Plugin with Block and Lock Features: Eazy Plugin Manager

If you have used Facebook, you may have heard about the blocking and profile locking feature. Well, guess what? Now you have a plugin with block and lock features. Yes, that’s right.

The Eazy Plugin Manager will allow you to lock a plugin so that anyone can’t make any modification, update or delete the plugin. On the other hand, the block feature prevents a plugin from being installed on your site.

Wondering how it works? Well, let’s see.

How to Use the Block and Lock Feature of Eazy Plugin Manager

You can block and lock plugins using the Eazy Plugin Manager Pro version. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Install the Eazy Plugin Manager

First, you must install the Eazy Plugin Manager plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins–> Add New. Then type the name in the search box, install and activate the plugin.

Install Eazy plugin manager

Now, in order to use the block and lock install feature, you need to purchase the pro version.

Step 2: Block a plugin

Now, navigate to Plugins–> Add New. Write the name of your plugins in the search box. You will find a Block button with every plugin. Click on it.

Block plugins Plugins with Block and Lock Features

You will see that the plugin has been blocked. Although you can unblock it at any time. And you can block multiple plugins.

blocked plugin

Step 3: Lock a plugin

Next, you can lock a plugin. Go to Plugins–> Installed plugins. There you will find a Lock option when you hover your selected plugins. Click on it.

lock Plugins with Block & Lock Features

You can see your plugin has been locked. You can unlock it later. Also, this feature works o multiple plugins at once.

locked Plugins with Block and Lock Features

This is how you can block and lock the plugins from your WordPress dashboard.

But that’s not all Eazy Plugin Manager has.

Powerful Features of Eazy Plugin Manager Plugin

The Eazy Plugin Manager plugin was built to help you manage your plugins correctly. You will find many things you wished you could have done with one click or managed more efficiently.

Your WordPress site is not used by only you. Other users are using this site and are bound to make changes. The block feature will ensure that no one other than you can install a specific plugin.

And the lock feature will help you keep your site still. Sometimes, when a plugin is updated, it changes the design or functions of a site. But by locking a specific plugin, you can ensure that your site won’t undergo any sudden changes or modifications.

Other than, the top features of the Eazy Plugin Manager include,

  • Search Plugin Instantly
  •  Fast Navigation
  •  Bookmark
  •  Optimized For Performance
  •  Plugin Activity
  •  Download Plugins
  •  One Click Bulk Install
  •  Plugin Vault
  •  Active Guard
  •  Version Management
  •  Plugin Lock
  •  Block Plugins
  •  Notes
  •  On-Demand Plugin Asset Optimization
  •  Freeze Plugins.

Take Control of Your WordPress Site

Though the WordPress user base has increased by 45%, the security hasn’t improved parallelly. The block and lock feature of Eazy Plugin Manager can give you some privacy on your website.

Website management would be much more entertaining from now on.

So, follow the guide and take control of your WordPress site. Don’t forget to inform us in the comment section if you face any issues.

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