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5+ Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress: Easy-to-Fill Form

Contact forms are essential to staying in touch with your website visitors. When a contact form is installed on your site then visitors will not have to search for any email address or other sort of contact info. 

The usage of a contact form can vary according to site owners. But before learning elaborately about best contact form plugin for WordPress first take a look at what we are covering in this article. 

  1. WPForms
  2. Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types
  3. Formidable Forms
  4. Ninja Forms Contact Form
  5. Metform Elementor Contact Form Builder
  6. HappyForms
  7. Jetpack Contact Form

What is WordPress Contact Form Plugin? 

WordPress contact forms are basically the way of communication between a WordPress site owner and a visitor, who has some query about the site or something it’s offering. Traditionally WordPress sites show contact info like email addresses and mobile no to communicate. 

But these processes are not directly connected to your site. A contact form inclusion can make a difference in this situation and give your site visitors the special feeling that you are connected with them.

Before you start searching for a contact form to install in your wp-admin panel, Let’s learn its core features. 

Features that Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Must Have

  • Template availability to create forms instantly. 
  • Option to include special fields like checkboxes and customized buttons etc. 
  • Way to migrate the form to surveys, quizzes, order forms, donation forms, and custom forms.
  • Flexibility to modify fonts, buttons, colors, and other elements. 

Other than these top features you have to think about your business and which features you will need on a contact form. Now without further ado, let’s see some short briefs about top contact form plugins of WordPress: 

7 Super Efficient Contact Form Plugin in WordPress Town


WP Forms- Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

WPForms is one of the most promising and impactful contact form plugins available right now. With WPForms you will be able to build a form in minutes from existing templates. it can integrate with your email service provider easily. WP form can be added as your booking collector and order payment as well. 

WPForms is a powerful WordPress contact form designed for even the most novice of website owners. Building online forms in minutes using one of the many pre-built WordPress form templates, this plugin provides all of the fields and features required to create your desired form. In addition, it easily integrates with your preferred email service provider and even configures to collect booking and order payments.


  • User-friendly drag-and-drop service is available for beginners.
  • This form supports Gutenberg. 
  • Instant notification is available to respond quickly. 
  • Easy to configure and create modified forms.
  • The free version is available to start using the plugin
  • Various documentation and tutorials are available for learning. 
  • Supports multi-page form creation. 


  • Advance features are only available in the premium paid version. 

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

Gravity Form

Gravity forms is a top-notch contact form plugin for WordPress that is highly specialized for customer support websites. This plugin has several features that other competitors don’t offer occasionally like file uploading options and creating multi-page forms. 

User-friendly drag-and-drop service is available for Gravity Forms users. With proper use of add-ons, this form can be used for creating quiz forms, user-submitted content forms, web directories, survey forms,s and lots more. 


  • Highly organized documentation files are available which include a beginner’s guide, add-on services, feature detailings, and much more. 
  • Pricing of Gravity Forms is justified at its range. 
  • Offers access to 30+ form fields. 
  • Form scheduling and the number of form submissions can be done with Gravity forms. 
  • This plugin supports email notifications, save now and continue later options. 
  • FAQ, knowledge base, forum, and email support these dedicated services are available for gravity forms. 


  • Does not have any free version. 
  • All specialized supports come at a high cost.
  • No live chat or on-call problem-solving is available. 

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Formidable Forms

Formidable Form

Designing versatile levels of forms is the specialty of the Formidable forms plugin. Pre-built templates, drag, drop services, and using premium add-ons comfortably are just a few features of this form. Visual form stylizer of it provides the option to give your form a specific style in every way. 

One of the most appreciated features of Formidable forms is its ability to show form data with views. Users of this plugin can see any data that has been submitted at the front end of the site. 


  • Drag and drop service is available. 
  • Option to create a form with up to seven field types. 
  • Smooth email notification service.
  • This plugin comes in both free and premium versions. 
  • Its powerful add-ons can help to make contact forms beyond a typical one. 
  • Possible to create smart calculators with this plugin. 


  • This form is specialized for advanced users and developers.
  • Beginners may face issues while using this form.

Ninja Forms Contact Form

Ninja Form

Ninja Forms is another contact form plugin that can be considered among the top ones. Both simple and complex form creation is equally easy with this plugin. Developers have a special option to add functionality using existing functions and the action hooks library. 

This contact form plugin is a freemium one that is available in free and premium versions. Users of Ninja forms will get an option to integrate with multiple web apps, payment methods, and email marketing-related services. With the Ninja Forms plugin, you can edit, and export every submission that comes through the form. 


  • This form’s free and premium versions can be downloaded from the WordPress store.
  • Ninja forms allow premium extensions like Freshbooks, SMS notification, Campaign Monitor, and much more. 
  • Community support facility is good. Email support and knowledge base are also satisfactory. 
  • Messaging with multiple people who work in the same organization. 
  • Customers form submission notification service. 
  • Detailed documentation about the plugin and its add-ons are available. 


  • All the extensions are premium. 
  • Purchasing multiple extensions or developer bundles is almost cost same. 
  • The price of this plugin and its extensions are quite high. 

Metform Elementor Contact Form Builder


Elementor-based only form builder available in WordPress is Metform. All kinds of contact forms, subscription forms, and feedback forms can be created by this plugin. Metform offers versatile templates and exclusive premium features that allow you to create eye-stunning contact forms on Elementor. 

The payment system of this contact form is highly secure. It supports all famous and trustworthy payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and more. Metform’s smart calculator feature offers its users to use math logic style. 


  • Comes with more than 40 Elementor widgets.
  • Build with Elementor page builder.
  • Allow users to add multiple segments through advanced validation fields. 
  • Thirty-plus pre-build contact form templates are available.
  • Shows email notifications perfectly. 
  • This contact form supports shortcode insertion. 


  • Specialized for Elemnetor only. 
  • The best features are accessible only by purchasing the premium version.



HappyForms is newer in this contact form sector compared to the others. The specialty of this form is, it is created in WordPress Customizer. HappyForms user is a friendly and to-the-point type form builder is very easy to use. All you have to do is select and click on specific fields and the contact form plugin will automatically add them to the editor. 

After the processing is done you will be able to review messages, customize the outlook of the form and save it. HappyForms comes in a freemium format. You can use the free version to check the features and if you wish to upgrade from there you can purchase the premium version later. 


  • Messages from the form can be sent to your email. 
  • Shortcode is supported so you can drop it anywhere like pages, or posts even in widget areas. 
  • You don’t have to learn new UI to use it. 
  • Spam protection is pre-installed to prevent unwanted messages. 
  • Messages can be copied to the dashboard. 


  • You will get only a limited number of features in the free version.
  • All the forms got the “powered by HappyForms” text in the bottom area. 

The Jetpack Contact Form

The Jetpack Contact Form

Jetpack contact form is like a one-stop solution for all contact form-related issues. It has the anti-spam feature for caching support. Jetpack contact form also has social media tools in it. It’s one of the most anticipated and installed plugins from the WordPress plugin repository. 

This powerful form brings free tools to arrange your contact form attractively. It’s one of the simplest forms that you can rely on. Because this plugin can get adjusted with other plugins. If you run a smaller business and blog-related site then Jetpack contact form is perfect for you. 


  • Backed by Akismet for blocking spam
  • Easy to design a form with Jectpack contact form
  • It’s free to install and use
  • One-click “form insert” button is available to create forms quickly. 
  • You will have access to send email notifications at any address you want.


  • It is simplistic and this can demotivate some users to install it.
  • Have fewer features than its competitors.  

Its a Wrap 

Contact forms are more than just a way to remain connected with your clients or site visitors. It shows how serious you are about your business and your professionalism throughout the website. After going through all the brief descriptions about multiple contact form plugins, you must get the basic idea. 

Now depending on your WordPress site category, visitors volume, and budget you can choose any of the contact form plugins from above. No matter which one you choose just remember to implement it in your website properly.

If you have any questions related to this article in your mind kindly let us know. We are always here with you to give you professional suggestions. 

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