Boost Your WordPress Speed Using Eazy Plugin Manager- how does voice search optimization works

​​Boost Your WordPress Speed Using Eazy Plugin Manager

Boost your WordPress speed with Eazy Plugin Manager, even though it’s a plugin management tool. You may think, how an administration tool can help me speed up my site? 

Well, there is no denying that plugins are the heart and soul of a website. So, we thought, how about a plugin that can manage other plugins and help users focus on different development tasks? 

In short, Eazy Plugin Manager sorts-

This management positively impacts the overall speed of the website. Let’s know how this works. 

Why You Need Eazy Plugin Manager

Simply, speed optimization is just decreasing loading time. In brief, speed optimization is performance improvement, development efficiency, and increasing website speed. 

Eazy Plugin Manager exactly help you improve your development efficiency. So, how does this plugin improves development effectively?

Lightweight that Doesn’t Interrupt Website Speed

Lightweight that Doesn't Interrupt Website Speed

Eazy Plugin Manager s entire folder is 272KB, the original file’s size is 20KB, and less than 80 code arrays. This size is crucial because the more extent a plugin has, the more code it has, resulting in website crashes, slow loading, and a decrease in performance. 

Plugins are just lines of codes that grant users specific functions and controls. Your website becomes slow when the plugins you add are oversized. However, plugins with fewer lines of code and small ones don’t affect the website. 

Inspect Other Plugins

Inspect Other Plugins

Eazy Plugin Manager’s active guard feature can check other plugins for any vulnerabilities. If any plugin is slowing your website or harmful, Eazy Plugin Manager immediately informs the user to take necessary actions. 

This plugin also security checks other databases for malware, viruses, or other malicious elements affecting your website performance. 

Save You Time 

Save You Time 

Its main advantage is saving you time. Every feature of Eazy Plugin Manager offers you shortcuts for plugin management. You can use these features to manage your plugins faster and think about other development stuff more.

Time-Saving Pro Features for Your Website

These are the features that make our plugin unique. Saving our user’s time was one of the focusing priorities while developing it.

1. Loads the Plugin List Easily

Generally, the regular plugins take a long time to appear in WordPress. But, with Eazy Plugin Manager, you can see all your plugins in a list with only one click. 

2. Bookmarks the Essential Plugin 

You can bookmark your favorite plugins and list down the essential plugins under specific sections. 

3. Bulk Selection

Bulk Selection

Eazy Plugin Manager allows the users to select as many plugins needed in a row. Now you don’t have to choose the plugins individually. You can select, delete and download all the plugins with a click.

4. Presents Plugin History

From the plugin history section, you can track the changes you have made. The history shows everything, including the plugins you have copied, deleted, or downloaded. If you are worried about missing out on something, the history section is here to help you.

5. Easy to Operate 

We primarily focused on the user’s experience and tried to make the UI as simple as possible. You can see all the buttons and functionalities on the dashboard. 

6. Version Management

The best part about Eazy Plugin Manager is that you can update all plugins with a click. You can also revert any Eazy Plugin Manager updates if you find any bugs or errors. 

7. Add Notes

Add Notes

Ever felt like you have to leave any additional massage on an unknown downloaded plugin? Worry no more because notes on Eazy Plugin Manager allow the user to leave any message to any plugin. 

8. Export/Import


You can export or import any plugins on different sites offline with the export/import feature. It saves you from the hassle of redoing every work from top to bottom. 


1. Question: Why my WordPress becomes slow sometimes?

Answer: Many factors can affect your WordPress site speed

  • Having too many unoptimized and oversized plugins. 
  • If your site contains too many plugins. (20 is the limit) 
  • Adding too many dynamic contents and animations will take server resources, resulting in a slow loading speed. 
  • Sometimes servers can’t affect your website’s performance. 
  • Absence of a hosting service. 

2. Question: Is it possible to speed up my WordPress site without plugins?

Answer: Actually, it’s impossible to speed up your site from its regular speed without using 3rd party services. However, you can try some methods to increase performance,

  • Using compressed images and videos can help you increase the loading speed. 
  • Use fewer dynamic elements on your site. 
  • Attaching HTML tags to the content will help you position in search results. 
  • Clearing server junk is also a viable way. 

3. Question: How can I increase my mobile-optimized site speed?

Answer: You can use the below tricks to speed up mobile optimization for your website, 

  • Using a hosting service. 
  • Go for a responsive theme that works smoothly.
  • You can use an optimization plugin. 
  • Less bulky elements like animations will slow down your site, so don’t add too many of the

4. Question: Does adding too many plugins slow down your website?

Answer: Yes, adding too many big plugins will decrease the loading speed of your website. Also, your website may crash, reduce performance, and create unknown errors. To have a fast website, consider downloading less than 20 plugins.

Also, try to avoid “swiss-army knife plugins” (Multi-tasking plugins) and download more single-task plugins, which don’t impact website speed.

5. Question: Does it has a favorites section?

Answer: Eazy Plugin Manager have a favorite section to keep all the essential plugins separated from the bookmarked ones. This feature comes in handy when sorting through many plugins all at once.

6. Question: How Eazy Plugin Manager use customer data?

Answer: We only use the user’s provided email address, password, and name. We don’t use any personal data with malicious intent.

7. Question: Does Eazy Plugin Manager only work with Elementor?

Answer: No, Eazy Plugin Manager is compatible with all major website builders like Divi, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Thrive object, and WP Bakery. 

8. Question: Is Eazy Plugin Managercompatible with the latest WordPress version?

Answer: Eazy Plugin Manager is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and higher. 

9. Question: Is Eazy Plugin Manager available in different languages?

Answer: Eazy Plugin Manager is only available in English. However, in future updates, we will add more languages.

10. Question: How many plugins can you manage with Eazy Plugin Manager?

Answer: There are no limits on how many plugins you can manage with Eazy Plugin Manager. As long as your website stays in one piece, it can handle an infinite number of plugins. 

What Are Your Thoughts about Eazy Plugin Manager?  

Yeah, our plugin is not the best in the world. But, we are trying our best to improve this plugin and service. We hope our plugin will help you save time, increase website speed, and improve overall performance. 

We are adding more helpful features and functionalities in the latest Eazy Plugin Manager version and continuously work on this project. Feel free to leave any feedback, thoughts, reports, or comments because it’s worth a lot to us. 

You can report a bug or error to our customer service 24/7 via EazyPlugin customer service

Have a good day ?

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