you. You can always go for help.

#3 Cheap

Most of the plugins are free as well. Some of them are cheap at the same time. So why should you hesitate to get professional treatment at a low cost!

#4 Reliable

This coded feature does every step as you require. If you are familiar with coding, plugins will be your favorite toy. You can aggregate your preferred plugins with the codes and determine what needs to be done.

#5 Provides Other Utilities

Optimizer Plugins not only work as a simple optimizer, but they also efficiently clean your database. These plugins cache your site and compress your images. So, using a plugin is going to be a great help.

#6 Saves Time

Since manual optimization needs both time and effort, so if you are short on time, this is a blissful option for you. Simply get one and optimize your pages within minutes.

FAQ on Selecting Website Optimizer

Should I Use WP-Optimize?

It depends on what you are looking for in a plugin. You should use WP-Optimize if you want the following services:

– A simple and easy interface
– A plugin that enhances SEO on your website
– To Cache your site
– To compress your images.

Is WP-Optimize Free?

WP-Optimize is an accessible, reliable, and all-in-one plugin that provides fast and efficient optimization and other required services.

Why Elementor Slow Down Your Website?

Elementor can slow down your website If your WordPress site is programmed with poor hosting. Sometimes, the Elementor shows more outputs than your site can handle. In this case, it slows down your site.

If your Elementor site is stuffed with too many bloated plugins, unnecessary modules, cheap shared hosting, and not optimizing fonts, images, and third-party code, these factors will affect the loading time.

Is Autoptimize Plugin Good?

It matters what you are looking for in the Autoptimize plugin. It is good in terms of fast optimization. With a quick aggravation, this plugin enhances the loading speed of your site.

But is strictly limited to the optimization mode and doesn’t provide any extra features. If you find this helpful, this plugin will be an asset. Or it will be useless.

Is Autoptimize Better than WP-Rocket?

Autoptimize would be a fair choice if you care about performance. In respect of convenience and features, WP-Rocket would be a fantastic fit.

Is It Necessary to Have an Optimizer?

Optimizer runs several functions to get you an SEO-enhanced, fast-loading page on a search engine. But it’s not necessary that you have to have one. You can optimize your website manually as well. It depends on the choice you wanna make.

If you want to monitor every growth in your site’s optimization, follow the manual procedure. Because, with plugins, it’s automated and might not give you every single detail regarding the facts. 

But if you really want to save your time and want a sound operation, plugins are a great help. Install them and tap on the steps; your job will be done. So, the choice is yours.

Final Thoughts on WP-Optimize Vs Autoptimize

Every step you take for your website optimization should be calculated. So, choosing the best plugin is a crucial step to mention. Since both WP Optimize and Autoptimize are functional and efficient in their role, it’s tough to choose between WP Optimize and Autoptimize.

This article has featured all the reliable aspects you should consider before choosing between these two. The abovementioned details will guide you in getting your desired optimizer plugin.

All the best!

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