History of Plugin Updates in WordPress

Investigate the History of Plugin Updates in WordPress within 4 Steps

Creating a WordPress website and installing multiple plugins looks easier in the beginning. The problem starts when you manage this ever-growing list of plugins and remember your actions for each. 

The concept of WordPress plugin history comes from the WordPress owners who install and use a high number of plugins. It’s also crucial for organizational WordPress sites with multiple plugins. 

What is Plugin History?

Plugin history means all the information about an installed plugin in your WordPress admin panel. When you use many plugins, you need clarification about which is active and which is not. Or when to activate or deactivate a plugin for your website. 

Only some plugin history managers are available for WordPress right now. The Eazy Plugin Manager is one of them that offers this must-needed feature for free. 

Before jumping to the in-depth analysis of the Eazy Plugin Managers Plugin History feature, let’s try to understand why it’s necessary to use it. 

Why its Necessary to Check Plugin History?

History of Plugin Updates in WordPress

Unfortunately, you will not find any default option in WordPress to monitor, install, activate, or deactivate a plugin. But you may need to check them out all at once. Especially multi-admin websites struggle to manage and maintain plugins all the time. 

Multiple reasons make plugin history manager essential. A few honorable mentions can be: 

  • Keep track of installed plugins
  • Remain notified about who installed what
  • Get a log about the time of installing a new plugin 
  • Activation or deactivation status of a plugin
  • Update reminder about an installed plugin
  • Monitoring each plugin’s current status for user’s website

How to Use Plugin History on Eazy Plugin Manager

Here we will share with you the easiest way to check the history of plugin updates in WordPress.

Step 1- Pre-requirements

To use this feature, you must install and activate Eazy Plugin Manager in your WordPress admin panel. 

There are two versions of Eazy Plugin Manager available, free and premium. This feature is functional in the free version of this WordPress plugin. 

Step 2- Log in to Eazy Plugin Manager account

The next thing you have to do is create or log in to your Eazy Plugin Manager account. When you successfully get logged in to your dashboard panel, a new window, just like the image below, will pop up where you will get multiple options at the left side menu and top bar. 

Step 3- Get into the Plugin History window and analyze

Click on the History option from either the left menu or the top one to get into the plugin history page.

Get into the Plugin History window and analyze

The Plugin History feature generates and filters information on the action you took previously for any installed plugin. 

The options here are the-

Plugin Title – It shows all the installed plugins you currently have on the website. 

Action – It presents the current status of that plugin. For example – activated, deactivated, installed, etc. 

User – This column shows which admin installs that plugin or takes any action on any specific plugin. 

Finally, Date – shows any installed plugin’s time and date-related information. 

History of Plugin Updates in WordPress

Step 4- Use the search option for a plugin

If you have to quickly search for a specific plugin from your log list of history, type it down on the search option in the top left corner. Press enter, and the detailed plugin-related information will appear right before you. 

Use the search option for a plugin

It’s a Wrap-Up 

Monitoring and checking about installed plugins may seem like a very non-existing thing for a website owner. Remaining up to date about the current status of each installed plugin and taking necessary action based on that is a prime responsibility for the web admins. Plugin history makes this task easier for them. 

So if you are a WordPress website owner and finding it challenging to manage your installed plugins, just install Eazy Plugin Manager. It has some other exciting features to make your WordPress journey stress-free all the way along.  

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