youtube channel ideas for beginners

101 YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners in 2024 (With Live Channel Examples)

So, you want to create a YouTube channel that values your audience’s time with quality content and helps you grow as a trusted channel? Righteous decision! But what topic will your YouTube channel be on? Countless YouTube channel ideas for beginners are available; finding your unique niche is both an exciting challenge and pretty rewarding. 

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It’s about discovering that sweet spot where your passions and potential audience interests align, creating content that resonates with viewers and fuels your creativity.

This article will present 101 trending YouTube channel ideas perfect for a startup and some essential details about establishing a channel. 

Let’s get started! 

Why Should You Invest Your Time on a YouTube Channel? 

How to Get More Views on YouTube for Free

The real question is why you shouldn’t. A YouTube channel can give you so much flexibility in creating content and making a brand for yourself. If you are successful enough, then consider never doing a job again.

Investing time in a YouTube channel is akin to planting a seed in a garden you’ve yet to see. As with any endeavor worth pursuing, the journey begins with a single step – or, in this case, a single video. Imagine a platform where your voice, your passion, and your insights have the potential to reach across the globe, connecting with individuals who share your interests or, perhaps, are seeking the knowledge you possess.

Each video you create is a testament to your commitment, a piece of content that, while it may start small, can grow to reach thousands, if not millions. With patience and persistence, your channel can become a beacon for those navigating the vast sea of information, looking for a lighthouse to guide them.

The beauty of investing in a YouTube channel lies in the potential for reach or even monetization and the journey of personal growth and learning. 

You’ll discover facets of creativity and communication you never knew you had, pushing boundaries and breaking barriers. As your channel grows, so will your understanding of this digital landscape, offering you insights and opportunities that extend far beyond the confines of YouTube itself.

The question is not merely why you should invest your time in a YouTube channel, but rather, why would you deny yourself the opportunity to explore, create, and influence? In the tapestry of the digital age, your YouTube channel is a single thread, yet with time and effort, it can weave into something truly magnificent.

And that’s why you should invest your time developing a YouTube channel. Spending time on this platform also allows you to represent something you love or enjoy. 

YouTube allows you to express your inner creativity with videos and helps you share it with millions of people online. 

How to Open a YouTube Channel? 

You may not, but you may already have one. YouTube creates your channel after you sign into the platform; all you have to do is customize your channel and start uploading videos. If you still don’t know how to make a YouTube channel, here is a simple guide. 

Step 1: Sign up on YouTube using a Google account 

If you own a Google account, use it to sign up on YouTube. You will see a bounce of channel recommendations. Consider subscribing to a few channels to make the deal official. 

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners
[P.S – for this tutorial, we used a demo channel]

Now, access Your Channel and click on Channel Customizations.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Step 2: Customize the layout 

YouTube simply explains what you must add to your YouTube channel for beginner customizations. 

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

You can skip the shorts section for later. 

Step 3: Customize your brand 

This part is pretty important, so consider making your brand edits as much as possible. Your YouTube PFP, cover image, and Watermark are all essential for the channel’s future. 

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Step 4: Customize basic info 

Edit the basic information of your channel and your channel is ready for video creation. 

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Finally, publish your channel and start uploading videos. Remember, you can always change or edit this whenever you want. 

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

101 Ideas for a Perfect YouTube Channel for Beginners 

Before opening a channel, finding the perfect subject for your channel is best. Once you start uploading a particular niche, it will be smooth sailing afterward. 

1. Video game tutorials


Dive deeper into the gaming universe by crafting tutorials that not only guide players through difficult levels but also delve into game mechanics, lore, and character backstories. Enhance the gaming experience by sharing developer insights, Easter eggs, and speedrunning tips. Engage with your audience by responding to their tutorial requests and challenges.

2. Diy home renovation and interior design

Home RenoVision DIY

Elevate your DIY projects by incorporating design trends and innovative DIY hacks that transform spaces on a budget. Offer comprehensive guides on choosing materials, tools, and techniques. Create a series focusing on different design styles or challenges, like maximizing small spaces or upcycling furniture, providing viewers with inspiration and practical advice.

3. Budget travel and backpacking tips

Expand on budget travel advice by including guides on cultural etiquette, language basics, and safety tips for solo travelers. Share comprehensive itineraries, cost breakdowns, and personal anecdotes to offer a holistic view of each destination. Engage with locals to uncover hidden gems, offering an authentic travel experience to your viewers.

4. Street food tours and reviews

Beyond tasting, delve into the history and culture behind each dish. Collaborate with local vendors to share their stories and cooking techniques. Offer viewers tips on street food etiquette, finding the best stalls, and ways to recreate their favorite street food dishes at home.

5. Mental health and wellness

Sadhguru- YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Address a wide range of topics, from anxiety and depression to self-care and emotional intelligence. Collaborate with mental health professionals to provide scientifically-backed advice. Share your personal journey and coping strategies, encouraging viewers to prioritize their mental health and seek help when needed.

6. Historical documentary and exploration videos

Timeline- World history Documentaries

Craft documentaries that not only recount historical events but also analyze their impact on the present. Explore historical sites, utilizing drone footage to give viewers a unique perspective. Incorporate interviews with historians and interactive maps to enrich the storytelling.

7. Science experiments and fun facts

Conduct experiments that can be safely replicated at home, explaining the science in an accessible manner. Pair each experiment with interesting facts related to the topic, sparking viewers’ curiosity about the natural world. Create challenges for viewers to predict outcomes, fostering engagement.

8. Personal finance and investing for beginners

Break down financial topics into easily digestible segments, covering everything from the basics of saving to more complex investment strategies. Share your financial milestones and setbacks, creating an honest dialogue about money management. Offer templates and resources to help viewers track their finances.

9. Stand-up comedy and sketch shows

Develop a unique style that resonates with your audience, whether it’s observational humor, satirical commentary, or absurd sketches. Invite guest comedians, collaborate on sketches, and experiment with different formats to keep your content fresh and engaging.

10. ASMR videos for relaxation

Explore a variety of ASMR triggers, from whispers to ambient sounds, finding what best helps your audience unwind. Create themed ASMR videos, like guided meditations or bedtime stories, enhancing the relaxation experience. Regularly seek feedback to refine and expand your content.

11.  Magic tricks and illusions

Share the allure of magic by breaking down classic and modern illusions, offering a peek behind the curtain while maintaining the mystery magic requires. Highlight the history of various tricks and profiles on legendary magicians, inviting viewers to appreciate the artistry and skill involved.

12. Sustainable living and eco-friendly practices

Educate on the importance of sustainability by sharing actionable tips for reducing waste, conserving energy, and making eco-friendly choices in daily life. Feature DIY projects, like making natural cleaning products or upcycling items, to encourage a hands-on approach to a greener lifestyle.

13. Gadget unboxing and first impressions

Capture the excitement of unboxing the latest tech gadgets, offering your first impressions and detailed reviews. Compare features with similar products and provide tutorials on getting the most out of new tech, making your channel a go-to resource for gadget enthusiasts.

14. Car reviews and automotive news

Delve into the automotive world with thorough reviews, test drives, and the latest news in the industry. Offer insights on car maintenance and the future of transportation, such as electric vehicles, to engage with a community of car lovers and environmental advocates alike.

15. student life documentation

Offer a genuine look into student life by sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Provide study tips, advice on balancing work and play, and insights into campus culture, creating a relatable and supportive space for students navigating their academic journeys.

16. Animation tutorials and short films

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Unlock the world of animation by teaching techniques and software tips to budding animators. Share your short films, discussing the inspiration and process behind them, to inspire and educate others about the art of animation.

17. Learning musical instruments from scratch

Chronicle your journey of learning a new instrument, offering lessons and practice tips along the way. Highlight the challenges and milestones, encouraging viewers to join you in discovering the joy and discipline of music.

18. Urban gardening and balcony farming

Show how to create lush gardens in small urban spaces. Share tips on selecting plants, dealing with pests, and maximizing yield, encouraging city dwellers to connect with nature and grow their own food.

19. Professional skills and career advice

Provide valuable advice on navigating the professional world, from acing job interviews to climbing the career ladder. Share industry insights and personal development tips to help viewers achieve their career goals.

20. Movie review channels


Dive into the world of cinema with thoughtful reviews, analysis, and discussions on films from various genres and eras. Engage with your audience by comparing movie theories, discussing cinematography, and exploring character development.

21. Language learning challenges

Document your progress and challenges while learning a new language. Share resources, study tips, and cultural insights to encourage viewers to embark on language-learning journeys.

22. Exploring abandoned places

Capture the intrigue of exploring abandoned sites, sharing the history and stories behind these forgotten places. Ensure to approach respectfully and cautiously, emphasizing the beauty and mystery rather than the potential dangers.

23. Puppet shows and storytelling

Create engaging puppet shows that tell captivating stories for children or a general audience. Discuss the craftsmanship behind puppet making and the art of storytelling, enriching the viewing experience with behind-the-scenes insights.

24. Live streaming video games or events

Engage with your audience in real-time by streaming video games, sharing gameplay tips, and interacting with viewers. Extend your live streaming to cover events, offering commentary and creating a shared experience.

25. Calligraphy and hand lettering

Teach the art of beautiful writing through calligraphy and hand lettering tutorials. Share different styles, techniques, and tools to help viewers develop their own unique handwriting styles for personal and professional projects.

26. Biking and cycling adventures


Explore picturesque landscapes and rugged terrains through biking and cycling adventures. Share essential tips for preparing long rides, maintaining your bike, and staying safe. Highlight the joy of discovering new trails and the camaraderie among cyclists. Encourage viewers to embrace the outdoors and the eco-friendly aspect of cycling as a mode of exploration and fitness.

27. Homemade cosmetics and natural beauty products

Dive into the world of homemade cosmetics by teaching viewers how to create their own natural beauty products using ingredients found in their kitchen or garden. Discuss the benefits of each ingredient, and the satisfaction of using skincare products free of harsh chemicals. Inspire a movement towards sustainable beauty, emphasizing the personal touch and care that goes into homemade cosmetics.

28. Virtual Reality (VR) gaming and experiences

Immerse your audience in the cutting-edge world of VR gaming and experiences. Offer reviews of the latest VR headsets, games, and apps, highlighting the immersive aspect of VR technology. Share your adventures in virtual worlds, emphasizing the unique experiences VR gaming offers, from thrilling roller coaster simulations to peaceful meditative environments.

29. Meme video channel

Meme Zee

Capture the pulse of internet culture with a channel dedicated to memes. Discuss the origin and impact of viral memes, create your own, and explore the humor that connects online communities worldwide. Engage with your audience by reacting to trending memes and encouraging viewers to share their favorites.

30. Parenting hacks and family vlogging

Share the realities of parenting with a blend of hacks, advice, and day-in-the-life vlogs. Offer solutions to common challenges, from managing tantrums to encouraging healthy eating, wrapped in heartwarming and relatable family stories. Build a community of parents and guardians who support and learn from each other’s experiences.

31. Drone photography and videography

Elevate your content with stunning aerial footage captured by drones. Discuss drone selection, flight tips, and legal considerations for flying. Showcase breathtaking landscapes, cityscapes, and events from above, teaching viewers how to capture the world from a new perspective.

32. Celebrity gossip and entertainment news

E! News

Become the go-to source for the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news. Share insights into the lives of the stars, upcoming movie and music releases, and behind-the-scenes looks at glamorous events. Keep content respectful and engaging, fostering a community of entertainment enthusiasts.

33. Action sports and extreme adventures

Thrill your audience with content centered around action sports and extreme adventures. Whether it’s skydiving, surfing, or mountain biking, share your experiences, safety tips, and how to get started in each sport. Highlight the adrenaline rush and personal growth that comes from pushing your limits.

34. Crafting with recycled materials

Promote environmental sustainability through crafting projects that repurpose recycled materials. Provide tutorials on creating art, home decor, and practical items, demonstrating the value in items often discarded. Inspire viewers to think creatively about reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices.

35. Educational content for children

Kids TV

Craft engaging and informative content for children, covering a wide range of topics from science and history to ethics and creativity. Use animations, storytelling, and interactive elements to make learning fun and memorable. Focus on sparking curiosity and encouraging critical thinking among young viewers.

36. Mukbang


Entertain and astonish with food challenges and competitive eating segments. Whether tackling giant meals or bizarre foods, share the fun, preparation, and aftermath of each challenge. Emphasize enjoyment and safety, encouraging viewers to engage with light-hearted food competitions.

37. Makeup transformation and tutorials

Transform everyday looks into extraordinary expressions with makeup tutorials and transformation videos. Cater to all skill levels by breaking down techniques, from basic application to advanced artistic creations. Showcase the transformative power of makeup, promoting self-expression and confidence.

38. Behind-the-scenes of theater and performances

Offer a backstage pass to the world of theater and live performances. Share the journey from rehearsals to opening night, highlighting the hard work, creativity, and collaboration involved. Provide insights into set design, costume creation, and the magic of bringing stories to life on stage.

39. Astronomy and stargazing

Share the wonders of the universe with content focused on astronomy and stargazing. Guide viewers on how to observe celestial events, understand the cosmos, and appreciate the beauty of the night sky. Encourage exploration and curiosity about our place in the universe.

40. Cultural festivals and events around the world

Take viewers on a global journey to experience cultural festivals and events. Highlight the traditions, food, music, and customs that define each celebration, offering a glimpse into the diversity and richness of cultures worldwide. Promote understanding and appreciation for global heritage.

41. Wine tasting and sommelier courses

Demystify the art of wine tasting by sharing knowledge from sommelier courses. Discuss the nuances of different wine varieties, pairing tips, and understanding wine labels. Encourage viewers to explore their taste preferences and introduce the concept of mindful drinking.

42. Philosophy and critical thinking discussions

Stimulate minds with discussions on philosophy and critical thinking. Break down complex philosophical theories into accessible insights, encouraging viewers to question, ponder, and discuss various aspects of life, ethics, and the nature of reality.

43. Cooking with kids and family-friendly recipes

Foster family bonding and culinary skills by sharing family-friendly recipes and cooking sessions with kids. Offer tips for making cooking fun and safe for children, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating habits from a young age.

44. Voice acting, deep fake and dubbing techniques

Unreal Keanu Reeves

Share the art and technique behind voice acting and dubbing. Offer insights into character portrayal, voice care, and breaking into the industry. Encourage aspiring voice actors through tutorials and behind-the-mic experiences.

45. Paranormal Investigations channel

Explore the mysterious with a channel dedicated to paranormal investigations. Document visits to haunted locations, share evidence of the supernatural and discuss theories behind unexplained phenomena. Engage your audience with both skepticism and an open mind.

46. Robotics and DIY electronics projects

Inspire innovation with tutorials on robotics and DIY electronics. Guide beginners through creating their own robots or electronic devices, emphasizing the learning process and the satisfaction of building something functional and creative.

47. Fashion designing and sewing

Unveil the world of fashion design and sewing, teaching viewers how to create their own garments from scratch. Share the latest trends, fabric selection advice, and techniques for both beginners and experienced sewers.

48. Teaching programming and coding projects

Demystify programming by teaching coding fundamentals through project-based learning. Share tutorials on different programming languages, app development, and web design, catering to viewers interested in technology and computer science.

49. Mockumentaries and parody videos

Slayy Point

Create mockumentaries and parody videos that humorously comment on society, culture, or specific genres. Use satire and comedy to entertain and perhaps provide commentary on real-world issues, engaging viewers with clever storytelling.

50. Art challenges and competitions

Host art challenges and competitions to foster creativity and community among your viewers. Provide prompts, showcase submissions, and offer feedback, creating a supportive space for artists to grow and share their work.

51. Public speaking and debate

Expand your exploration of public speaking and discussion by delving into the art of persuasive communication and critical analysis. Offer workshops on crafting compelling arguments, enhancing delivery with non-verbal cues, and effectively engaging with counterarguments. Highlight the importance of research and fact-checking in building credible arguments, providing viewers with a holistic view of successful public discourse.

52. Unboxing channels

Unboxxing EveryThing

Broaden your unboxing content by comparing products across different brands or price ranges, providing insights into the value and quality of each item. Engage with your viewers by polling what products they want to see unboxed next, creating an interactive experience that caters to their interests.

53. Urban exploration and city guides

Enhance your urban exploration and city guides by incorporating interviews with locals to share insider tips, hidden gems, and personal stories about the city’s history and culture. Create thematic tours, such as culinary hotspots, historical landmarks, or street art tours, offering viewers a curated experience of each city.

54. Thrift shopping and upcycling fashion

Dive deeper into thrift shopping and upcycling fashion by showcasing complete makeovers using thrifted items. Host challenges where you create outfits under a budget or repurpose old clothing into new, trendy pieces, demonstrating the potential for creativity and sustainability in fashion.

55. Home brewing coffee and tea techniques

Explore the world of homebrewing by introducing viewers to various coffee and tea cultures around the globe. Experiment with traditional brewing methods, review specialty beans and leaves, and offer guidance on tasting notes and flavor profiles, inviting viewers to discover new favorites.

56. Wildlife and nature conservation

Expand your wildlife and nature conservation channel by documenting your involvement in local conservation efforts or wildlife rescue operations. Share stories of species recovery and habitat restoration, emphasizing the impact of collective action in preserving biodiversity.

57. Board game reviews and playthroughs

Go beyond reviews and playthroughs by creating content that delves into board games’ design and development process. Collaborate with game creators to discuss their inspirations and challenges, offering viewers an in-depth look at the board game industry.

58. DIY toy-making and children’s crafts

Offer tutorials on DIY toys and crafts that focus on educational aspects, such as building simple machines, creating sensory play items, or crafts that teach essential math and science concepts, making learning fun and interactive for children.

59. Culinary tours and local cuisine discovery

Take your culinary tours further by participating in cooking classes or workshops specializing in local cuisine. Share your experiences learning traditional recipes from local chefs, offering viewers an authentic taste of each destination’s culinary delights.

60. Space and astronomy news

Keep viewers informed with in-depth analyses of recent space missions, technological advancements in astronomy, and interviews with experts in the field. Offer speculative content on the future of space exploration and its implications for humanity, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity.

61. Mountain biking and outdoor sports

Enhance your mountain biking and outdoor sports content by including safety tutorials, equipment maintenance tips, and fitness training routines specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring viewers are well-prepared for their adventures.

62. Personal vlogs

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Personalize your vlogs by sharing the lessons learned from your experiences, challenges overcome, and personal growth achieved. Invite viewers to share their stories and create a supportive community that encourages openness and mutual support.

63. Miniature painting and model building

Delve deeper into the hobby by showcasing advanced techniques like airbrushing, weathering, and diorama building. Host contests for viewers to submit their own creations, fostering a community of hobbyists who can inspire and learn from each other.

64. Home automation and smart technology

Explore the integration of home automation with lifestyle and wellness routines, demonstrating how smart technology can enhance daily life, from optimizing energy use to creating a more comfortable and convenient home environment.

65. Freelancing tips and digital nomad life

Share insights into building a personal brand, negotiating contracts, and maintaining work-life balance as a freelancer or digital nomad. Discuss the challenges of remote work and offer solutions, creating a guide for those looking to adopt this lifestyle.

66. Origami and paper crafts

Orgami Princess- YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Introduce cultural and historical contexts behind specific origami models or paper crafts, enriching the crafting experience with stories and traditions that give meaning to each fold or cut.

67. Mobile photography and editing

Showcase mobile photography projects that tell a story or convey a message, teaching viewers how to use visual storytelling techniques. Offer tutorials on advanced editing apps to transform simple photos into works of art.

68. Classic literature and book analysis

Analyze themes, character development, and authorial intent within classic literature, connecting these elements to contemporary issues or personal experiences, making classic works accessible and relevant to modern audiences.

69. Underwater exploration and scuba diving

Delve into the ocean’s mysterious depths through underwater exploration and scuba diving. Share your experiences discovering marine life, coral reefs, and sunken treasures while emphasizing the importance of marine conservation. Educate viewers on scuba diving certification, equipment, and safety practices, inviting them to explore the wonders beneath the waves.

70. Custom PC building and tech advice

Guide viewers through the process of building custom PCs, from selecting the right components to assembly and troubleshooting. Offer advice on optimizing for gaming, work, or content creation, and review the latest tech products, helping viewers stay informed and make the best choices for their needs.

71. Meditation and sound healing

Introduce viewers to meditation and sound healing practices, explaining different techniques and their benefits for mental and physical health. Share personal experiences and guide viewers through sessions, creating a space for relaxation, mindfulness, and inner peace.

72. Survival skills and bushcraft

Woodsbound Outdoors- YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Equip your audience with the knowledge to thrive in the wild. Cover essential survival skills, bushcraft techniques, and outdoor ethics. Share experiences from your own adventures, teaching viewers how to safely enjoy and respect the natural world.

73. Indie game development and design

Illuminate the creative process behind indie game development, from concept to completion. Share your journey, challenges, and successes, providing insights into game design, programming, and marketing. Encourage aspiring developers with tutorials and tips to start their own projects.

74. Real estate investing and house flipping

Navigate the world of real estate investing and house flipping, offering advice on market analysis, property selection, renovation, and sales strategies. Share case studies and personal experiences to illustrate the potential rewards and risks involved.

75. Historical reenactments and living history

Bring history to life by participating in historical reenactments and exploring living history. Document your experiences embodying historical figures, participating in events, and crafting period-appropriate attire. Educate viewers on historical accuracy and the importance of preserving our past through active engagement.

76. Plant-based cooking and vegan lifestyle

Elevate your cooking channel by focusing on plant-based recipes and the vegan lifestyle. Explore the environmental, health, and ethical benefits of veganism. You could share weekly meal plans, grocery shopping tips on a budget, and how to make traditional dishes vegan. Highlight seasonal ingredients and offer solutions for common nutritional concerns when adopting a vegan diet.

77. Personal safety and self-defense techniques

Detroit Threat Management Center

Create a channel dedicated to personal safety and self-defense, teaching techniques that empower individuals to protect themselves in various situations. Include content on situational awareness, the psychology of self-defense, and how to use everyday objects as tools for protection. Collaborate with self-defense experts to provide various strategies suitable for different ages and abilities.

78. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts

Offer a series of HIIT workouts that viewers can follow from the comfort of their homes. Include modifications for different fitness levels and focus on using minimal equipment. Discuss the science behind HIIT, its benefits for cardiovascular health and fat loss, and how to safely incorporate it into a fitness routine. Motivate your audience with challenges and progress tracking.

79. Cosmetics chemistry and DIY beauty

Delve into the science behind beauty products and how to make them at home. Cover the basics of cosmetics chemistry, including how to safely mix ingredients and the function of each component in skincare and makeup. Create a series on DIY face masks, moisturizers, and makeup using natural ingredients, explaining their benefits and storage instructions.

80. Handwriting analysis and improvement

Explore the fascinating world of graphology (handwriting analysis) and offer tutorials on improving handwriting for aesthetic and legibility purposes. Discuss what various handwriting traits can reveal about a person’s personality and emotional state. Provide exercises for viewers to practice and refine their handwriting styles.

81. Documentary filmmaking on a budget

Guide aspiring filmmakers through the process of creating documentaries with limited resources. Share tips on story selection, conducting research, interviewing subjects, and low-cost filming techniques. Discuss how to distribute and promote documentaries to reach a wider audience and make an impact with storytelling.

82. Competitive gaming and esports analysis

eAthlete Labs

Create content that dives into the world of competitive gaming and esports. Analyze game strategies, discuss team dynamics, and review major tournaments. Offer insights into the lives of esports athletes and how viewers can start or improve their own journey in competitive gaming.

83. Ballet and classical dance tutorials

Introduce viewers to the elegance of ballet and classical dance through tutorials and performances. Break down basic to advanced techniques, discuss the history and evolution of dance forms, and share insights from professional dancers. Include content on conditioning and injury prevention for dancers.

84. Jazz and music improvisation lessons

Share the joy and creativity of jazz and musical improvisation with your audience. Offer lessons on jazz theory, scales, and techniques for improvising. Highlight the works of legendary jazz musicians for inspiration and analyze their styles and contributions to the genre.

85. Bird-watching channels

Create a haven for bird enthusiasts by sharing tips on bird watching, identifying species, and understanding bird behavior. Discuss the best bird-watching gear, how to attract birds to your yard, and the importance of conservation efforts to protect bird habitats.

86. Card gaming strategies and cardistry

Delve into the world of card games and cardistry, offering tutorials on popular card games, strategies to improve gameplay, and the art of card shuffling and manipulation. Share reviews of playing card decks and feature performances of impressive cardistry routines.

87. Traditional archery and craftsmanship

Explore traditional archery, including techniques, history, and how to make and maintain archery equipment. Highlight the craftsmanship behind bow and arrow making, offering DIY projects for viewers interested in adopting archery as a hobby or sport.

88. Candle making and scent crafting

Guide viewers through creating homemade candles, focusing on waxes, wicks, and how to blend essential oils for custom scents. Discuss the therapeutic benefits of candle making and how to create ambiance in your home with scent.

89. Vintage photography and camera restoration

Share your passion for vintage photography by teaching viewers about historical camera models, film types, and techniques unique to analog photography. Offer guides on restoring and maintaining vintage cameras and how to develop film at home.

90. Quantum physics and theoretical science discussions

Break down the complexities of quantum physics and theoretical science into engaging and understandable content. Discuss groundbreaking experiments, the latest research findings, and the philosophical implications of quantum theories.

91. Language learning through storytelling

Combine language learning with the art of storytelling, offering lessons that immerse viewers in new languages through engaging narratives. Cover vocabulary, grammar, and cultural nuances within stories, making language learning a captivating experience.

92. Stop-motion animation with everyday objects


Teach viewers how to create stop-motion animations using everyday objects. Cover the basics of storyboarding, shooting, and editing, encouraging creativity and storytelling through this accessible and fun medium.

93. Digital painting, sketch, illustration, and art techniques

Share tutorials and tips on digital art mediums, showcasing different styles and software. Encourage viewers to develop their own art style, offering critiques and community challenges to foster a supportive artist network.

94. Urban farming tricks

Share innovative urban farming techniques for maximizing yield in small spaces. Discuss container gardening, vertical farms, and hydroponics, offering viewers sustainable methods to grow their own food, regardless of where they live.

95 Horror movie analysis and reviews

Offer in-depth analyses and reviews of horror movies, exploring themes, cinematography, and special effects. Discuss the evolution of the horror genre and its impact on viewers, and recommend films based on different horror subgenres.

96. Cycling tours and bike maintenance

Take viewers on cycling tours through picturesque landscapes and urban environments. Share essential bike maintenance tips to keep bicycles in prime condition, covering everything from routine checks to DIY repairs.

97. Beachcombing and treasure hunting

Guide viewers through the adventurous world of beachcombing and treasure hunting, sharing tips on finding and identifying beach treasures. Discuss the history and origins of found objects, promoting responsible and ethical treasure-hunting practices.

98. Custom sneaker design and shoe art

Inspire viewers with tutorials on customizing sneakers and shoe art. Discuss materials, techniques, and the culture around sneaker customization, encouraging viewers to express their creativity through wearable art.

99. Microbiology and fascinating tiny worlds

Deep Look

Illuminate the unseen world of microbiology, sharing fascinating facts about microorganisms and their roles in our lives and the environment. Use microscopy footage to show the beauty and complexity of microbial life, making science accessible and engaging.

100. World history, ancient civilizations, and ancient artifact-based documentary

Create documentaries that delve into world history and ancient civilizations, exploring their cultures, innovations, and impacts on the modern world. Use archaeological discoveries and historical texts to bring the stories of ancient peoples to life.

101. Skateboarding tricks

Teach skateboarding tricks from basics to advanced techniques. Share the culture and lifestyle associated with skateboarding, safety gear reviews, and how to maintain skateboards. Encourage viewers to share their progress and foster a supportive skateboarding community.

6 Things You Should Focus on While Making YouTube Channel

You know how to make a YouTube channel and have perfect ideas for making quality videos. Now, all you need to do is be careful while developing your channel. Here are some things you should prioritize. 

i. Optimizing video titles and descriptions with relevant keywords

Enhancing your video titles and descriptions with well-researched keywords can significantly improve your visibility on YouTube. Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or YouTube’s Search Suggest feature to identify popular terms within your niche. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your titles and descriptions, ensuring they accurately reflect the content of your video while appealing to potential viewers’ search queries.

ii. Understanding and targeting your audience

Deepening your understanding of your target audience involves more than just recognizing their demographics. Dive into the specific problems they face, the types of content they enjoy, and the questions they’re asking online.

Engage with your audience through comments and social media to gain direct insights. Tailoring your content to address their needs and preferences fosters a stronger connection and encourages community growth.

iii. Creating a compelling value proposition

A compelling value proposition differentiates your channel by clearly stating why viewers should choose your content over others. This might involve highlighting your unique perspective, specialized knowledge, or the particular way you entertain. It’s about promising value that resonates with your target audience’s interests and needs. Refine your value proposition by understanding what truly sets you apart in your niche.

iv. Investing in quality recording and editing equipment

While content is crucial, the quality of your production can significantly affect your channel’s appeal. Start with the essentials: a decent camera or smartphone, a microphone, and basic lighting equipment. 

As your channel grows, consider upgrading your setup to enhance audio-visual quality further. Remember, even simple improvements in lighting and sound can elevate your content’s professionalism and viewer engagement.

v. Strategically planning and creating content

A strategic approach to content creation involves planning your videos around topics that interest you and have proven demand within your niche. Use insights from YouTube Analytics, trending topics, and content gaps within your niche to inform your content strategy. A consistent posting schedule keeps your audience engaged and helps with YouTube’s algorithm, increasing your visibility on the platform.

vi. Prioritize YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts offer a unique opportunity to capture viewers attention who prefer quick, engaging content. These short-form videos can serve as teasers for your longer content, highlight key moments, or share insights in a concise format. Utilizing Shorts can boost your channel’s visibility, engage a broader audience, and provide content variety, keeping your channel dynamic and accessible.

FAQ on Easiest YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Do YouTube shorts make decent money?

While YouTube Shorts can be a lucrative avenue for content creators, the potential for earnings primarily hinges on the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund to reward creators making engaging and popular short-form videos until 2022. 

The amount a creator can earn varies significantly based on the video’s views, audience engagement, and the creator’s overall participation in YouTube’s monetization programs. 

It’s important to note that, unlike traditional YouTube videos, short monetization is not directly tied to ad revenue but to the fund’s allocations, which can be less predictable.

How much YouTube can pay for 1,000 views?

On YouTube, the amount paid for 1,000 views, known as the CPM (Cost Per Mille), varies widely and is influenced by multiple factors, including the video’s niche, audience demographic, the geographical location of the viewers, and the current advertising demand. Typically, creators can expect to earn between $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views on videos monetized through ads. 

However, this is a rough estimate, and earnings can be higher or lower based on the factors above. Creators need to engage their audience with high-quality content to maximize their earnings potential.

What is the YouTube earning threshold?

YouTube has set a payment threshold of $100 for its creators monetized through the AdSense program. This means that a creator must accumulate at least $100 in ad revenue before they can withdraw their earnings. 

This threshold encourages creators to consistently produce content that engages viewers, as reaching and surpassing this benchmark is a sign of a channel’s growing success and audience appeal. It is a motivational goal for new and existing creators to strive towards in their YouTube careers.

Can you earn money from Instagram?

Instagram offers various avenues for monetization, making it possible for influencers, businesses, and content creators to earn money. These include sponsored posts, where brands pay creators to promote products; affiliate marketing, where creators earn a commission for products sold through their links; and selling products or services directly through Instagram’s shopping features. 

Also, Instagram has introduced monetization features like IGTV ads, badges in Live, and Shopping in Reels, which further expand earning opportunities. The potential to earn money on Instagram is closely tied to a creator’s ability to build a substantial and engaged following.

Which country has the most number of YouTube users?

India currently leads the world with the highest number of YouTube users, surpassing 225 million active users. This massive user base reflects India’s deep engagement with digital content across a wide demographic and the popularity of YouTube as a platform for entertainment, education, and information. 

The diversity of content available in multiple regional languages caters to India’s vast and varied audience, making YouTube a central hub for digital consumption in the country. This widespread use showcases the platform’s significant global impact on content consumption trends.

A YouTube Channel Can Help You Become a Trusted Authority

In this type of occupation, one of the primary goals is establishing trust with its audience or a specific authority. If you are doing a software firm job, you want to be as reliable and expert as your manager. The same can go for a business; in this case, you want to establish trust in your customers. 

When you venture into creating YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners, this task goes into mere content sharing. It’s about forging a space where your expertise and passion are noticeable, setting you up as a trusted authority within your chosen niche. This journey demands strategic planning, a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, and a commitment to consistently delivering high-quality content. 

We will not say it’s easy, but if you can stick to the progress, creating an effective and popular YouTube channel is a piece of cake. The only thing stopping you now is not owning one at all! 

Wishing you success with millions of subscribers! 

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