Woocommerce Filter Not Working!

WooCommerce Filter Not Working: Fix Your Website Filters within Minutes

Is one of your WooCommerce sites’ filters got disabled? For that, are you losing many visitors and customers who trying to make a purchase from your shop? If your WooCommerce filter not working, you are at the right place to fix this issue effortlessly.  

You can fix it within minutes. From this article, you will learn how to fix filter issues through some efficient hacks. To help all the WooCommerce site holders go through the filter issues, we have shared all the efficient hacks. To make your filters active again, Let’s read.

What is a WooCommerce Filter?

What is a WooCommerce Filter

WooCommerce filters are kinds of plugins that will let the visitors sort out their preferred product, like product attributes, categories, etc. These plugins will let you sort your product according to size, price, color, etc.

The Reasons Why WooCommerce Filter Not Working

You might be tempted to know why WooCommerce filters are not working. Well, the reasons are not clear behind these issues. But after a thorough analysis, we were able to detect the following reasons as the vital ones:

#1 Using Too Many filters

If you are too many filters in your WooCommerce site, this will add extra pressure on it. So it can be one of the major factors which make your filters inactive.

#2 Misleading Codes

Another reason why WooCommerce filters are not working is the misleading codes. This happens if you have inserted any wrong codes in your functions. You can fix this issue immediately.

#3 Visitor Traffic

Too many visitors hitting the site at the same time can make your website occupied. It’s an alarm that you should build a stronger website with better visitor handling quality.

6 Life-saving Hacks to Fix Your WooCommerce Filter

Since filter hacks can turn into many issues, so many people might experience different issues. That’s why we have featured the most common filter issues and the steps to solve them. Let’s read.

A) Change the Button” Filter” Position

A common trait in WooCommerce is the unusual shifting of buttons. In that case, you can simply solve this issue by following the steps listed below:

WooCommerce filter not working.

Step 1: Go to settings.

First, Toggle on the settings option and click on the button.

Step 2: Set the Button Position

Now, set your button position. But remember one thing, your site’s button should be placed in a place that is visible at first sight.

B) Set the Reset Filters to Choose Things Separately 

Some WooCommerce sites hold numerous products, but they often lack the criteria to categorize products separately. This makes things messy. In that case, a parameter is needed to sort things out. To fix that, do the following:

hide filters

Step 1: Go to the Advanced options.

First, go through the advanced options, and turn on the advanced option.

Step 2: Enable the Parameters

Now, click on the “display selected option”

C) Show All the Attributes

Sometimes, the newly uploaded product info doesn’t appear directly. It can happen if you have misled the codes or entered the wrong info.

entered wrong info:code WooCommerce filter not working.

To fix this issue, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Go to the “Products” option

Click on the products option and click on the edit menu of each of the products that you have uploaded lately.

click on the product option WooCommerce filter not working." 

Step 2: Click on the Update Option

Now,  open each product on a different tab and click on the update option.

click on the update button

Step 3: Check the Attribute list

Your job is done; go to the product list, and you will find all the attributes your visitor wanted to see.

Check the attribute list

D) Resolve Zero Filtering Result

It’s quite common to get “No results found” on a search. This is a drawback to running a business through a WooCommerce site. You can fix this issue easily by the following method:

no products found WooCommerce filter not working." 

Step 1: Go to the options.

Click on the options menu and select content from the pop-up menu

Step 2: Now enable the disable option from the content.

In content, enable the “show options without products as disabled.” So, you are done.

E) Attach a Progress Indicator

To make sure that the site is working properly. You need to keep track of the working load. Otherwise, user traffic will slow down your site, and you won’t even know. To keep pace with the progress, follow the steps listed below:

progress bar

Step 1: Go through the Options

Now, go to options and click on the Loader tab.

Step 2: Customize Your Operation

Select the overlay and loader functions to customize your site’s progress tracker.

F) Make the Product Filters Visible

If your product filters are not showing, this could be a major barrier to your WooCommerce site’s growth. Product filters are the face of your service. To fix this issue, follow the steps listed below.

product filters

Step 1: Update the Plugins

Update the plugins of your site’s active cache.

Step 2:Paste the Codes.

Now paste the following codes into the functions.php file of your theme

add_filter ('yith_wcan_use_wp_the_query_object', '__return_true');

Step 3: Empty the Cache

Now, go to your site and tap on the system status, and click on tools. Then empty the existing cache(If you have any)

G) Use WooCommerce Filter Widgets

The best way to deal with filter issues is to use a filter widget. We have sorted the 5 best WooCommerce filter widgets considering user satisfaction and market analysis. Here goes:

5 Best Woocommerce Filter Widgets

1. WOOF (WooCommerce plugin Products Filter)

WooCommerce plugin Products Filter is a search filter that lets the user filter products according to size, price, attributes, and product tags. This WOOF Plugin supports the latest version of WooCommerce. This plugin can be used as a product shortcode and widget as well. On top of that, this plugin works for 95% of WordPress themes.

2. Advanced AJAX Product Filters

This filter is the one that serves multipurpose tasks with one widget. With a newly designed checkbox and filters, these Advanced AJAX Product Filters add a touch of uniqueness. This plugin is more compatible with WordPress themes and plugins. AJAX filter allows shoppers to filter products according to product tags.

3. Themify

If you are looking for something smart, then Themify is the one. It will recommend you download and integrate it into the WordPress plugin. Themify plugin is completely free and lets the user filter products based on multiple filters.

4. Ultimate WooCommerce Filters

In terms of easiness, Ultimate WooCommerce Filters will provide you with a simple and quick way to set up this plugin. You can filter your products according, to size, shape, color, etc. This plugin includes a smart product search to provide a quick shopping experience to the shoppers.

5. Product Filter by XforWooCommerce

This AJAX-powered filtering plugin offers a unique level of customization to the users. This Product Filter by XforWooCommerce is packed with shortcode and widget support. Moreover, this filter provides user analytics that lets you know what your customers are checking.


Question 1: How Do I Show Filters in WooCommerce?

To show filters in your WooCommerce site, follow the steps listed below;
Step 1: First, Go to the Appearance menu bar and click on Widgets 
Step 2: Now, drag and drop the below-mentioned filters,
“Filter Products by Attribute, “Filter Products by Rating,” and “Filter Products by Price “
Step 3: Within a minute, your filters will be visible in the sidebar.

Question 2: How Do I Customize a WooCommerce Filter?

The appropriate way to customize a WooCommerce Filter is to use a customized plugin. To do that, follow the steps listed below;
Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard,
Step 2: Now go to the plugin menu, and click “Add new.” In the search filter, type “Woo Custom Filter Widget,”
Step 3: Navigate through the search plugin and install the preferred result. You are good to go now.

Question 3: What are Search Filters?

A search filter is a particular attribute a shopper can use to sort the search results of a specific product listing page, e.g., by size, color, price, or brand.

Question 4: How Do You Find Filters?

In the recent hyped apps, filters are mostly attached to the camera. So go to the camera option. Now click on the filters, and you will get your desired filters there. You can even install the trending filters from the web as well.

Question 5: Is Search and Filter Same?

No, both of them have different purposes. The filter allows you to create a list of your preferred list that has a common field. On the other hand, the search option lets you find your demanded outputs. So, they cannot be the same.

Fix Your WooCommerce Filter Not Working Now!

WooCommerce is undoubtedly an enormous platform to extend your business. But the filter issue can cause your potential shopper to lose interest in making a purchase. Here we have gathered a thorough analysis of why WooCommerce filters are not working.

We believe these solutions will help you to fix your filter. To make your site responsive, we have suggested the topmost plugin as well. Best of luck!

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