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17 Best Website Security Monitoring Service in 2023 (Tested and Reviewed)

Are you concerned about how strong your website security is against destructive threats like malware, spyware, and data breaches? It is the best time to invest and apply maximum protection to your website. 

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Because according to Astra, a hacker attack is happening in 29 seconds. Any website on the web can be a target of ill intentions at any moment. It’s not just frequent; data scientists believe that hacking attempts and elements will progressively evolve and become stronger. 

In this madness, you can only protect your website using the best website security monitoring service. Millions recognize them and have the brain, might, and muscle to be countermeasures against any security threats on the web. 

Let’s explore some popular security monitoring tools and services. 

What is a Website Security Monitoring Service? 

A website security monitoring service is your first defense against strong online threats. It scans your website for vulnerabilities, flags suspicious activities, and often automates corrective actions. 

Beyond the standard fare of defending against DDoS attacks, malware, CSRF attacks, and hackers, these services can offer invaluable features like real-time monitoring, automated backups, and even post-attack clean-up and recovery. 

Moreover, they can also alert you instantly if something goes awry, allowing you to take immediate action. By integrating one into your website management strategy, you’re not just adopting a tool but investing long-term in your online presence’s safety, reliability, and credibility.

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How Website Security Monitoring Service Works? 

best Website Security Monitoring Service

A website security monitoring service acts as a specialized sentinel for your online presence, offering multiple layers of defense against myriad threats. Let’s break down how such a service typically functions, step-by-step, to keep your website secure.

i) Initial assessment

Right off the bat, the service carries out an extensive initial scan of your entire website. This scan identifies pre-existing vulnerabilities or security loopholes, creating a foundational baseline for all future scans. For instance, it may detect weak passwords or outdated plugins that could leave your site susceptible to attacks.

ii) Real-time monitoring

Just like a vigilant CCTV system in a physical store, the service offers real-time monitoring of your website. It keeps an eye on your website traffic, server health, and more, flagging any unusual activities or potential security threats.

iii) Threat detection

The service uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify various online threats, such as DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and malware. If an attacker tries to inject malicious code into your site, the service quickly recognizes and flags this anomaly.

iv) Automated actions

After detecting a threat, the service often triggers pre-defined, automated actions. These could range from blocking the originating IP address, disabling a compromised user account, or temporarily taking a vulnerable webpage offline to prevent further exploitation.

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v) Alert notifications

You’re kept in the loop through immediate notifications. You may receive an email, text message, or dashboard alert the moment a new vulnerability is discovered or an active attack is detected.

vi) Data backup and recovery

Many services offer robust, automatic backup solutions as an added layer of safety. In the unfortunate event of a data loss or successful attack, you can restore your website to its last secure state—akin to a life-saving “reset button.”

vii) Updates and patches

Regular updates and security patches are integral to keeping a website safe. The service often assists you in implementing these essential updates to your website’s software, databases, and plugins, effectively serving as an ongoing maintenance crew for your website.

viii) Reporting

In addition to real-time monitoring, you’ll receive periodic, in-depth reports that comprehensively overview your website’s security posture. These reports offer detailed insights into attempted attacks, successfully mitigated threats, and recommended action items for enhanced security.

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17 Best Website Security Monitoring Service

It’s hard (sometimes, even impossible) to recover from a robust cyber attack, so why even let them happen in the first place? You need to have full control over your website to prevent any issues later. 

With these services, we can guarantee that you can effortlessly defend against various kinds of online threats. 

1. Cloudflare


The first service on our list is Cloudflare, a perfect tool for website security, offering strong protection against multiple online threats. It pairs security with performance, ensuring your website is secure and fast. Its impeccable reputation is backed by positive feedback from tech experts and everyday users.

Highlighted features 

  • DDoS Protection safeguards your website against disruptive traffic attacks.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) screens harmful traffic before it reaches your servers.
  • The Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up website access for users worldwide.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption secures data exchange between user and server.
  • DNSSEC offers an extra layer of security during DNS queries, preventing DNS spoofing.
  • Rate Limiting curtails brute-force attacks by restricting the frequency of requests.
  • Bot Management effectively identifies and restricts automated malicious activities.
  • Real-time analytics provides timely insights into your website’s traffic and security posture.


Cloudflare offers a free plan with basic DDoS protection and a shared SSL certificate. The cost starts from $20 pro to $200 business, with a custom payment and an enterprise plan. 

Expert’s opinions

Cloudflare excels as a comprehensive security solution that doesn’t compromise performance. Its multi-layered security protocols make it an ideal choice for anyone serious about safeguarding their digital assets.

2. Wordfence


Wordfence specializes in WordPress security, providing perfect tools to shield your site from cyber threats. Its user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for individuals with little technical knowledge to implement advanced security measures. With a strong online reputation and high user ratings, Wordfence is often cited as a go-to solution for WordPress site owners.

Highlighted features 

  • Firewall Protection identifies and blocks malicious traffic.
  • Malware Scanner detects and removes security threats.
  • Login Security features include CAPTCHA and two-factor authentication.
  • Real-Time Monitoring offers instant alerts for any security breaches.
  • Country Blocking allows you to restrict access based on geographic location.
  • Brute Force Protection shields against login attempts.
  • Leaked Password Protection warns you if your password has been compromised.
  • Scheduled Scans enable regular security check-ups.


For pricing, Wordfence has a free version with basic features and a Premium version priced at $199 per year per site, which offers additional advanced features and priority support.

Expert’s opinions

In the eyes of experts, Wordfence stands out for its comprehensive, WordPress-focused security features. The service offers a balanced mix of usability and advanced protection, making it highly recommended for WordPress site owners looking to elevate their security posture.

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3. Site24x7


Site24x7 offers a holistic approach to website security, monitoring not just uptime but also various metrics that can indicate potential threats. With a global presence, the service is highly adaptable, catering to a diverse set of requirements for different businesses. The platform has garnered positive reviews for its all-in-one dashboard and customizable alert settings.

Highlighted features 

  • Real-Time Website Monitoring tracks the uptime and performance of your website.
  • Server Monitoring keeps tabs on your server’s health and performance.
  • Application Performance Monitoring ensures that your web apps are functioning smoothly.
  • Network Monitoring helps in identifying bottlenecks or security threats at the network level.
  • Log Management aids in the collection and analysis of log data for security compliance.
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring checks the status and validity of your SSL/TLS certificates.
  • Synthetic Web Transaction Monitoring simulates user interactions to check if your site is working as expected.
  • User Experience Monitoring tracks how well your site performs for actual visitors.


Pricing for Site24x7 is tiered, starting with a free plan offering basic monitoring features. Paid plans begin at $9 per month and can go up to $225 per month, depending on the features and number of monitors you require.

Expert’s opinions

From an expert’s standpoint, Site24x7 is an excellent choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one monitoring solution. Its broad set of features, paired with flexible pricing options, makes it a versatile tool for both small businesses and large enterprises.

4. SiteLock


SiteLock is a formidable force in website security, offering end-to-end protection to prevent various online threats. Recognized for its automation and real-time alerts, SiteLock provides peace of mind to website owners. It has earned solid ratings and reviews for its customer-centric approach and easy-to-use interface.

Highlighted features 

  • Daily Malware Scans automatically detect and remove malicious code.
  • Web Application Firewall protects against hackers and DDoS attacks.
  • Database Security ensures the sanctity of your valuable data.
  • CMS Security strengthens the security framework for WordPress, Joomla, and other platforms.
  • 360-Degree Site Scan performs a comprehensive audit of your site’s security.
  • Automatic Backup and Restore offers data loss prevention.
  • Real-time Notifications keep you updated on your site’s security status.
  • SEO Spam Scans safeguard your search engine rankings from spammy content.


SiteLock’s pricing is customizable, starting from $12.42 per month and scaling based on the number of sites and features required.

Expert’s opinion

Experts view SiteLock as a well-rounded website security solution highly suitable for businesses of all sizes. The service’s unique selling point is its focus on automating as many security tasks as possible, making it an efficient choice for maintaining good online security.

5. Norton Web Security


Norton Web Security is a trusted name that provides the best website protection against different cyber threats. Norton’s developers have decades of experience in the security field that carved out a reputation for reliability and efficiency. This service is particularly favored for its intuitive user interface and hassle-free setup.

Highlighted features 

  • Antivirus and Anti-Spyware feature to secure your website from malicious software.
  • Intrusion Prevention Blocks protect against targeted attacks.
  • Email Scanning functionality automatically scans all incoming emails for threats.
  • SSL Certificate Verification adds an extra layer of data security.
  • Secure VPN offers privacy when conducting online transactions.
  • Password Manager assists in maintaining strong and unique passwords.
  • Dark Web Monitoring alerts you if your data appears in high-risk locations.
  • Real-Time Threat Protection ensures ongoing website safety.


Norton offers a range of plans starting at $32.42 for the first year, with features and coverage options varying according to price.

Expert’s opinion

Norton Web Security is an industry staple for good reason. Experts laud its comprehensive features, citing the Real-Time Threat Protection as a standout. It’s a go-to option for those seeking in-depth, user-friendly website security.

6. Imperva Incapsula

Incapsula Imperva

Imperva Incapsula is a leading solution for website security, known for its unique feature set and high scalability. Companies of all sizes have been benefiting from its advanced security technologies. It brings an enterprise-level security posture, making it accessible even to small and medium businesses.

Highlighted features 

  • DDoS protection safeguards your website from distributed denial-of-service attacks.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) adds a security barrier between your site and potential threats.
  • Bot Mitigation ensures only human traffic reaches your site, reducing server load.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) accelerates website load times globally.
  • Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of user verification.
  • Real-Time Monitoring gives you immediate alerts on security incidents.
  • Traffic Inspection adds another layer to identify and prevent harmful activity.
  • API Security protects against vulnerabilities in application interfaces.


Imperva has a free trial period. 

Expert’s opinion

In the new era of website security, Imperva Incapsula stands out for its high level of customization and comprehensive DDoS protection. Experts often recommend it for websites requiring quality, multi-layered security.

7. MalCare


Malcare has earned its reputation as a dependable website security solution, particularly for WordPress users. It offers a range of features that combine robustness with ease of use. If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner, this could be the security solution you’ve been seeking.

Highlighted features 

  • Instant Malware Removal lets you clean your site with a single click.
  • Intelligent Firewall adds an impenetrable layer of defense against unauthorized access.
  • Off-site scanning ensures no server overloads, maintaining your website’s speed.
  • User Role Management lets you control access at varying permission levels.
  • Real-time monitoring keeps you updated on your website’s security status.
  • Automatic Backups ensure that you can restore your site anytime.
  • Login Protection defends against brute force attacks.
  • White-Label Solution allows you to add your own branding.


MalCare has a free plan and the pricing starts from $99 per year for a single website, covering essential security features like malware scanning and removal.

Expert’s opinion

From an expert’s standpoint, Malcare is particularly adept at safeguarding WordPress websites, offering a blend of speed and efficacy. It’s an excellent option for businesses keen on maintaining their site’s integrity.

8. WebARX


WebARX is an all-in-one web security platform that offers extensive protection features. Its capabilities span from firewall protection to uptime monitoring, making it a comprehensive solution. Geared toward web agencies and freelancers, WebARX is perfect for those who manage multiple sites.

Highlighted features 

  • Firewall Protection blocks malicious traffic, securing your website 24/7.
  • Uptime Monitoring alerts you if your site is down, ensuring constant visibility.
  • Virtual Patching fixes security holes in real time, even before an update is available.
  • Weak Password Prevention enforces strong password policies for better security.
  • Daily Backups lets you restore your website to a stable state quickly.
  • Security Auditing provides in-depth reports for compliance purposes.
  • Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of login security.
  • Automated Security Reports let you track your site’s safety over time.


WebARX pricing starts at $12.74 per month per site, with bundles available for managing multiple sites.

Expert’s opinion

From an expert viewpoint, WebARX offers a well-rounded approach to website security. It’s beneficial for professionals managing multiple websites, offering features that scale seamlessly with your needs.

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9. Astra Web Security

Astra Web Security

If you are looking for a well-recognized brand, then Astra Web Security is the perfect solution to keep your website safe from various cyber threats. It’s well-recognized for its instant malware removal and 24×7 monitoring. Astra Web Security is a top pick for small and large enterprises, offering a range of customizable plans.

Highlighted features 

  • Real-time monitoring provides continuous surveillance to detect and mitigate threats instantly.
  • Instant Malware Removal ensures that any harmful software is eradicated promptly.
  • Firewall Protection filters out malicious traffic, guarding your website day and night.
  • DDoS Protection helps your site remain accessible even under a Distributed Denial of Service attack.
  • Brute-Force Prevention safeguards against repeated login attempts.
  • Security Audits provide a thorough examination of your website’s vulnerabilities.
  • SSL Support secures the data between your website and your visitors.
  • One-Click Setup allows for hassle-free installation and activation of security features.


Pricing starts at $25 per month, offering scalable solutions depending on the size and needs of your business.

Expert’s opinion

In an expert’s words, Astra Web Security provides a comprehensive and easy-to-implement solution for web security. Its wide range of features are tailor-made to provide peace of mind in an increasingly risky digital landscape.

10. Quttera


Quttera excels in proactive website security measures, offering comprehensive protection against malware and other cyber threats. The service has garnered accolades for its deep website scanning capabilities. Businesses of all sizes trust Quttera for its efficient incident response and constant vigilance.

Highlighted features 

  • Deep Scanning Technology uncovers hidden malware and vulnerabilities on your website.
  • Real-time Monitoring consistently watches for malicious activities and potential breaches.
  • External Blacklist Monitoring ensures your website isn’t penalized by search engines due to malware.
  • Phishing Page Detection helps you avoid deceitful web pages that could harm your reputation.
  • Incident Response services are available around the clock for swift action.
  • SSL Support ensures data privacy between your servers and users.
  • Cloud-based architecture offers scalability and quick setup.


Customizable Alert Settings notify you of any concerning activity as per your preferences.

Pricing information is straightforward, with plans starting as low as $10 per month, offering different tiers based on your business needs.

Expert’s opinion

Experts highly recommend Quttera for its unparalleled scanning capabilities and quick incident response. Its diverse range of features offers a 360-degree security solution that is both efficient and affordable.

11. BitNinja 


BitNinja is a leading player in website security, protecting over 20,000 servers worldwide. Notable for its server-level security, it defends against a broad range of cyber threats. The service is highly reputable, providing immediate relief from security risks.

Highlighted features 

  • Comprehensive Malware Scanning identifies harmful code to secure your website effectively.
  • DDoS Protection mitigates large-scale attacks that could cripple your online operations.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) actively monitor and counteract suspicious activities.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides an extra layer of security against web application vulnerabilities.
  • Log Analysis helps in understanding security incidents and improving future measures.
  • IP Reputation Management allows for customizable whitelists and blacklists.
  • Real-time Attack Visualization offers insights into attempted breaches.
  • Automatic Script Injection Removal cleanses your website from malicious scripts without manual intervention.


BitNinja’s pricing starts at $12 per month for basic protection, with higher tiers offering more advanced features suitable for larger enterprises.

Expert’s opinion

Experts in the field commend Bitninja for its robust and versatile security solutions. The service stands out for its user-friendly interface and real-time defense mechanisms, making it a top pick for businesses looking for reliable security.

12. Acunetix


Acunetix is a pioneer in web vulnerability scanning, trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Its cutting-edge technology offers unparalleled accuracy in identifying security risks. By choosing Acunetix, you’re investing in enterprise-level security with a proven track record.

Highlighted features 

  • Deep Scans for over 6,500 web vulnerabilities, ensuring thorough examination.
  • High-Speed Scanning capabilities that do not compromise on accuracy.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools for compliance with international security standards.
  • Automated and Manual Testing options provide flexibility in security audits.
  • Out-of-band testing for detecting vulnerabilities not visible during regular scans.
  • Login Sequence Recorder for handling complex authentication schemes.
  • Continuous Scanning capabilities for real-time protection.
  • Integrations with Issue Trackers to streamline the vulnerability management process.


Acunetix offers a flexible pricing option and depends on the company. You can get a quote for the different pricing options. 

Expert’s opinion

Industry experts frequently recognize Acunetix for its precision and speed. The service is particularly praised for its ability to adapt to emerging threats, making it a must-have for any serious web operation.

13. Sucuri


Enhance your website’s defense with Sucuri, known for its security features. This service is a leader in protecting against hacks, malware, and other threats. Take advantage of Sucuri’s quick response times. When security issues arise, their team acts swiftly, minimizing downtime and restoring your site’s integrity. Trusted by thousands of organizations globally, Sucuri maintains a strong online reputation, proving that quality and reliability can indeed coexist in cybersecurity.

Highlighted features 

  • Provides a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block malicious traffic
  • Malware detection and removal to keep your site clean
  • DDoS protection ensures your site remains accessible
  • Zero-day vulnerability fixes for immediate solutions
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support for encrypted data
  • Performance optimization to speed up your website
  • Blacklist monitoring and removal service
  • Real-time alerting system for direct threats like SQL injection, malware, ransomware 


Sucuri offers a variety of plans catering to different needs. Pricing starts at $199.99/year for their Basic plan and scales up based on your specific requirements.

Expert’s opinion

From an expert’s perspective, Sucuri offers an impressive array of features that are not just robust but also user-friendly. Its comprehensive coverage makes it a top choice for anyone serious about website security.

14. GoDaddy Website Security


GoDaddy Website Security is your first priority if you want a cheaper option. Because the basic plan for GoDaddy website security only costs $3.98 a month. This budget offers you comprehensive protection, making it a must-have for website owners. Equipped with automated scanning tools, it identifies and neutralizes vulnerabilities swiftly, allowing you peace of mind for different security threats.

Highlighted features 

  • Comprehensive malware scanning and removal
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block harmful traffic
  • DDoS protection to ensure uninterrupted service
  • SSL certificate options for encrypted data transfer
  • Real-time security alerts and monitoring
  • Blacklist removal and SEO spam repair
  • Daily website backups for disaster recovery
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve site speed


GoDaddy Website Security pricing is tiered to fit different needs. For multisite, plans start at $3.98/month and can scale up to $12.08 monthly. 

Expert’s opinion

GoDaddy Website Security offers a balanced mix of functionality and affordability. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an optimal choice for businesses and individuals alike.

15. SiteGround 


SiteGround’s security services are one of the best for your website against dozens of online threats. You’re investing in reliability and high-grade protection. With SiteGround, you benefit from constant monitoring, ensuring real-time threat mitigation. Their reputation for excellence is backed by glowing customer reviews, making them a top pick among different website security services.

Highlighted features 

  • Advanced web application firewall for proactive security
  • Anti-bot AI system to detect and deter automated threats
  • SSL certificate integration for secure data transactions
  • Daily backups for your data, recoverable in a click
  • Malware scans and instant notifications for suspicious activity
  • Custom security rules tailored to your website’s needs
  • SFTP access for secure file transfers
  • 24/7 customer support with specialized security experts


SiteGround offers a variety of plans suitable for any budget. The basic security package starts at $19.99/month and can increase based on the company’s specific needs.

Expert’s opinion

Experts appreciate SiteGround for its reliable security measures that don’t compromise on performance. The service offers an intricate layer of protection that’s also user-friendly, making it a win-win solution for most websites.

16. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed server system that works together to deliver web content and resources to users based on their geographic location. Google Cloud CDN offers great protection against various threats to your website. 

Trusted by top corporations worldwide, Cloud CDN consistently delivers on its promise of an impenetrable website environment. The service is lauded for making high-level security accessible and affordable, ensuring peace of mind for website owners.

Highlighted features 

  • Real-time DDoS protection, identifying and mitigating attacks instantly
  • SSL/TLS encryption ensures secure data transmissions
  • Geo-blocking and IP filtering for enhanced security measures
  • Anycast DNS for optimized routing and low-latency delivery
  • Cache purging for greater control over content
  • HTTP/3 support for improved website performance
  • Serverless computing capabilities to reduce operational overhead
  • Comprehensive analytics for tracking and monitoring security events


Google Cloud CDN has a 90-day free trial and a money-back guarantee after it finishes. You can get flexible pricing by applying a quote. 

Expert’s opinion

Experts in the field regard Cloud CDN as a game-changer in website security. Its exceptional performance, coupled with state-of-the-art security protocols, make it a front-runner for businesses looking to invest in long-term website safety

17. cWatch


cWatch is a multi-layered website security service known for its comprehensive protection against cyber threats. Your website’s integrity and data are in safe hands. Reputed for its 24/7 surveillance, cWatch ensures that no unauthorized access slips through the cracks. With industry recognition and certifications, cWatch is a dependable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Highlighted features 

  • Real-time malware scanning and instant removal of threats
  • Advanced firewall protection for scrutinizing incoming and outgoing traffic
  • DDoS mitigation to prevent service interruption
  • SSL certificate support for ensuring encrypted connections
  • Intrusion detection system for monitoring suspicious activities
  • Secure backup solutions for data recovery
  • Threat intelligence feeds for staying ahead of new vulnerabilities
  • Compliance management for GDPR, PCI, and other regulations


cWatch offers a range of pricing options to suit different needs. Plans start at $17/month, going up based on additional features and support requirements.

Expert’s opinion

Industry experts appreciate cWatch for its depth of features and high level of customization. Its proactive approach to security makes it a wise investment for anyone serious about safeguarding their online presence.

8 Considerations Before Selecting the Perfect Website Security Monitoring Service

Considerations Before Selecting the Perfect Website Security Monitoring Service

Selecting the right Website Security Monitoring Service is a critical task that can significantly impact the security posture of your online assets. Digging deep and asking the right questions is essential to make an informed decision. Consider these questions before the purchase even happens. 

a. Does the service have good automation features?

Automation is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for modern web security. It’s crucial to evaluate if the service offers features like automated vulnerability scanning, real-time alerts, and auto-updates for security patches. Some advanced services even offer automated responses to specific security threats, significantly reducing the time it takes to neutralize a risk.

b. Does it have good defensive measures against threats?

Your chosen service should be more than just a virtual security guard; it should be a fortress. Look at the firewalls, the effectiveness of its DDoS prevention measures, and the thoroughness of its malware scanning protocols. Some services offer multi-layered security frameworks that can adaptively fend off different types of attacks.

c. How good is the customer support?

Good customer support is often overlooked but is vital. It should be available 24/7, with multiple contact channels— chat, email, or phone. The team should be responsive and knowledgeable enough to resolve your security concerns promptly.

d. If your website requires after-care, does it fulfill?

After-care is not just a nice-to-have; it’s often a requirement for dynamic websites that are frequently updated. Check if the service provides continuous security monitoring, regular vulnerability scanning, and maintenance options. Some services even offer automated weekly scans or periodic security audits to ensure ongoing protection.

e. Are you satisfied with its functionalities?

Don’t settle for bare-minimum functionalities. Ensure that the service ticks all your requirement boxes, whether it’s specialized features for eCommerce security, compliance monitoring, or detailed analytics. Some services offer modular solutions, so you can pick and choose the features you need.

f. Is it compatible with the ongoing technologies?

The service must be compatible with your existing technology stack for seamless integration and optimal performance. Ensure the service supports your content management system, whether it’s WordPress, Magento, or a custom-built platform. Additionally, it should be compatible with the server types and coding languages you employ.

g. What do the reviews and online ratings reveal about the service?

Never underestimate the power of public opinion. Online reviews and ratings provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and product reliability. Take the time to read through both professional and user reviews for a well-rounded view of the service’s performance and efficacy.

h. Is the service future-proof?

Invest in the future by opting for a service that is committed to staying ahead of emerging threats. Check if the company regularly updates its threat databases and security algorithms. Services that are proactive about integrating new technologies and features are more likely to offer long-term security.


How to check the security of a website?

To evaluate a website’s security, you should use tools like SSL checkers to confirm SSL/TLS configurations. Perform vulnerability scans with trusted website security tools and consider running penetration tests. Always check for the latest updates and patches, and review the website’s privacy policy for data protection measures.

What are website vulnerability scanners?

Website vulnerability scanners are specialized tools designed to probe websites for security flaws automatically. They check for various vulnerabilities like SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and insecure server configurations. It’s essential to your website’s security audit and ongoing maintenance.

What do you mean by CVE vulnerability scan?

A CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) vulnerability scan checks explicitly for known security vulnerabilities that have been publicly disclosed. These scans use a standardized set of vulnerability identifiers to test your systems. It’s a vital practice for maintaining up-to-date security measures.

What is in an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate contains crucial information for establishing a secure connection. It includes the certificate holder’s name, the certificate’s public key, expiration date, and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority. SSL is crucial for ensuring secure data transmission between server and client.

What are the 4 main types of website vulnerability?

The four main types of website vulnerabilities are:

  • Injection Flaws, like SQL or OS injection, where malicious code is inserted into queries.
  • Authentication and Session Management Flaws, which can expose user accounts.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) affects users who visit a compromised page.
  • Insecure Direct Object References, where unauthorized access is granted to files or data.

Start Using Website Security Tools from Today

If you have a previous history of cyber attacks on your website, even once can be an indicator for repetitive attacks in the future. Your site will remain vulnerable for a long time. 

But, you can set protection on your website with a security service and prevent these future attacks from ever happening. You already invested a lot of time, money, and power to build your precious site, so why not future-proof it with a bit more? 

Protecting your site benefits your business online, keeping your livelihood secured, and positively safeguards your country’s remittance generation from cyber attacks. 

Let us know if you have any other queries on this topic. Remain safe from online threats! Thank you.

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