Why Asset Optimization Important for SEO

Why Asset Optimization Important for SEO?

Many WordPress site owners are unaware of this asset optimization and its impact on the SEO sector. Basically, SEO is all about good quality content and maintaining constant high-speed on-loading websites. And, asset optimization is directly related to your WordPress site’s speed and loading time. 

But still, if you have a question about why asset optimization important for SEO? Then this blog is most certainly for you. Let’s start clearing your doubts with WordPress’s definition of asset optimization. 

What is Asset Optimization in WordPress? 

Why Asset Optimization Important for SEO

Asset optimization is a process to improve your WordPress site’s front-end performance with faster loading each page with chosen assets.

How do Assets Work?

Plugins are the soul of WordPress sites. These plugins always help your site to present different features. But unfortunately, so many CSS and JavaScript files get loaded by these active plugins on every page of your website. 

All of these assets can not be essential for every page. But as there is a manual way to control this loading issue of assets. Because of this reason your WordPress site can become slower with time. 

Why is Asset Optimization Needed? 

Every page of a WordPress website serves different purposes. All of them are important, but not all of these pages should be treated as identical. To keep a constant loading speed for the overall site, you have to modify assets loading as per page requirements. 

WordPress plugins load a huge amount of assets for every web page. But not every page needs the same amount of assets. You have to prevent this process so that only particular assets get loaded into specific pages. This is the fine-tuning process of asset optimization. 

Relation Between Asset Optimization and SEO

seo and website design- Why Asset Optimization Important for SEO

Keeping your WordPress site fast is the crucial factor for search engine optimization. Search engines use this speed factor to determine site rank. Besides that, to keep visitors interested in your site, it’s essential to maintain speed. 

The biggest search engine, Google mentioned that overall website speed and individual pages speed are signals that its algorithm uses to rank pages. High-speed pages can be loaded in a shorter time, allowing Google to crawl more at once. This speed for WordPress websites actually depends on its assets loading. 

Web pages do not load as a whole. It gets loaded piece by piece. This loading process impacts individual pages loading speed and total websites SEO. Other factors like each page’s attributes, browser used by visitors, device hardware and internet speed, etc, can contribute to SEO metrics. 

How to Optimize Assets on Your WordPress Site?

Using third-party plugins can be the only solution right now for asset optimization. But you must choose a reliable and well-reputed plugin to do this work. Untrustworthy or bug-infected asset optimizers can remove important elements which may give you a slower and broken site. 

After picking up a suitable plugin:

  1. Install and activate it in your dashboard.
  2. Go through the pages of your website and choose wisely which assets you need to load on which page.
  3. Take time to choose the right assets so your site operates perfectly but quickly.  

3 Factors that Improve SEO if You Implement Asset Optimization 

Modify on demand plugin asset optimization

1. Improve Customer’s User Experience 

Customer impression over your WordPress site’s speed is significant. If the loading time is fast, customers remain more satisfied, and the probability of returning next time. This way, speed optimization helps a site to acquire more visitors as well as in the retention process. But the whole segment will depend on how thoughtfully you arrange your assets so that your site remains speedy but informative. 

2. Conversion of Visitors 

Visitors will only convert to promising customers if your site remains fast and functional. Especially if you are managing a WooCommerce site then improving SEO by asset optimization is a must. To make it happen, you must regularly check and maintain your asset for each page of your WordPress site. 

3. Rank on Search Engines

Search engine optimization helps a site rank better on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc lists. These websites must be super fast while loading content to scale up this position. SEO primarily focuses on this factor. The more preciously you can maintain the asset in your web pages the more your site becomes faster. So asset optimization is directly related to SEO here. 

Final Words

It’s essential to understand what is assets before optimizing. Actually, it’s one factor affecting your WordPress site’s speed. If it’s not controlled, your site can lose visitors and rank on the search engines list. 

After reading this article, you might get a clear view of asset optimization and why it’s crucial for SEO. Now think for a while, and search for reliable plugins that can help optimize your site’s assets. Then begin your journey to improve the overall SEO of your WordPress site.  

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