How to Use Grid Lines in Camera

How to Use Grid Lines in Camera: Know the Hidden 9 Hacks

Sometimes little hacks can bring breathtaking results in your photography, such as gridlines. Most apparently, this feature is one of the underrated remarks of the camera. Many people don’t even know about the breakthrough these equidistant lines can bring.

You may wonder how to use grid lines in the camera. We will show you how. In this article, we have featured A to Z about gridlines you need to know. Let’s start reading.

Why Would You Take Photos Using Grid

Photo grids have amazing benefits that can help you in taking great shots. Here goes the fact which describes why you should use grids.

1. Ace in Framing

Ace in Framing

Adding grids will help you to focus on the subject better. Gridlines will guide you to choose the best position for your focus. With those lines, the photographer will be able to match the Subject with the circumstances. In the case of portraits, straight up the major object with grids is one of the vital parts.

2. Makes Landscape Photos Better

Makes Landscape Photos Better

Gridlines are considered the most necessary feature to get a good landscape shot. Matching your horizon to the foreground will make you understand which shot is better.

Moreover, gridlines will guide you to choose the best frame.

3. Enhance Photos Level

Enhance Photos Level

On top of everything, straight lines will enhance your photo levels. It guides you to choose the best frame. These lines will assist you in matching the object with the lines. However, you will be able to avoid any kind of unevenness in your photos.

4. Improves Photo Composition

How to Use Grid Lines in Camera

After activating gridlines, this will highlight all over the frame to pick up the best shot. As a result, you will see the best composition. You can focus better on the entire photo. By pointing towards the point of interest, you can balance the Subject and the background. This results in rich photo composition.

Step By Step Guide to Add Grid Lines in Your Cam

Activating grid lines is not a tough job to do. You can easily add these straight lines by following the steps listed below:

Step 1: Go to Camera Setting

Go to Camera Setting

To activate this feature, tap on the setting option. First, choose the setting menu from the menu bar of your camera.

Step 2: Choose Grids From the Menu

Choose Grids From the Menu

Clicking on the Settings will pop up other options. Choose the Photos & Camera option. There you will find the Grid menu.

Step 3: Customize Your Grid

Customize Your Grid

Now select the preferred Grid you want to see in your workspace. According to famous photographers, it is wise to choose the Phi Grids. Moreover, you can customize the line number as well(Depending on your device).

How to Use Grid Lines in Camera: 9 Best Methods

1. Declutter the Symmetry of the Frame

Declutter the Symmetry of the Frame

Usually, photographers set the horizon centrally to create a symmetrical image. Especially when you are trying to capture the reflections as well, by breaking the rule of thirds, you can still change the position of your Subject.

Leaving your main focus off-center will create a wonderful impact. You can leave single-props like a leaf, flower on the corner to make it more eye-catching.

2. Better Vertical Alignment

Better Vertical Alignment

In the case of vertical objects, placing them centrally can make your photo composition poor. Even placing the object in the middle will cut off the vertical profile. To make the best out of it, it’s better to take the shot placing the object positioned along with the vertical grid lines on the left or right side.

3. Leave Optimum Space for Moving Objects

To make moving space more lively and realistic, you have to save a significant amount of active space. For example, if a person is walking, track the Subject from one corner of the frame. 

This will result in the optimum space for the object to make it more dramatic.

In that case, position the Subject in either the right or left corner of the grids. This will add to the extra tension of the moving scene.

Leave Optimum Space for Moving Objects

4. Focus on the Important features of the Subject

When you are taking a close-up shot, always ask yourself where you want to snatch the attention of the viewer. Always focus on the point you want to draw attention to. Try to make a balance between the details and focus. You can position the center at the junction of two gridlines.

5. Imply Rule of Thirds to Abstracts

Rule of thirds is a popular concept for photographers. While you are dealing with an abstract filled with patterns, light, and texture, you have to be extra conscious. Keep the Subject out of the center. Try to place the object along with the gridlines or at the junctions. Try to split the composition into one-third or two-thirds by placing the object wisely.

6. Leave Empty Space in the Frame

Leave Empty Space in the Frame

The empty space in a photograph is called “Negative Space.” Leaving negative space on a photo can make a simple shot extraordinary. The advantage of creating empty space is, it makes your image much cleaner and more meaningful.

When you are photographing a moment with a lot of negative space, align your object with one of the gridlines where two other lines intersect. Else your frame may look unbalanced and awkward.

7. Position the Eyes of Your Subject

In the case of shooting portraits(Either human or animal), eyes place one of the most impactful roles. The eyes are the attention center where the viewer will first gaze on. So positioning them off-center is the strongest composition ever.

If you are trying to highlight both eyes, position them on the top of the grid line. Likewise, place the face along with the point where the top and right-cornered gridlines meet.

8. Keep the Main Subject Off-Center

Keep the Main Subject Off-Center

If you are capturing a scene significantly, the placement can make a bigger impact on the outcome. If you are trying to emphasize the light source, try to place it on the point where vertical and horizontal gridlines meet. It’s not necessary to place the Subject in the middle of nowhere; try to focus on the frame that makes it more meaningful.

9. Focus on Naturally Balanced Composition

Focus on Naturally Balanced Composition

If you are shooting a landscape, the first condition is to choose the best natural composition. Considering the scene you are capturing, focus on the view you want as a result. You can keep the horizon at the top or bottom Grid depending on the view you want to focus on.

If you are trying to capture the sky or sunset, always try to fill the two-thirds of your Grid with the horizon.

Best Camera Grid Lines App

Regardless of the basic grid setting of your camera, you can install the more efficient grid maker for better results. In terms of features and user-friendly ness, we have picked the following:

1. Collage Maker

Collage Maker

Its powerful features and user-friendly menu makes it one of the most popular collage makers of all time. You can also decorate your collage with text, stickers, and doodles. This app was developed by Grit. Inc.

2. Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Photo Collage was first developed by BluePrints. It is quite popular for its amazing features. You can easily edit or decorate your photos here.

3. Finish Collage Maker

Finish Collage Maker

This is one of the best collage makers we have. This free app was developed by Unique Pixel Studio. The most useful feature of this app is, it places the photo using a photo grid. You can use unlimited photos.


How To Use Gridlines in Camera Android?

To use gridlines, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Open the Google Camera app and click on the downward arrow

Step 2: Tap on the gear icon from the resulting pop-up. Set the gride type and use it to shoot like a boss.

What is the Use of Grid Lines in Mobile Camera?

The use of grid lines will bring out a path-breaking impact on your photographs. You can use these straight lines to do the following:

  1. To assess the proportion of the frame.
  2. You can vertically align your Subject
  3. Gridlines help to capture a better landscape view by setting up the horizon.

How to Put Grid on Camera iPhone 11?

To put the Grid on your iPhone 11 Camera app, do the following:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app from the home screen

Step 2: Click on the Photos and Camera

Step 3: Tap on the Grid option from the popup menu.

How to Take Selfies With Grid?

Taking selfies with grid lines is no different from regular ones. This will give you better scope to focus on your face.

Ask yourself how you wanna see the output, then focus on the targeted spot. That’s it. Or you can make a grid with selfies through a collage maker app as well.

Final Verdict

Using gridlines might sound like a simple or trivial hack, but the result will shock you. Your little framing along grid lines can make your photograph much more impactful than the regular shots.

That’s why we have put all the effort into how to use grid lines in the camera. We hope now you have a precise idea to experiment with your view. Keep clicking!

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