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6 Great WP Rocket Free Alternative Options for Efficient Website Optimization

WP Rocket is undoubtedly a perfect caching plugin for any website with bad SEO and performance. It offers excellent functionalities that can efficiently boost any website’s speed. 

But, in 2022, many good WP Rocket free alternatives that WP Rocket’s features and price don’t feel fair anymore. We mean $49-$249/month or year limit feels too high when you can get all its features and more with less price. 

You will not believe that there are so many better options available to grab, also being reasonable with the price (most are free). Plus, there is no hassle in changing when the price and features are fair. 

Below, we shared the importance of a caching plugin and some of the best WP Rocket alternatives in 2022. 

Let’s get on with it. 

How Can A Caching Plugin Help Boost Your Website?

Caching plugins have many functions and features that dramatically improve your website’s overall performance. Plus, most caching plugins are cheap and have fewer impacts on a website. 

Let’s know about some significant benefits you will get from installing a caching plugin. 

#1 Increase Website’s Conversion Rate

If you have a business online, you will probably want to turn your visitors into customers as much as possible. A conversion is a term that occurs when a visitor finishes a predetermined action on your website. All business-related websites have only one purpose, and that is conversion. 

Here is a list of some predetermined actions developers want from their users and visitors, 

  • Signing up for a forum. 
  • Response from an email. 
  • Buy a product. 
  • Create an account. 
  • Leave a comment, or reply. 
  • Engage in a conversation. 
  • Share the blogs. 

A caching plugin can boost any low conversion rates in seconds. Well, most conversion failures happen because of the poor response time from websites. Caching plugins can lower that response time and present the website remarkably fast. 

#2 Improve Website Performance

Caching plugins are technically optimization plugins. Any optimization plugins have many enable-disable buttons that give the users options on many aspects like CSS files, de-fragmentation of MySQL files, and lazy loading of contents. 

Many optimization plugins also can help your site remain visually consistent throughout extended periods. These modifications influence the website’s loading speed, efficient caching, instant page, and seamless dynamic content showcasing. Hence, ultimately improving your website’s performance. 

#3 Improve SEO 

Caching plugins have a slight influence on your website’s SEO. They increase the website quality by improving a website’s overall performance. 

Quality is determined by performance, content, SEO implementation, and positioned servers. Websites with a better quality get prioritized by Google ranking factors and rank higher than the same website types. 

Plus, fast websites get more priority than slow websites, even if they don’t have much SEO-reliant content. 

#4 Gives Users Satisfaction 

Any website’s fundamental objective is to improve the visitor experience. Good conversion is only possible through perfect customer satisfaction. 

Cached websites load all the crucial files in the user’s browser. Hence, revisiting the same site will take less time than the previous visit. Also, this process helps the user save time and bandwidth, ultimately improving the user experience. Who would not love to visit a fast website? No one. 

According to a survey by Unbounce, 70% of customers lose interest in buying from a website that has a slow page loading speed. Almost 50% of marketers will remove animation and dynamics for speed. 

#5 Give Access to Hidden Controls 

Caching plugins can give you access to inside controls that developers need to access through coding. Most enabling features and cleaning junk files are some examples of these controls. 

With a caching plugin, you can enable, disable, or clear any junk from the server site with one click. 

6 Best WP Rocket Alternative Caching Plugin in 2022

The plugins below have some quality features and work perfectly with any website. Moreover, they also have good customer reviews and ratings in WordPress. 

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is Compatible with many types of hosting services like shared, virtual private, VPS, and cloud hosting. 

Unique Caching System 

W3 Total Cache can perform general website caching in any situation and network. Plus, Total cache also prioritizes crucial elements like minified/compressed pages/posts, CSS/JavaScript memory, search result pages, memory objects, and other website elements. 

What feels the most fascinating about W3 Total Cache is the different caching methods it applies, like Redis, XCache, APC, and Memcached. 

Supports Instant Page

With Total Cache, you can create instant pages that load 3-times faster than regular pages. Instant pages significantly load less than 100 ms and present any element at light speed. 

Highlighted Features 

  • SSL/TLS support. 
  • JavaScript, MySQL, and HTML code minification. 
  • Lazy load images. 
  • Cache-control features, like “cache-busting”
  • Reverse proxy integration. 
  • Insight control panel. 

2. Super Page Cache

Super Page Cache

Super Cache can easily integrate with the Cloudflare tool. It means if you have a free Cloudflare account, Super Cache enhances Cloudflare, giving an edge to its users. 

Location-Based Speciality

Super Cache has 200 CDN locations (Works in other non-listed areas) provided by Cloudflare. Visitors from these locations can be on another side of the world. 

However, they will not get any interruptions or delay in loading speed because your webpage will always load from a visitor’s nearest location. Plus, this feature will be applied to any file type like static and HTML. 

This location-based CDN is a valuable feature and can open endless marketing possibilities for any website. 

Cloudflare Worker Solution

With the Cloudflare worker solution, you don’t need a cache-buster for cleaning pages. This process is more efficient than any query strings for cache-busters. 

Highlighted Features

  • Disk-level fallback cache system. 
  • AVIF support. 
  • WooCommerce and EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) integration. 
  • Export/import plugin settings. 
  • WordPress core version compatibility. 
  • Machine learning comparison. 

3. SiteGround

SiteGround can easily optimize Google fonts with the font optimization feature. 

Website Speed Testing 

SiteGround optimizer plugin has a website speed testing feature that you can use to check your website’s performance and speed. This feature uses Google’s PageSpeed Insights to show the insights. 

To do the test, go to the “speed test” tab and press analyze. You can efficiently check the level of optimization and performance through this functionality. The speed test is area-based and shows precise information for different areas. 

WebP Image Configuration 

The most helpful feature of SiteGround is how easy it makes the process and showcases images in WebP format. 

WebP is a modern image format that offers efficient image compression for web images. With WebP image format, you create images that take less space but have the exact resolution.  

With SiteGround, you can automatically compress your media library’s uploaded images in WebP format. SiteGround also has an option for compressing existing images on your website. 

Highlighted Features

  • Lazy load sup-options. 
  • Site optimization dashboard. 
  • Supercacher tab. 
  • Cache purge. (Manual) 
  • Exclude option of posts/page/URL. 
  • DNS prefetch. 

4. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler can create frontend static HTML files and store them in the server disk. This process can stop the delay in generating new pages in every load by bypassing heavy resourceful backend processes on WordPress core. 

Cache Expiration

There is a limit to how cache files can remain in the user’s browser. When the cache data’s expiration date matches the header value, the cached data will be counted as expired. Plus, browsers give control to their users to clean and remove cache data manually. 

The cache enabler can’t control the cache cleaning process of the browser but extends the cache’s remaining time. This plugin also displays detailed insights about the cache expiry date and remaining expiration time. 

Cache Size 

Cache Enabler will show you how much data your website has cached. It also shows the amount of your website posts, visitor actions, and page. 

Highlighted Features

  • Automatic cache clearing. 
  • WebP format. 
  • HTML, Javascript, and CSS code minification.
  • Custom post type. 
  • Cache behavior sub-options. 
  • WordPress multisite network. 

5. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache has a simple caching feature that can do all the crucial caching without further customization. All you have to do is enable the feature. 

Good Optimization Plugin

WP Super Cache can increase your website’s speed dramatically. We tested it by Google PageSpeed Insights and saw some great results. For the mobile platform, the score was 71%, which is decent but better than some caching plugins like Brolabs, Hyper Cache, etc. 

However, for the desktop version, WP Super Cache scored 91%, which is better than average and the highest possible result without any hosting service. 

Simple UI Settings And Sub-Settings

WP Super cache’s UI is pretty simple to understand and easily manageable. You have like 7 options to control your caching process. All the main settings have sub-settings and enable-disable options. 

  • Manual page compression. 
  • Pre-determined cache options. 
  • Efficient garbage collection cleaner. 
  • Cache rebuild. 
  • CDN support. 
  • Cache test option. 

6. Autoptimize


Autoptimize offers the best customer support possible. Their customer service has a 100% support ticket reply ratio and can solve any reported problem in 24 hours. 

Fastest Website Speed Possible

If you have a relevantly static website that focuses on more information than dynamic elements like animation, video, and audio, you should definitely get Autoptimize. Autoptimize guarantees the fastest desktop website speed possible. 

We checked Autoptimize with Google Page speed insights and got some remarkable results. Autoptimize scored 98% on the mobile version and 100% on the desktop version. This plugin currently has 1 million users globally and 90% positive reviews in WordPress. 

SEO Friendly

By speeding up your site, Autoptimize improves your overall website performance. This plugin also significantly decreases your website’s lab data points,

  • First, contentful paint. 
  • First meaningful paint. 
  • Speed index. 
  • Interactive time. 
  • CPU idol
  • First potential input delay. 

The lower the above numbers are, the better your website will perform in the Google search engine. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Lazy load image. 
  • Data backup. 
  • Plugin audit. 
  • Cache preloading. 
  • Cache wrapping. 
  • CSS, JS, and HTML settings. 

Related FAQ on WP Rocket Free Alternative

1. Question: Is there a free version of WP Rocket?

Ans: WP Rocket doesn’t offer a free or trial version. However, they do have a 14-day refund policy from the day of purchase. 

2. Question: What is Prafmatters?

Ans: Praffmatters is a WordPress optimization plugin that performs optimization tasks like caching files, cleaning junk, disable-enable unwanted options, speeding up the website, and improving overall performance. 

3. Question: Can plugins slow down your WordPress site?

Ans: WordPress will increase loading time for every code added to the system. Plugins are basically combined codes that function together to achieve an objective. So, adding plugins will decrease your website’s loading speed. 

However, it depends on how many plugins you add and plugin quality. If you add good plugins and have a limit, then your WordPress site shouldn’t lose speed. 

4. Question: Is WP Rocket necessary?

Ans: WP rocket is a pretty good optimization plugin for any site. But, you will see many decent options, which are better than WP Rocket, and offer more premium features. 

However, if you are satisfied with WP Rocket’s performance, stick with it. It’s totally up to you. 

5. Question: How many plugins is too much for a site?

Ans: For an average website, 20 or less is the best number of plugins you can use on your WordPress site. More than 20 plugins can cause data breaches, poor performance, affect SEO, and even site crashes. 

Which WP Rocket Free Alternative Should I Select? 

All these alternatives will work perfectly with any site. All you have to do is select the suitable customizing options and settings with your website. 

For the selection, you can prioritize image compression and the lazy load feature as a buying point. If your multipurpose caching/optimization plugin has image compression, then you don’t have to get an additional image optimization plugin for your website. 

The noted alternatives are performing exceptionally well in 2022, but it’s best not to limit our vision. Try out some mention-worthy options like Hyper Cache, Brolabs, and WP Fastest Cache. 

Did we miss any WP Rocket free alternative? Share your thoughts in the comments. If you like review articles, follow our website for future content.

Have a nice day. 

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