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6+ Best WordPress Membership Plugin in Early 2023 

With a WordPress membership website, you can showcase your creative content, sell a service, build courses, and more for a passive income source. 

There are plenty of WordPress membership plugins on the web, but you may not see all your preferred features in one. It just increases your search time. 

In this article, we curated the best WordPress membership plugin trusted by many users worldwide. 

  1. Ultimate Member
  2. ProfilePress 
  3. Members 
  4. Membership Pro
  5. LearnDash 
  6. WP-Members Membership Plugin 
  7. Restrict User Access

7 Best WordPress Membership Plugin 

The below plugins are all tested and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. 

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member- Best WordPress Membership Plugin 

Undoubtedly, Ultimate Member is one of the best WordPress membership plugins in the market. We had to give this plugin the number 1 spot on our list. 

It has every membership feature you can imagine, like registration, profile, content restriction, nav menus, login, user account page, and so on. All these features are drag&drop, making it perfect for beginners. 

Moreover, this plugin uses useful features like conditional logic for form builders that analyze user behavior to help you create perfect forms. 

Ultimate Member has a bunch of free and paid extensions that accomplish many small functionalities, for example, the private massage extension, which creates a private message system between users. 

The free extensions are free, and you can get all the paid extensions by purchasing the “All Access Pass” bundle. 


Best WordPress Membership Plugin - Profile Press

If you are looking for a tool that can help create a membership website with an effective recurring payment system, subscription business, and selling digital downloads, try out the ProfilePres membership plugin. 

ProfilePress is the ultimate solution for creating a beautiful membership website with perfect functionalities. This plugin has a handful of features, such as coupon systems, payment options, and custom front-end forms. 

There are different genres of forms like login password reset forms, registration forms, and checkout forms. 

The automatic registration login layout option helps users to automatically log in to their account every time they visit the website. With the same feature, they can also reset their password. 



Members work in a role appointing and content restriction-based plugins that can help you create a professional membership website in no time. 

It was solely created to divide user roles into different tiers and grant their account access, restriction, or any other state. Members can also make content visible to a specific group of people and lock the content for other users. 

Another exclusive feature is role cloning, which you can use to clone an existing role. This feature can be perfect for LMS (Learning Management System) websites with multiple admins and mods to limit their access.  

You can perfectly integrate the Members plugin with MemberPress to create the ultimate membership website. The MemberPress plugin adds another set of features, such as role hierarchy, admin access, ACF integration, role levels, categories, and privacy caps. 

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Membership Pro

Paid Membership Pro

Membership Pro is a great paid membership plugin that offers various features ranging from free to paid. Some free features work with premium features, like the Elementor plugin restriction. 

With this feature, you can block the functionality of Elementor or Beaver-based elements. It will not affect your website, a great way to shut down heavily loaded plugins that slows down your site. 

Moreover, Membership Pro can help you create a unique and beautiful design for dashboards, customized navigation menus, and content personalization for various account holders. Every customization looks explicitly beautiful.  

One of the best features Membership Pro offers is the specific member-only directories and profiles. This feature selects a particular group of members and gives them access to premium content, avatar, profile icon, and premium status. 



If you are looking for an LMS plugin that has exclusive features only dedicated to knowledge-based teaching, courses, and student membership, get LearnDash. This plugin is one of the best LMS (Learning Management Systems) and currently has 10,000+ active members. 

You can get any practical features to create the perfect LMS website you want to build. Add different functionalities, for instance, making a price model, individual user account, renewal reminders, payment system, and rewarding learner system. 

Moreover, you can customize your site’s look by selecting from 15 beautiful themes. All the themes showcase your courses more exclusively and beautifully. 

Another intriguing thing about LearnDash is the unique content management system, 

  • Drip-Feed Content System: This system allows you to deliver content automatically according to a pre-set schedule. 
  • User Management: With this system, you can create a group of learners, membership levels, and bulk user assignments in a specific course. 
  • Engagement Triggers: Take actions based on your member’s engagement. 

WP-Members Membership Plugin 

WP-Members Membership Plugin 

Most WordPress membership plugins have many features and use much space, decreasing performance and speed. But, with WP-Members, you don’t have to worry about space because of its less bulkiness. 

It is a lightweight membership plugin that offers features like other membership plugins. The part we like the most about this plugin is the registration holding for admin approval before any new registration starts. 

Besides admin approval, WP-Member has a content restriction, membership level, admin notifying system, multiple shortcodes, and menu item limiter options. Chad Butler created a complete user guide from downloading the plugin to explaining every functionality. 

If you face any problems with the plugin, you can contact their support team from the plugin page. 

Restrict User Access  

Restrict User Access

In membership websites, automatic functionalities are crucial because it’s hard to control everything alone. Restrict user access is a membership plugin that specializes in protecting your content from thieving and automatically usual membership tasks. 

This plugin can help you automate tasks, such as product purchases, user roles/levels/ states, logging as guest/ user, and BuddyPress member types. With these small things automatically handled, you don’t have to worry about disrupting your workflow. 

Restrict User Access uses shortcodes to protect a series of elements in your website from thieving. It sets contents into premium or regular to give access or restrict capabilities of single or multiple users. 

You can even restrict any content from a specific plugin and limit WordPress content from BB-press forums or multilingual content.

FAQs Related to Best WordPress Membership Plugin

Is there a free version available for MemberPress?

No, MemberPress doesn’t have a free trial period. However, they do give you a 14-day money-back guarantee. It’s a win-win condition because you will get a total refund of your money, even after using the plugin. 

What is a membership plugin?

A membership plugin uses functionalities to turn a regular website into an LMS or a membership platform. On this site, you can upload content or services and sell them to your members. 

How can a membership site help me earn money?

A membership website can help you in many ways, but mostly you can get a membership plugin for 5 things, 

  • Trust Building: A membership plugin is an excellent way to build trust and help a customer base. 
  • Creating Authenticity: If you have opened a business around a product, a membership plugin can help you build authority. In the present times, business authority is one of the best ways to attract new customers, turn them into loyal customers, and generate more sales. 
  • Loyal Customers: Your audience will stay dedicated to your service and push your business further. 
  • Community Promotion: You are promoting a massive community and your business too. 
  • Content Refining: A membership website can push to create excellent content and deliver new content regularly. 

How beneficial is a membership for marketing?

For marketing, you will need to hold present customers and attract new buyers simultaneously. A membership site allows you to retain old members and help generate a steady revenue stream for your company. 

What are the 4 ways to attract new customers?

These 4 strategies are the best ways to attract new customers, 

  • Networking: Networking is a way to approach businesses related to you, join events, and connect with leading brands and similar industries. 
  • Expertise Promotion: Publicly present your expertise in this area by joining events, webinars, and targeted customers. 
  • Online Reviewing: Getting online customer reviews is the best way to attract new customers because most people engage based on other people’s experiences. 
  • Business Improvement: No strategy will work if you are not constantly improving your business and offering the best products to your customers. 

So, which Best WordPress Membership Plugin worked for you? 

There you have it, our top list of some of the best membership plugins. For courses, we loved the exclusive features and functionalities of LearnDash the most. 

But it’s not like our preference will be better for your business. If you need a classic, better approachable plugin, then Ultimate Member, Members, and Restrict User Access are some of the best options. 

We hope our content was beneficial and will help you to select the best plugin for your business. 

Have a good day! 

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