Benefits of WordPress Maintenance

What are the Benefits of WordPress Maintenance? 

Are you satisfied with the overall performance of your website, or do you want more from it? WordPress maintenance can help you find answers to both of these questions. In short, WordPress maintenance is a key aspect of managing and performing every website-related task by its owner. So, if you have completed work and tasks for your site, it is pretty much considered WordPress maintenance. 

If performed correctly, WordPress maintenance can be a great way to reap amazing benefits for your own website and continue its improvement. 

Let’s see how you can enjoy these benefits of WordPress maintenance and ways to achieve them. 

What is WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress maintenance involves handling your website’s daily activities, performing site tasks, overseeing any updates, keeping the site running, and implementing any new strategy to improve it further.

In this matter, the key players are The performer = The owner, The element = The website, The management process = WordPress maintenance

One of the crucial aspects of WordPress maintenance is upgrading themes and plugins. With regular updates, you are ensuring compatibility with WordPress’s latest version and protection against strong vulnerabilities created by hackers. 

How Does a WordPress Maintenance Service Work?  

White Label WordPress Maintenance Services

The entire management operation of WordPress maintenance can be so overwhelming that it’s nearly impossible for a single person to handle all tasks at once. Here is where WordPress maintenance services come into play. 

They are a maintenance service designed to keep your website running smoothly by performing essential tasks on your behalf. These services can handle all website updates, monitoring, security, and optimization-related tasks. 

If you operate a large-scale business through your website, consider hiring a WordPress maintenance service like Valet, WP Maintainer, GoWP, or Maintain. 

WordPress maintenance services can work based on different tasks of your website like 

  • Backing Up your website’s files and database. 
  • Using security plugins and monitoring them. 
  • Keep your database clean and optimized. 
  • Checking for broken links. 
  • Review all types of website analytics. 
  • Be aware of maintenance mode and use it if needed. 
  • Refresh and update content regularly.

According to HubSpot, website maintenance costs $400 to $600 annually. This cost depends on the size of your business or web-based operation. 

7 Benefits of WordPress Maintenance in 2024

Best WordPress Plugin for speed- Benefits of WordPress Maintenance

Perfectly executing WordPress maintenance can give you so many incredible benefits and also make your website future-proof for any sudden change on the web.  

1. Enhance security for your website

Security is an important aspect of a website. Regularly maintaining website security strengthens your site’s defense capabilities against stronger threats. You will also need to keep your software, tools, and plugins updated so that you can maintain that prime security condition. 

So, you eventually make your management process pristine by enhancing your security. Implementing good security scans and monitoring helps you solve vulnerabilities before they become serious issues, ensuring your site remains safe and secure for your users.

2. Improve website performance

Regular maintenance can help your website run smoothly and perform better for users. You can maximize the speed at which your website loads content, address issues that may be slowing down your site’s loading speed, or adapt to new strategies to maximize your website’s overall performance. 

Every normal maintenance step you take is directly connected to optimizing your website for speed and performance.

For example, one maintenance task can involve compressing large image files to make them load faster so users can access your content quickly and effortlessly.

3. Boost SEO rankings

One of the most crucial ranking factors for a website is continuous development and how well it’s performing on a regular basis. A website that was performing well 10 days ago but doesn’t have the same performance at the current time will definitely lose its rank. 

Any website needs to constantly update, post content, and fix broken links to remain in a better ranking position in the SERPs. Well, 90% of websites with content ranking between 1 and 10th position regularly update and monitor changes in their website. 

WordPress maintenance can significantly boost your SEO and help you maintain a good ranking position in Google. 

4. Ensure compatibility with new features

Your site must remain compatible with WordPress’s new features and all its plugins and themes. Staying compatible gives you a competitive advantage over competitors. Also, your site can perfectly integrate different functionalities with WordPress core features. 

WordPress updates and adds new features every month. The WordPress repository holds over 59,000 plugins and 12,335 themes, making it one of the biggest banks for usable plugins. 

By performing WordPress maintenance tasks like updating to version 6.5.3 and keeping your site compatible with its features, you ensure a synchronized development with WordPress.   

5. Prevent website downtime

Just imagine you had downtime at a festivity when most small business websites see their highest traffic of the year! Downtime can be dangerously bad for business. According to Popupsmart, a web page’s downtime can negatively affect a page’s SEO by 30%. 

If you own a small business and run all your operations online, try to keep your Website maintenance going. Proper maintenance can decrease downtime by up to 70%; the rest depends on your hosting service, software glitches, or any kind of hardware failure. 

With professional-level website maintenance, you can quickly restore your website to functionality after a sudden downtime. 

6. Enhance user experience

Your website must guarantee user experience because it can be the key to engaging and encouraging visitors to explore your site further. Any updating or adding new features or elements to your WordPress website can fall under maintenance tasks. For example, improving the usability and accessibility of your website can create a positive browsing experience for your audience.

Enhancing your website’s navigation menu, speeding up the checkout process, or decreasing loading time can make it easier for users to find what they need and complete desired actions. 

7. Save time and money in the long run

Proper and correct investment is a crucial part of building a website because you may need to spend a lot of money on purchasing services like domain, hosting, and tool subscriptions. Also, keep in mind that you have to invest in your site continuously, which can cost from your side. 

However, properly using WordPress maintenance can decrease your yield by significant cost and time savings over the long term. Address potential problems like downtime and emergency fixing costs that may occur if maintenance is neglected. 

For example, why not update your site’s software and monitor its performance on a regular basis? This can prevent major failure and allow you to focus your resources on growth. 

Perfect Your WordPress Maintenance Using Eazy Plugin Manager 

Introducing Eazy Plugin Manager for Your WordPress Website- benefits of using Eazy plugin manager

We bring you Eazy Plugin Manager, a plugin management tool that helps you organize, control, and perform important plugin-related tasks using its effective features. Here are a couple of ways Eazy Plugin Manager can help with your WordPress maintenance tasks. 

> Eazy Plugin Manager can save you time 

There are many many WordPress maintenance tasks that require your precious time to complete. Especially if you have installed many plugins on your WordPress account, you might need a lot of time to find the right one because of the many Ajax processes behind search functionality on WordPress plugins.  

But, with the Instant search feature of the Eazy Plugin Manager, you can search for any plugin lightning fast. All you have to do is put the first word of the plugin name, and it should appear in seconds. 

> Update all your plugins with only 1 click  

Handling plugin updates is one of the major tasks for your website maintenance, but you may need to go through each and every plugin separately. There is no built-in bulk action in WordPress plugin options. 

But with Eazy Plugin Manager, you can select and update all your plugins simultaneously. It’s that easy!

> Optimize plugin assets 

Don’t always expect your website to be fast and perform better, but it can be hindered by hidden plugin assets. These assets can slow down your site! 

Eazy Plugin Manager has many more advanced features, like plugin asset optimization, that lets you disable any plugin’s unessential assets and makes your website lightning fast. 

No more scrolling through thousands of codes; just imagine blocking a plugin’s unnecessary assets by clicking a few buttons and adding some rules! It’s that easy.

> Bookmark your plugins with ease 

While performing your WordPress maintenance tasks, you might want to have a personal inventory of your favorite plugins. 

Eazy Plugin Manager gives you the perfect solution for customizable and functional inventory. The bookmark features add a short Bookmark option in each of your downloaded plugins-

Bookmark feature of Eazy Plugin Manager- benefits of wordpress maintenance

Clicking on Bookmark will automatically bookmark it to EPM’s bookmark section! Awesome right  

This functionality can save you a lot of time, hence allowing you to focus on more important maintenance tasks. 

> Other features connected to WordPress maintenance 

You might need to have different features based on your maintenance tasks, but doing all of them 1 by 1 can be quite time-consuming and unnecessary. 

Why not use Eazy Plugin Manager? This tool offers a combined interface with different features that let you remotely manage your plugins, lock plugins, check out plugin history, bulk install plugins, and download any bookmarks for your plugins. 

Well, this tool lets you handle plugins like you handle books in a library!  


Why do I need a WordPress maintenance plan?

Handling WordPress maintenance can be impossible, so a WordPress maintenance service or plan can ensure your site remains secure, updated, and optimized. It also enhances performance, prevents downtime, and boosts your site’s SEO. 

What is the maintenance cost for a company website?

A basic maintenance plan can cost up to $50/month, and with advanced security plans and quality customer support, it can be up to $200/month. However, the price can be even higher for big company websites and online platforms. 

Can you estimate the maintenance cost?

Maintenance costs depend on the type of tools or services you use, but if you buy a maintenance service with their premium plan, consider spending at least $100 to $200 per month. The cheapest service can cost only $20 to $30.   

What is the maintenance mode in WordPress?

Maintenance mode is a temporary fixing status. Visitors will see a notification when your site is in maintenance mode, which will be shown momentarily. It informs consumers that the site is undergoing important maintenance, preventing an unpleasant experience.

What is the 10% rule in maintenance?

The 10% rule suggests transferring 10% of your site’s development cost to an ongoing maintenance process, ensuring security, updates, and functionality over time.

Perfect Your WordPress Maintenance Using Eazy Plugin Manager 

WordPress maintenance can have a broad meaning, but for website owners, it is pretty much-taking care of the website. A baby requires much attention, love, and supervision to grow continuously big and strong. 

Same for websites, the better you perform the website maintenance tasks, the better it will perform and continue performing for a long time. 

Thank you for reaching this far!

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