Why seo doesn't work

Why SEO Doesn’t Work on My Website? 7+ Most Usual Issues

Have you done-

  • Posting bunch of blog posts
  • Proper keyword research
  • Significant content linking
  • Guest posting
  • Other technical SEO

But not getting the expected amount of traffic? So, why SEO doesn’t work on your website? 

In this blog, we will elaborate on the core reasons behind this issue and the possible solutions. 

8 Most Common Issues of Why SEO Isn’t Working 

Before complaining to your SEO agency or your SEO skills, check out if you have done anything wrong like below-

1. Are You Missing Content Gaps?

When creating a website, you know what you will post and what types of leads you want to generate. Well, in this circumstance if you failed to publish content that is relevant to your website’s niche then my friend, you are in trouble. This is actually called Content Gap

So, if you are missing a content gap, remember it’s not possible to rank for the topics and keywords you want to have in Google. 

2. May be You are Building Bad Links

We all know how backlinks can bless your website. But wait, are you aware of your backlinks? If they are not related to your niche, this can impact you very severely. Bad links can lower Google’s opinion of your site. 

If you are searching for why SEO doesn’t work, check out the backlinks you are having and providing. 

There are many tools to find out bad links, and you can fix them according to that.  

3. You Created Bad Content

Content is King

And, it will always be. If you think that you will produce content with AI tools or by spinning and Google will rank them, then you are on the wrong track.

Irrelevant, off-topic, and keyword-stuffed blogs are known as harmful content. With the recent algorithms, Google scrawls down your website and find out what you have created for the audience. Only with standard posts you can grab the attention of search engines and desired customers. 

4. Having UX Issues on Your Website

Having UX Issues on Your Website- Why SEO Doesn't Work

User experience can break or make your website. Quality UX design is one of the essential factors in search engine consideration for effortless ranking. 

Suppose your other SEO factors are working well, and you are getting traffic. But the seamless UX can only define whether the visitor will stay. Your website design should be easy to navigate, and most search buttons or tabs should be in front of any regular user.

So, if your SEO needs to be fixed then check out this factor. 

5. Are You Targeting the Right Audience?

When website owners search for high-volume keywords they need to remember the choice of their customers. Yes, using keywords that target your right audience is essential. 

You may have a huge of traffic, but most of them are visiting because of SEO algorithms. And, in this case, If you are not getting the estimated sales then the complaint about SEO is not working well on your website is baseless. 

So, have a magnifying look into your plan keywords and your desired customer’s choice. Only then will SEO work simultaneously. 

6. Website Information Architecture is Baffled

IA or Information Architecture is the structuring of anything (mobile App, website, book, etc.) and presenting it in the easiest way for the customers or visitors. 

SEO experts claim that information architecture assists Google or other search engines crawl and understand your website. Google always wants to reward websites with great ranking if it has excellent user experience and understandable structure from top to bottom. 

To identify your website’s information architecture, you must think like your customers. And don’t forget to add internal linkings wisely. 

7. Missing Out an XML Sitemap

If you want to get noticed by Google quickly, then you should have an XML sitemap for the website. And ensure it is submitted to Google Search Console. 

Generally, website architecture is enough for the Google crawler, but an XML sitemap can make the crawling faster. And this way, your SEO will work smoothly. Don’t get confused with HTML Sitemap, which is built for human; XML sitemap is solely made for search engines. 

Remember one thing, submitting an XML sitemap to Google Search Console will not boost your ranking but indexing. However, if you keep publishing good content with the relevant information, you will get good ranks without any doubt. 

8. Absence of Schema Markup

Absence of Schema Markup- Why SEO Doesn't Work

Basically, ​​Schema markup is structured data specially built for search engines. This code allows search engines to easily categorize and characterize web pages’ context. As search engines don’t have the visuals as humans, they need to read code and use algorithms to understand your website’s ingredients, quality, and quantities. 

According to research from Google, around one-third of web pages use schema. That means you have less competition till now. If you can use schema markup and assist search engines in understanding your web pages, there is a higher possibility of ranking well in SERP. 

So, with Schema your SEO may work better than you expect.

What Can be the Other Reasons Why SEO Doesn’t Work

The root of bad SEO actually arises when you are not aware of the core SEO factors for a website. And the situation gets worse, when you have an old website but it has bad content and linking along with no XML sitemap and schema markup. It’s tough to bring the website from this stage to the standard track.

Don’t think you need an SEO expert. We admit that all these works are technical, but they are not that difficult. Frequent learning and good practice can make you an expert. 

Don’t miss out on our featured points and rank your website. 

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