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Secure WordPress Plugin Vault- Safest Place to Store Your Valuable Plugin

Utilizing the value of a perfect plugin is crucial for all WordPress site owners. It can be regular free ones or can be highly modified premium.

Installing and using plugins is the evergoing process in the WordPress universe. But storing it online and restoring it whenever you want is something different.

Today we will discuss secure WordPress plugin vault, how to keep your plugin safe.

What is a WordPress Plugin Vault

Like any other physical or virtual vault, this vault is also the safest place for storing plugins. You can only access this vault with your credentials, and no one can illegally get there. By the name, you can understand these vaults are designed to store WordPress plugins.

Once you upload a plugin to a plugin vault, it will remain safe and sound unless you decide to remove it from the vault. With stable internet and a proper access key, you can open your plugin vault anywhere.

Why Use Eazy Plugin Managers Plugin Vault?

Secure WordPress Plugin Vault

Vault is one of the most promising and top-notch features designed by Eazy Plugin Manager. There are several reasons behind choosing EPMs Plugin Vault over others. Some of the highlighted features are-

  • Store useful plugins in a remote location. Other than only saving the plugins, you can restore plugins from this Plugin vault.
  • There is no limitation of space here. Eazy Plugin Manager provides unlimited space to store plugins you choose to keep in the vault.
  • There is no time limitation for accessing this vault. You can access your secured plugin vault anytime from anywhere. All you will need is the login credentials of your Eazy Plugin Manager account.
  • Plugin vaults allow you to store any version of plugins in it. There are no version-related restrictions applicable.

How to Store and Plugins in the Secure WordPress Plugin Vault of EPM

Saving a plugin into your Eazy Plugin Manager vault is simple. You don’t have to download plugin files manually to your computer’s physical storage sector. To use the WordPress plugin vault you must have Eazy Plugin Manager installed in your wp-admin panel.

Next, you must ensure an accessible user account for Eazy Plugin Manager. Now follow the steps below to store plugins in the secure plugin vault.

First, select Plugins from the left side menu and click on Installed Plugins.

How to Store and Plugins in the Secure WordPress Plugin Vault of EPM

A new window will appear in front of you where you will see all your installed plugins. Under each of the installed plugins, you will find an option named Send To Vault. Click on it, and the plugin will instantly be uploaded to your secured vault.

Click on it, and the plugin will instantly be uploaded to your secured vault.

How to Restore Plugin from Eazy Plugin Manages Secure Vault

You can check which plugins are stored in your secure plugin vault by clicking on Eazy Plugin Manager option from the left menu of your dashboard.

Then click on the Vault option from the upper menu. It’s also available on the left menu below the Eazy Plugin Manager option.

You will find all of your installed plugins when the new window pops up. The list will include:

  • The plugin’s name.
  • The version number you stored in the secured plugin vault.
  • The actual size of the plugin.
  • The actions you can take from the vault.

You will have the opportunity to Restore any necessary plugin from this vault anytime. Other than that, if some plugins are not needed to be stored anymore you can delete them permanently from the plugin vault.

Restore any necessary plugin from this vault anytime

Suppose you have many plugins stored in the plugin vault and searching for a specific plugin. Then just type the plugin name in the search bar and press enter, and the system will filter out the plugin and show it to you instantly.

See your plugin instantly

Remember one thing, when you restore a plugin from the secure WordPress Plugin Vault; you must activate it again before using it from the dashboard.

Final Verdict

Installing and using plugins is a much easier process. But sorting out the best version of a plugin and keeping it safe to use in the future is complex work. Eazy Plugin managers Plugin Vault does this for you.

Other than storing plugins in a safe vault, many exciting and exclusive features are available in Eazy Plugin Manager. Install this amazing plugin and share your work load with the smartest plugin assistant you can ever have. 20

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